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The wandering fiddler – Alexander Rybak – summer 2008

Next week Alexander Rybak will go from door to door in Giske municipality and play violin and get shelter and food in return. 

Souce: Paper issue of Sunnmørsposten, published 19. July 2008. Text and photo: Nils-Ove Støbakk. 


– I have read stories about “øyloffing” (island hopping) and wondering where people stayed on such a trip. Then I decided I would stay with strangers.
Alexander Rybak is not exactly the prototype of a traveling  troubadour, although he will until next Sunday  be strolling 
around the islands Valderøya, Vigra, Giske and Godøya with the violin under his arm.
Last year Alexander was instructor at the Summer School orchestra School at Borgund Folkehøgskule. He got the chance to see the view from Fjellstua, and then he got the idea.
– It was the best view ever! It looked very nice on the islands, so I thought that I would try loffing there. Continue reading The wandering fiddler — Alexander Rybak — summer 2008

Alexander Rybak the Great – Interview in Dagbladet 20.02.2009

We cheer for Alexander Rybak

This is the most popular thing you have ever done. You can participate in Melodi Grand Prix with this.

Source: Paper issue of Dagbladet’s magazine FREDAG, 20.02.2009. Text by:  Anne Gunn Halvorsen. Photo: Lars Myhren Heland. Place: Vigra. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett. 

This is what Alexander Rybak (22) was thinking when he was standing on a mountain top outside Ålesund this summer. He brought out his violin to play a bit in the summer weather, and what came out was to become a huge favourite in tomorrow’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final, the song “Fairytale”. Continue reading Alexander Rybak the Great — Interview in Dagbladet 20.02.2009

Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011

Written by Hårvard Kristoffersen Hansen. Photos by Krister Sørbø/VG

Link to original article from 1.8.2011:


Translated to english by Laila Ulvseth

Inspired: Alexander Rybak (25) is influenced by the norwegian nature and the girlfriend, Maria Strøm Slyngstad, when he writes new songs.Photo: Krister Sørbø/VG

(VG)ÅLESUND. Alexander Rybak gets  inspired by beautiful Røneset outside Ålesund: – Here I would like to write another song!
– It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. Most of my songs are inspired by Norwegian nature, that’s why I could have written another song here, – the celebrity-violinist tells VG.

Rybak wrote his ESC hit “Fairytale” at Giske, the island where the festival took place close by. – It’s great to relax here in this environment after a lot of urban life the last few years. I wouldn’t mind living here, but I guess I’d be restless after a while, – he adds smilingly. Continue reading Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011