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Alexander Rybak is happily in love with sweet Julie – “Her og Nå” 06.12.2016

Found his girlfriend on the internet

“Julie is a friend, girlfriend and muse”

The popular artist found his big love on the dating App Tinder.
– Now I am calm in my soul, says Alexander Rybak Continue reading Alexander Rybak is happily in love with sweet Julie — “Her og Nå” 06.12.2016

Alexander in Warsaw – Interview with “Good Evening Europe” 14.04.2016

Alexander Rybak: “I want to manifest myself as a composer”

Interview by Maciej Mazański from “Dobry wieczór Europo!” (Good Evening Europe!) made in Warsaw when Alexander visited the city to record his performance for the TV-show “Jaka to Melodia”.

The interview is in English, but Alexander talks a little bit in Polish in the beginning. You’ll find the translation below the video 🙂

R: Hello, this is the Maciej Mazański portal Eurovizja.org.  And my guest today is Alexander Rybak, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

R: Hi, Alexander!
A: Hi.

R: How many times have you been in Poland?

A: Five…five.  Five.  How do you pronounce it?

When I was little I was in Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia….

Alexander Rybak about the girls – Everyone has a chance

Short Alexander’s interview about the girls who could conquer his heart in the Ukrainian magazine “Otdokhni” (“Get Some Rest”).

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Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Anni J.

I like all kinds of girls: tall ones, short ones, girls from Ukraine, China and the Netherlands, Norway and Belarus… Everyone has a chance, but I feel that the Slavic roots are much closer to me. I like girls in dresses and without bright makeup. I like natural beauty and femininity. I like different kinds of girls. The most important thing is sincerity! I believe that any relationship should not begin when people fall in love, but when they become friends. That way it’s much easier to continue and keep in touch. Ukrainian girls are smart and they have a good education. It’s easy to communicate and make friends with them. After meeting one of them, I would like to invite her to the cinema, to chat with her… As a result of friendship, you may get a wife. My first love was a violinist, and the last one was a doctor.

If a girl is working, she often does not cook and devotes little time to the household. But I don’t think that I would be interested in a loafer. Ukrainian girls manage everything and everywhere. And it’s great! They are successful in their careers, but at the same time, they can treat their men with something tasty, and, you know, it’s also a good way to a man’s heart!

This article is also available in Azerbaijani


Alexander made a gift for  his fans all over the world – a new music video called “5 To 7 Years”!

“This is a Music Video I made for my 600.000 +++ fans on Facebook. So share it with all your friends. I love each and every one of you. Alex”

Produced by Alexander Rybak
Music & Lyrics by Alexander Rybak
Guitar, bass and programming by Knut Bjørnar Asphol
Drums by Martin Hystad
Mixes and Mastered by Knut Bjørnar Asphol
Directed, Shot and Edited by Joakim Kleven


Alexander Rybak – Interview in the American-Russian magazine “VS Chicago”

 “Dreams come true”

Alexander Rybak is one of the brightest representatives of the contemporary music world. Today we have a surprise for all the fans of his talent – meeting with this remarkable artist. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Interview in the American-Russian magazine “VS Chicago”

Alexander Rybak – Intervew in the Latvian magazine “Private Life” June 26th 2012

Rybak: “Ultimately you’re still alone in your hotel room”

Article published in the Latvian magazine “Private Life” («Privātā Dzīve») №26, 26.06.2012

Author: Inese Mizovska. Photo: Dmitrijs Suļžics.

Found and translated into Russian by Ronja Laupitaja. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Last week in the concert hall “Dzintari” one of the most popular winners of the Eurovision Song Contest – Alexander Rybak (26) came to the stage together with his father Igor Rybak.

When you won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, how did your life change?

Radically. The only thing that has not changed are my ambitions. I’ve always been quite self-confident. I was aware of my talent and ability, just it was not easy to convince very important people about that. Three years ago, to be able to perform, I wrote about twenty emails a day. Do you think that these important people responded to me? They were not interested in my music. I recorded my Eurovision song, and brought it to the radio by myself. Nobody accepted it. Radio stations said this is not a music at all, the violin sounds strange, and I scream something on the top. When I won the Eurovision song contest, for some reason everything started to sound good. Winning this competition has changed the limits of my abilities. It is important that it’s not some wise uncles and aunts who judge on your talent and work but an audience. Now I don’t need to tell anybody who I am. No need to beg and to prove, because offers are pouring like from a cornucopia. If I speak to someone by myself, everything happens very quickly! Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Intervew in the Latvian magazine “Private Life” June 26th 2012

Alexander Rybak’s interviews during the shooting his new music video “Strela Amura” in Kiev 22.04.12.

Interview to M1 channel:

Interview to 1+1 channel:

Interview to ICTV channel:

Alexander Rybak: I hope to have a nourishing meal in Lithuania!

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Article published on www.DELFI.lt, 26.03.2012
To read the original click here
Author: Gintarė Alasauskytė
Found by Zhanna Sergueeva
English translation by Jolanta Esu, English revision by Anni Jowett.

In two weeks, returning again to Lithuania and agreeing to perform together with the LNK project “Lithuanian Voice” participants, the charismatic Alexander Rybak says, that he remembers Lithuania and its people perfectly. This time he hopes that he will have more free time to visit the local sights and finally eat a nourishing meal….

Continue reading Alexander Rybak: I hope to have a nourishing meal in Lithuania!

Alexander Rybak’s new love. Article in KP.BY, Jan 12, 2012

Young people know each other since their student’s days.
Photo: from the archives

Link to the original: http://kp.by/daily/25816.3/2794483/. Author: Sergei Andrianov

Article published by Belorussian division of “Komsomolskaya pravda” (popular Russian issue) on Jan.12.2012.

Found by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva . English revision by Anni Jowett.


Sasha Rybak chose a violinist again for a girlfriend.

The singer has dedicated two songs to his new chosen one, a 25 year-old Norwegian with the Russian name Maria. For some years the heart of the victor of “Eurovision 2009” was free. We remind you as he says today that the last time he fell in love as an adult was when he fell in love with a violinist girl back in his youth. By the way, just after separation from this girl, the singer wrote his legendary “fairy tale”,with that he won the ESC.

During his Christmas visit to Minsk Sasha confessed to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that love again lives in his heart.

– I celebrated the New Year in Egypt with my beloved girl, – the singer told us. (More about it read here)

But Rybak did not want to acquaint us with his new love. He even did not mention her name.

– Well, you don’t need to know everything in detail.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s new love. Article in KP.BY, Jan 12, 2012

Interview of Alexander Rybak in Norwegian magazine Fredag (Dagbladet), 18.12.09

Original article published in Norwegian magazine “Fredag”, 18.12.2009.

Translated by Laila Ulvseth
English revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak has a very special theory about love:

1) He wants to say “Yes, please” to all the girl affairs he gets.

2) At the same time he wants to fall asleep with a girl he is already in love with.

It’s no wonder Alexander Rybak says things like “It’s stupid to say no with dinner with a cute face just because I might have something going on with some girl in Norway” or “I have a responsibility. A responsibility for all of Europe.

Because a night in May this year four million Norwegians raised their arms and lifted “Rybakken” on a national throne. He is still sitting on it. 2009 was Alexanders year.

Grown men with neckties make “lion’s claws” towards him and try to be funny. Elderly ladies giggle and ask for a cell phone picture.

– Hey, I really need such a blue pen, can I have it? Alexander asks. He is standing in the post office in Bærum to mail 50 letters to fans all over Europe.

– I have sent you messages on Facebook, but you never reply, a Swedish girl said in the new DVD about his life after the victory.

Well, that is because he is answering letters from tightly filled carrier bags along the walls at home with mom and dad at Nesodden.

– I have spent 40.000,- just on stamps.

– Tihi, says the curly headed lady behind the desk before her colleagues come crawling asking for autographs for their grandchildren, after which they received a “eh, yes, okay”, says “poor boy”.

Continue reading Interview of Alexander Rybak in Norwegian magazine Fredag (Dagbladet), 18.12.09