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Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese in Schlagerboom 21.10.2017

Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese performed their “Fairytale” duet in the big Schlagerboom Festival broadcast on TV .

Below you’ll find a video of their performance, pictures and an interview made after they performed. The interview has subs in several languages 🙂   Continue reading Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese in Schlagerboom 21.10.2017

Videos: Alexander Rybak – club concerts in Germany

Alexander performed in 2 clubs in Germany this weekend. He did a concert at the night club “Ray” in Munich on September 6th, and in the club “Infinity” in Hannover on September 7th. Our Facebookies-agents were there and have brought recordings of each song for you 🙂 Enjoy!

Full playlist of the concert in Munich.

Thanks Sabine Fundel and her friend Markus for the recording!

Full playlist of the concert in Hannover.

Thanks Ulli, Ellen and Sonya for their brilliant recordings!

“Europe skies”

by Ellen NL

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Alexander Rybak – Interview in the German magazine “Centaur” (2009)

The success route of Alexander the Great

Translated by Anglesina Est English revision by Anni Jowett

Yes, the name conqueror suits him right! With his song “Fairytale”, which he introduced in May at the ESC, the whole of Europe was captured within 3 minutes. Such a clear victory hasn’t been taken by any other artist before!

Centaur: You arrived today from Minsk in Belarus to Berlin to rehearse for a TV show. You were born in Minsk, but you live near to Oslo since you were 4. Did you recognise your place of birth at all?

Alexander Rybak: I remember the park, the lake and the town. I still like it, today I think, it is even more beautiful. My family was not wealthy, rather poor. We lived in just a little apartment.

C: Do you still feel at home in Minsk?

A.R.: A little, and I also speak Russian. But today I feel at home everywhere around Europe .

C: How did it happen, that you came from there to Norway?

A.R.: My dad is a classical violinist and that time back then he received an engagement from an orchestra in Norway. A wealthy Norwegian family supported him in the beginning  overseas because he was very talented. My mother worked this time as a journalist at the television station in Minsk. Two years later my dad brought us both over.

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Alexander Rybak invites his German fans to Meet & Greet!

Finally Alexander arrives to Dusseldorf (Germany)! From May 8th to May 15th he will be a ESC reporter for NRK TV channel. Alos he would like to meet his fans and he invites them to a Meet &Greet!:)

Here is a message from Alexander’s management on his Official Facebook page:

Dear German friends! Alexander invites you to a meet & greet on Radisson Blu, Dusseldorf, Karl Arnold Platz 5 – Wednesday May 11th, 12:00 to 13:00.

Inside or outside in the garden? It depends on the weather. See ya! 🙂 Best, Kjell Arild – Team Rybak

Liebe deutsche Freunde! Alexander lädt Euch in, zu einem Meet & Greet auf Hotel Radisson Blu, Düsseldorf, Karl Arnold Platz 5 – Mittwoch 11. Mai, von 12.00 bis 13.00 Uhr.

Drinnen oder draußen im Garten? Es hängt vom Wetter ab. See ya! 🙂 Beste, Kjell Arild – Team Rybak

More info you can find in the event calendar on the Official Facebook Page of ALexander Rybak. Here is a direct link to the event: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=194711110517&v=app_2373072738#!/event.php?eid=112478692170132