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Interview with Marina Putnikova, member of MILKI

Interview with Milki member Marina Putnikova

Some know her as the teacher at the Gorki Children’s Vocal Arts School. Some remember her from the project “Singing Cities”. But her biggest claim to fame came from the participation in the group Milki that Alexander Rybak wanted to introduce to Eurovision in 2015. The Gorki News met with the girl to dot all the “i”s with the group Milki and their try-outs in the international song contest and also to find out the talented compatriot’s plans.

Source: gorkiv.by Author: Katya Karpitskaya. Photo: Michael Levtsov.  Translated by Marina Rolbin.

-Everyone writes that you made it to Alexander Rybak’s audition by accident. How did it happen? Continue reading Interview with Marina Putnikova, member of MILKI

Alexander Rybak in TV-show “Things I have to do before I die” on NRK 29.1.11

Almost an hour-long and very interesting interview by Tore Strømøy, NRK,  covering a lot of subjects, like his personal tips for success, career, happiness, his views on afterlife, relations, music education, his childhood and his plans for the future. A shorter version of this interview was published on the Norwegian TV-show “Det må jeg gjøre før jeg dør” on  NRK 29.1.2011.

This longer version was found by Mari Andersen.

Unfortunately the video on YT has no subs yet. We had to reupload it to YT due to that our first videos were closed. Subs will be added, but it will take a little while.

The video is also available on our Vimeo account in three parts with subs. Just click HERE

English translation by Tessa La (parts 1-2 and half 3) and Sara Anja. Russian translations by Julia Bezbakh (who also made the subtitles for parts 1 and half 3), Sonya Luzina and Zhanna Sergueeva. Turkish translations by Alev Ct. Czech translations by Jitka Holanová. Greek translations, part of subtitles and video capture by Yannis P