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Interview of Alexander Rybak in Norwegian magazine Fredag (Dagbladet), 18.12.09

Original article published in Norwegian magazine “Fredag”, 18.12.2009.

Translated by Laila Ulvseth
English revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak has a very special theory about love:

1) He wants to say “Yes, please” to all the girl affairs he gets.

2) At the same time he wants to fall asleep with a girl he is already in love with.

It’s no wonder Alexander Rybak says things like “It’s stupid to say no with dinner with a cute face just because I might have something going on with some girl in Norway” or “I have a responsibility. A responsibility for all of Europe.

Because a night in May this year four million Norwegians raised their arms and lifted “Rybakken” on a national throne. He is still sitting on it. 2009 was Alexanders year.

Grown men with neckties make “lion’s claws” towards him and try to be funny. Elderly ladies giggle and ask for a cell phone picture.

– Hey, I really need such a blue pen, can I have it? Alexander asks. He is standing in the post office in Bærum to mail 50 letters to fans all over Europe.

– I have sent you messages on Facebook, but you never reply, a Swedish girl said in the new DVD about his life after the victory.

Well, that is because he is answering letters from tightly filled carrier bags along the walls at home with mom and dad at Nesodden.

– I have spent 40.000,- just on stamps.

– Tihi, says the curly headed lady behind the desk before her colleagues come crawling asking for autographs for their grandchildren, after which they received a “eh, yes, okay”, says “poor boy”.

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