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Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada & Dennis Storhøi in “Førkveld”, NRK. 25.11.2011

Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada & Dennis Storhøi told about upcoming Christmas tour through Norway and performed  “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” for the first time together.

Recording by Venche M. English translation by Vigdis AR. Subs by Julia B.

Per Sundnes about Alexander and his victory in ESC 2009

Per Sundnes, the one who was in charge of MGP/ESC Norway the year Alexander Rybak won Eurovision, talks about Alexander and his victory in Moscow on NRK “Førkveld” 7.1.2011.
Interesting to hear Per telling about how all the coincidences which happened that year led to the big victory.


Recording, English translation and subs by Tessa La. Russian by Zhanna Sergueeva. Chinese by Annie Alpaca. German  by Sonia Fișerean. Spanish  by Lulú Bm.