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Fundraising for tour in the USA with Alexander Rybak

Great news for fans of Alexander Rybak in the USA! There is a big chance that he will go on tour in the USA in the summer of 2014! Today we learned that the Nannestad Culture School arranges a flea market to finance their trip to the USA with Alexander! Here are several articles about that event, found by the facebookies-agents!

“Fleas” for Rybak

Article from the paper issue of “Romerikes Blad”

Published on 11.09.13

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revising by Katie Anderson.

Nannestad: The Nannestad School of Culture is celebrating it’s 45 year anniversary by going to the United States with Alexander Rybak next summer. For this trip the students need some money. Therefore, the FAU (parents council working committee) at the culture school have arranged a flea market in Storhallen in Nannestad Councilhouse on Saturday and Sunday,- says Ellinor Lauritsen, principal of the culture school. Anyone who has any fleas to spare, please contact us.

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