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Alexander Rybak: “Working out gives me self confidence”

Article from Swedish newspaper “Friskispressen”, published in the 4th issue, 2009  Author: Gösta Elmquist.

Translation by Mary-Ann Hansson, English revision by Anni Jowett

AGE: 23 years.

PROFESSION: Musician / artist.

FAMILY: Single.

LIVES: Nesodden, outside Oslo.

LIKES 1: Jazz, classical, pop. And  film.

LIKES 2: “I like when girls touch my upper body when we talk.”

CURRENT: The CD “Fairytales”

IDOL: Gene Kelly (because he was such a versatile artist).

FAVOURITE MUSCLE: Arms and chest.

He lifts his violin, grabs his bow and – bang!  The show is running. Gym instructor Alexander whirls, jumps, kneels down. Every muscle is about to explode. Calves, thighs, stomach, back – everything is trimmed at Friskis & Svettis in Oslo. 

Alexander Rybak, 23, the fiddler who got the whole world at his feet, has found a trick that no other violinist could dream of.

– Working out at Friskis & Svettis.

“It is the spice that makes my show exciting. I have more energy and self-confidence”, he says.

 Three years ago, Alexander got his license as a gym instructor. In the beginning it was easy to book instruction time with him on the F&S in Vika, Oslo. Today, it is not. Alexander has taken time off from instructing at Friskis & Svettis to become a world artist.

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