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Alexander Rybak about his first love and Valentine’s Day

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Found by Anglesina Est. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva

Before I participated in “Eurovision”, when I had more time and less concerts, I decided to arrange an unusual Valentine’s Day for my beloved girl. And it was unusual because I made a quest day out of it. In different parts of the city, in cafes, under the trees, at friends I hid various riddles and she had to solve those riddles to get the next place. It was very interesting for both of us! In the final of the quest a gift waited for my beloved girl – a candlelit dinner in a beautiful winter garden and me with a bouquet of roses. She even cried with happiness then. It was a pleasure for me to surprise and please her. On the Love Day my wish will be very simple and the most important at the same time – love! Love does wonders!