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Article: Rybak is super-popular at Facebook – Amta.no April 3rd 2012.

Article published on www.amta.no 3.4.2012. Link to original article: http://www.amta.no/kultur/article5998783.ece

Found by Ellen NL. Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Alexander Rybak is one of the most popular in the country at Facebook.  A new list ranks the largest Facebook-pages in the country. At the top, Opera Browser reigns with more than one million followers. The metal-band Dimmu Borgir is number two with nearly 800.000 followers.

The digital advertising-company Nodes Agency,  has made an overview of all large norwegian Facebook-pages which shows, which ones are the largest and which ones have the highest increase on a daily and weekly basis.

“The list shows clearly, that more and more companies, organizations and celebrities use Facebook-pages as tool of communication” – tells Daniel Bæk from Nodes, who has published the lists.

Alexander Rybak is number 7 on the list with 402.121 followers.

The ten largest:

1. Opera Browser: Number of fans: 1.099.261

2. Dimmu Borgir: Number of fans: 790.293

3. Zedge: Number of fans: 620.361

4. OnePiece Jump In: Number of fans: 561.032

5. Immortal: Number of fans: 506.315

6. Röyksopp: Number of fans: 426.029

7.Alexander Rybak: Number of fans: 403.657

8. Jeg har ingen venner å miste: Number of fans: 342.286

9. The Voice Number of fans: 313.086

10. Madcon Number of fans: 307.396

100.000 members on Alexander’s page!

Aquarelle painting by Ingegerd Claesson

Since 22 July 2010, 13.52 CET, the official Facebook page of Alex has over 100.000 members!

Of course the actual popularity of Alex is much bigger, as the other pages about him on Facebook make a total of about half a million members. Still, this is a remarkable moment for all of us, who met each other on this page and became friends (hence the name “Facebookies”).