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Eurovision Song Contest

Rybak on the Facebook-top. Article in Sa.no, July 22nd, 2011

Written by Stian Grythaugen. Photo by Vidar Ruud, ANB. Published 22.7.2011 on www.sa.no.

Link to original article: http://www.sa.no/lokale_nyheter/article5677767.ece

Translated by Marianne Saietz

Alexander Rybak is one of the Grand-Prix-circus´ biggest stars on Facebook.

That shows,  from a ranking, made by the official pages of Eurovision Song Contest.  The webpage has looked at, how popular, previous Grand Prix-participants are on Facebook and ranked them, from the highest number of Facebook-fans and down.  In the final list of 25 names, Alexander Rybak is the only norwegian feature. The 25-year-old, who set a crushing score-record, when he won the international final in Moscow in 2009, ends up on place number 13.

That means, that the «Fairytale»-artist, drops two places on the list from last years ranking.  Alexander Rybak has, at the moment,  276.424 fans on Facebook. Continue reading Rybak on the Facebook-top. Article in Sa.no, July 22nd, 2011

Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11

Found and translated by Tessa La. Photo on the paper acquired by Tessa La through phone and enhanced by Yannis P.

By: Morten Hegseth and Marcus Husby

Alexander leans to his mother’s comforting words, when the scandal headlines and life is as toughest. Now he has moved on after the tough “Shall we dance” –time in Sweden with sleeping pills, disease and infidelity stories in the weekly press. I don’t think about the time in Sweden anymore, it’s so long ago now.  I’m done with that period of my life, Rybak said.


Both the Swedish and Norwegian magazine unfolding Rybak’s alleged relationship with his Swedish “Shall we dance” partner Malin Johansson (24) at the final party to the dance competition. This happened while Rybak is in a relationship with his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad – which he proclaimed his love for at the “Spellemann” this year.

– I felt disgusted when the article was published. It was not good. It is not myself I think of first and foremost, but my closest family and friends. I always notify them before such “doomsday cases” are in print, but this was not ok. No one wants to see kissing pictures smeared out all over a front page, he said.

Continue reading Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11

Alexander debuts as a reporter for Nrk.no April 27th 2011

Alexander debuts as a reporter for NRK

Alexander Rybak is ready for the Eurovision Song Contest, but this time with a slightly different role than before.

Source:  Nrk.no  Published 27.04.11. Text and photo: Hege Bakken Riise. Translation by Tessa La, Revision by Bita Janz

When Stella Mwangi in a few days, jumps on a flight to the international Eurovision Song Contest finale in Dûsseldorf, most attention will be turned towards her. Alexander Rybak will also follow closely, he namely makes his debut as a reporter and will cover Stella and the other artists’ movements during the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) for NRK.no.
“I have to start being interested in fashion and how people are dressed as quickly as possible. This is very important in the MGP-world”, Alexander Rybak says with a slight shudder as he embarks on the pro and cons of his new job. Continue reading Alexander debuts as a reporter for Nrk.no April 27th 2011

Alexander to be an NRK reporter at ESC. April 27th 2011

Article from VG.no by Halstein Røyseland. Published 27.04.11

Link to original article:
Translated by Laila Solum Hansen
Revised by Bita 

Rybak to be an NRK reporter

(VG Net) Alexander Rybak (24) will be involved in the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, but this time, as a reporter for NRK.no. This will be a new come-back for Rybak from two years ago, when he topped the European finale in Moscow with his song “Fairytale” on May 2009.

“We are very happy to have Alexander on our team. He has unique experience that is useful, both in his work as a reporter for NRK.no, and also as a member of the Norwegian delegation,” says Skjalg Solstad, the project leader for the Norwegian delegation, in a press release. Continue reading Alexander to be an NRK reporter at ESC. April 27th 2011

Alexander Rybak’s interview to Russian magazine “If only…”

Alexander Rybak: “I will never take part to Eurovision again”

An article found in the student’s magazine “If only…”

Interview by: Nadezhda Golovina

Translated by Sophia Khodorovskaya.

Everyone remembered him: even those, who didn’t watch, didn’t interest, didn’t know. And those, who didn’t like the idea of the ESC in Moscow, and all other “did not”s. Smile, which makes you weak; shining eyes, sounds of a violin, funny plot, dizzy amount of countries which voted for the song “Fairytale” – and norwegian singer and violonist with Belorussian roots became famous in one single moment. Rybak has recorded a Russian album, and records video on it in Ukraine. Cosmopolitan Alexander Rybak has told to the magasin “If only…” about his life after Eurovision, why he didn’t want to take part in Eurovision again and for whom he is going to write music in the future. Our meeting with Alexander was held in Moscow, he came there for only one day to perfom at the concert, which was dedicated to memory of great composer Mikael Tariverdiev.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s interview to Russian magazine “If only…”

DVD: Alexander Rybak – ” Fairytale the Movie”.

Europe is Alexander’s new home. This is the movie about this journey. A document of this years Fairytale.

The boy with the violin became a national hero in Norway, a musical phenomenon, a teen-idol. The 23 year old from Belarus, won countless hearts during those 3 minutes on the 16th of May 2009. The next 6 months he went out to meet these hearts. Come with Alexander to Giske, when he’s back at the place where he wrote Fairytale; to Finland where he meets thousands of screaming fans, and to the start of his European tour in Ukraine.

Tracklisting Fairytale – The Movie:

Documentary – Concert from Opeara House in Oslo – Music videos – Deleted Scenes – Bonus material Continue reading DVD: Alexander Rybak — ” Fairytale the Movie”.

Alexander Rybak in TV-show “Things I have to do before I die” on NRK 29.1.11

Almost an hour-long and very interesting interview by Tore Strømøy, NRK,  covering a lot of subjects, like his personal tips for success, career, happiness, his views on afterlife, relations, music education, his childhood and his plans for the future. A shorter version of this interview was published on the Norwegian TV-show “Det må jeg gjøre før jeg dør” on  NRK 29.1.2011.

This longer version was found by Mari Andersen.

Unfortunately the video on YT has no subs yet. We had to reupload it to YT due to that our first videos were closed. Subs will be added, but it will take a little while.

The video is also available on our Vimeo account in three parts with subs. Just click HERE

English translation by Tessa La (parts 1-2 and half 3) and Sara Anja. Russian translations by Julia Bezbakh (who also made the subtitles for parts 1 and half 3), Sonya Luzina and Zhanna Sergueeva. Turkish translations by Alev Ct. Czech translations by Jitka Holanová. Greek translations, part of subtitles and video capture by Yannis P

A review of “No Boundaries” from Slovakia

Alexander Rybak – No Boundaries

Source: music.server.sk 26. 10. 2010

Found and translated by Danka Čolláková.

Probably the sweetest Norwegian on the globe is back. We met him in May 2009 when he won Eurosong and in the history of the competition he enrolled with a record number of points. At that time, however, he had consecutive appearances in theatrical performances in Fiddler on the Roof, Operahouse in Oslo, and the Norwegian received the highest theater award. Such a big prize, at such a young age? No wonder. Alex grew up in a family of musicians – his mother played the violin, and the father is a pianist (sic)* and after the family moved from Belarus to Norway, young Alex Rybak started the music fully.

Continue reading A review of “No Boundaries” from Slovakia

Portrait from ”Magasinet” in Dagbladet, May 29th, 2010

Quote on the cover: “”I think I will have to change myself to be able to get a girlfriend”

Source: Magasinet, Dagbladet, published 29th of May 2010. Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak

Born: 13 May 1986

Family: I am an only child. That’s perhaps why I’m so eager to find myself a girlfriend.

Right now: Performs at the final of the ESC in the evening, and the new album “No Boundaries” is in stores in about two weeks. Continue reading Portrait from ”Magasinet” in Dagbladet, May 29th, 2010

Alexander Rybak and Lena Meyer-Landrut in German TV show “TV Total”, May 25th, 2010

Alexander Rybak featured Lena in her song “Satelite” in the German TV-show “TV Total”

The TV-show was broadcast from Norway during the Eurovision Song Contest week in Oslo. Alexander had hurt his fingers who turned out to be broken and he ended up performing with a plaster.



upcoming Outdoor concert in Oslo, Rådhusplassen, May 17th, 2010

(researched by Tessa La)

Oslo is planning a two week festival named “The sound of Oslo” in connection with the “Eurovision Song Contest 2010”. Alexander is among the artists who set the first party at Rådhusplassen on 17th May.

More info about that event you can find HERE – the info is no longer available. 


Alexander Rybak at Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, 17.05.2009

The day after the great victory in Eurovision 2009, Alexander, his parents and the rest of the NRK crew went to the Norwegian embassy in Moscow to celebrate the Norwegian national day before they were going back to Norway in the evening.

English translation by Tessa La, Russian translation & bilingual subs by Sveta Plyasun

Alexander Rybak’s Press conferenCE 18.05.09 – with English subs!

While everybody is waiting for the news from his trip with the Ung Symphony in Japan, we made a surprise for you;)
This is a one year old but very long and interesting interview, which Alexander gave the day after his arrival from Moscow. The very first press conference by the “ESC 2009” winner in Norway:)) Enjoy!

Thanks a lot to Vigdis Ukjent for the translation! You did great job!

Subtitles and video recording/editing by Olina Novikova