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Eurovision Song Contest

Article about Annsofi’s performance at the Semifinal of MGP. F-b.no. 26.01.13

Article by: Ole Johansen and NTB

Link ti the source

Found by Tessa Lande. English translation by Hilde M. Revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Annsofi: Annsofi participated with “I’m with you” at the MGP semifinal in Floro Saturday. Photo from rehearsal before sending.

Photo: Alf Vidar Snæland / NTB Scanpix

Totally insane!

– Thank you all who have voted. My dream is to go all the way to Malmø, says the girl from Sarpsborg (18) who was the first to be ready for the final in Floro Saturday night.

Her role models are Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. She has heavy backing from Fredrikstad people: Kenneth Gutterup, JP Paulsen and Einar Kristiansen is her local producer team. Manager Dag B. Solheim needs no further presentation in fb.no.
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Annsofi’s performances on MGP-2013 semifinal in Florø on 26.01.2013

Annsofi performed at the Norwegian selection for Eurovision 2013, 2nd semi-final with the song composed by Alexander Rybak “I’m With You” (he wrote both music and lyrics). She did great and made it to the final! Congratulations! Here you can watch how it was:)

Presentation of the artist and the first performance

Recording by Venche M. English translation by Laila S.H. Revision by Anni Jowett. Subs by Julia B. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva.

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I’m with you – performed by Annsofi – lyrics and video – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s song “I’m With You” in the Norwegian Eurovision selection 2013.

Music & lyrics by Alexander Rybak

Performed by Annsofi Pettersen

Watch the live performance with subtitles in many languages:

Contents – lyric translations

1. English original text  2.  Romanian   3. German  4. Vietnamese 5. French  6. Polish 7. Dutch 8. Croatian 

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Articles Promoting Alexander Rybak’s concert in Estonian Press

Source: Embassy

Alexander Rybak will be performing in Tallinn!


Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak will be performing with his new live program in Tallinn in nightclub “Teater”.

Found and translated by Anglesina. Revised by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak was born in Minsk (Belarus) 13.05.1986. When Alexander was four years old, his father, violinist Igor Rybak and mother, pianist Natalia Rybak, emigrated to Nesodden, A suburb of Oslo. Alexander had already become engaged with music by the age of five, learning, after the example of his parents, to play violin and piano. He received formal music education from professor Isaac Schuldman. IN 2012 he graduated from Barrat Due Institute of Music in Oslo and attained a Bachelor of Music Degree in Violin.

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Interview with Alexander Rybak in Azeri magazine “Your Passage”

Interview was made during Alexander’s visit to Baku in May 2012

Article published in the paper-issue of  “Your Passage”, №36, 2012

English translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Alexander Rybak: I grew up on the symbiosis of classical and folk music

Charming, talented, cute, emotional, and a little shy – that’s how I remembered Alexander Rybak. He didn’t get a star fever, he can admire, enjoy and love. The most important people in his life are his parents. And he was infinitely glad to meet Will Smith, he was marvelled by his simplicity and sense of humour, at the reception in honour of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. He appreciates honesty and loyalty in people, because he is like that himself . And in addition he is interested in psychology, dogs and sushi. … Although he is extremely busy, Alexander Rybak took time for “PASSAGE” and revealed his little secrets in an exclusive interview. By the way, we had agreed that we’ll mention “ESC” only in passing – since there are too many other interesting topics.

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Article: “What´s up Alexander Rybak? – L´eurovision au quotidien”. French article. Oct. 31st. 2012

Article published on www.eurovision-quotidien.com 31.10.2012.

Written by Antoine. Link to original article in French here

Found by Claire Lefebvre. Translation from French by Claire Lefebvre and Marion Delafoy-Martin. English revision by Katie Anderson.


Photo: Patrycja Pajor

This week, for the event of the release of his new single » Leave Me Alone »,  the Eurovision success story, Alexander Rybak, returns.
Rybak currently holds – and probably will hold for a while – the record of points obtained in Eurovision: 387 points.

He also holds the largest gap to his closest competitor, 169 points, but was dethroned by Loreen and her number-of -12 points- record: He got only 16 while the Swedish performer got 18.

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Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian program “Pati z FM-TV”. 21.10.12

Alexander met his good friend, Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Biruykov  in Kiev and told exclusively for “Pati z FM-TV” about his life after Eurovision, his plans, his life philosophy and many other things:)  Enjoy watching it, friends!:-)

Host & journalist: Vladimir Biryukov 

English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva & Julia B.

English revision by Anni Jowett.

Video: Interview of Elisabeth Andreassen and Stephan Barratt Due. May 15th 2009

TV2 Norway – “God Morgen Norge”: Interview with Elisabeth Andreassen og Stephan Barratt Due about Alexander Rybak the day after he passed the semifinal in Moscow ESC 2009

Recording and subs by Tessa La. English translation by Hildebjørg Ha.

Video: Alexander Rybak in the Romanian program “Focus Monden”

Upload and Russian translation by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Laura Ser. Subs by Julia B. Croatian translation by Karolina Pavlov. Slovak translation by Danka Čolláková. Czech translation by Petra Hauserová. Polish translation by Martyna Agnieszka Jasińska. German translation by Simone Schmidt.

Article: “Didrik, Bettan and Alexander join forces to fans’ delight”

Article published on www.eurovisionary.com 09.07.2012

Link to original article here

Written by Kristján Sveinsson . Photo:  VG

With three widely diverse performers such as Bettan, Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen on stage, something for practically every taste is almost guaranteed. The three artists combine their styles and talent to bring concertgoers a unique experience in July.

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Review of the concert of Alexander Rybak with Elisabeth Andreassen and Didrik Solli-Tangen in Tønsberg

Article published on tb.no 06.07.2012.

Written by Fredrik Rütter. Photo by Eric Johannessen. Link to original article here

Translation by Vigdis Nor

Glittering SHOW: The former Eurovision winners Alexander Rybak, Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen and Didrik Solli-Tangen delivered strongly at the Quality Hotel Klubben yesterday. 

Winning Trio

  (Five on the dice)

Bettan, Alexander and Didrik
Taran Productions Club Quality Hotel, Tonsberg

With three Eurovision winners on a stage they have a lot of ballast in common. It is in the age that the range is large. Elisabeth Andreassen sends messages to the two boys, Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen, that they are some sweet young puppies, and that it is very nice to have them included in the stage show, but she gets answer to the indictment. They are not totally subservient the two, they can catch up.

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Video: Performance at Swedish ESC-party in Baku. May 22nd 2012

The recording was broadcasted at Eurovision Radio International 20.6.2012.

Recorded by Tessa Lande

Thanks to the great team at The Eurovision Radio International, we can enjoy a sound-recording from Alexanders performance at the Official ESC-party of the Swedish Embassy in Baku, May 22nd 2012, where Alexander and Loreen were invited to perform.

Alexander played “Chaconne” by J.S. Bach, “Bergrosa” by Sven Ole Nyhus and “Fairytale”. The recording was broadcasted June 20th by Eurovision Radio International.

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Portrait of Per Sundnes “Northern Norways Potato” June 8th 2012

A portrait article about Per Sundnes,

published on www.dagbladet.no 8.6.2012 Text: Hallgeir Opedal. Drawing: Finn Graff 
Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

The parts, where Alexander Rybak is mentioned, are highlighted in blue.

Northern Norway’s potato!

It is not “Gay Patrol” that attracts Per Sundnes (46) to TV3. It is a woman.

-” There is national mourning in England now because I quit”.

Per Sundnes shuffles around in the kitchen, wearing pirate pants and shock yellow t-shirt.

– “You know, I stop when I’m on top”.

There is a smell of spices, chocolate and buns. We stepped over a vacuum cleaner. A bulging garbage bag leaning against the fridge, the balcony door to the backyard is open, the radio is tuned in on “Nitimen.”

– “National mourning”?!

– “In Birmingham, there are some who call themselves Schlagerboys, funny boys with a lot humour, and those boys find it very sad that I quit. The first thing I did when I started in this job was to take care of the fans. You know, Grand Prix fans are like soccer fans: The hard core are there in good times and bad. I listened to them and asked how they wanted it. And the last three years I have organized it so that fans get to meet the artists. And why do I do that? Because I can!”

He tilts his head to one side, smiling coquettishly.

– “They are eternally grateful”.

There is a lot of confidence in the dense body of Per Sundnes. During the next hour, he manoeuvres between bragging and humility, and tries to find a balance. Now he stops, looking around to take stock.

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Article: “Fiddle-dee-dee!”. Feb 7th 2009

Article published on Schlagerblog  7.2.2009

Written by Schlagerboys. Link to original article here

Found by Tessa La
Article revised by AnniJo


 About The Schlagerboys: The Schlagerboys love Eurovision and were born on the day Alcazar and Shirley Clamp kicked off Melodifestivalen in 2005. Since then we have set ourselves the task of championing schlager at every opportunity; travelling to various National Finals and trying to get on TV as much as possible campaigning for key changes. We want to be Swedish or Norwegian and sometimes Maltese, depending on their Eurovision song for the year. Outside the Eurovision season the Schlagerboys live in Birmingham in the UK trying to inject a bit of glitter and glamour in to everyone’s lives!

February 07, 2009


The Schlagerboys won’t be watching the last Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix semi-final tonight as we’ll be sitting through 5 hours of Maltese songs waiting for Jade to come on halfway through… However, we’ll be sending schlager good luck wishes to Alexander, who’ll be fiddling his way through “Fairytale”, and hopefully to the final in two weeks…

Schlagerboys: How did you get involved with the Melodi Grand Prix?

Alexander Rybak: I met this funny little schlagergnome called Per, and the rest is history…

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Did Rybak Manage to Make the Grade? – June 12th 2012

Young Alexander Rybak managed to persuade viewers, pundits and sceptics alike when sweeping to victory in 2009. Would he be able to have the same effect on his examiners when he graduated this week from the Barratt Due Institute of Music?

Article posted on www.eurovisionary.com 12.6. 2012. Author: Kristján Sveinsson

Link to original article here . Found by Ulli Cologne

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Article: “Read this, Sweden: Rybak is still the biggest”. May 27th 2012

Article published on www.vg.no 27.05.2012

Text: Tommy Brakstad. Photo: Scanpix

Link to original article here:  

Found by Vigdis Nor. Translation by Marianne Saietz

Photo: Meeting of masters. Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui – better known as Loreen – and Alexander Rybak, visited the party of the Swedish embassys at Villa Petrolea in Baku on tuesday.

Read this Sweden: Rybak is still the biggest!

Loreen got more 12-points but Alexander Rybak still has the highest scores of all time.

“Euphoria” made Eurovision-record of number of 12-points with 18 of 41 possible and won with 372 points in total. When Rybak won Eurovision in 2009 with his “Fairytale”, he got 387 points alltogether. 16 of those were 12-points.

” Wow, that was close. Do not try to run away from me again, my high-score “, Rybak writes on Facebook, sunday. Nevertheless, he  praises Loreen and describes her stage-show as the most original of all times.

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Article: Misses Maria every day. May 25th 2012

Article published in paper-issue of Se & Hør 25.05.2012

Text: Per Sigve Kleppe. Photo: Private, Se og Hør.

Found and translated by Vigdis Nor.  Scanning by Tessa Lande

Photo: Love without boundaries: Maria and Alexander have been together for one and a half years. Maria is currently working in Tanzania as a doctor, while Alexander is busy with exams and Eurovision,  working in Baku. 

Misses Maria every day

Alexander Rybak is in Azerbaijan and feels the Grand Prix circus. But his thoughts go to his girlfriend – who is a doctor in Africa.

Alexander Rybaks (26) doctor- girlfriend Maria Slyngstad (26) recently moved to Tanzania to work in the hospital for Haydom Friends Foundation. There are many who need help.

– “The day before Maria was leaving I had to run and buy medical equipment for her, because she was told that they had nothing in the hospital. That made me surprised and very worried for Maria”, Alexander says to Se og Hør.

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2 articles:Norwegian press about Alexander in Baku. May 22nd-23rd 2012

 Article published on www.aftenposten.no 22.05.2012

Text and photo by Arve Henriksen.

Link to original article here

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Photo: “It will be like a little vacation to return to this circus, especially now when I have travelled so much in Europe”, says Alexander Rybak 

Rybak took a break from exams in Baku

BAKU (Aftenposten.no): Alexander Rybak is in the middle of the final heat of exams at Barrat Due, but never the less, he took himself time for a not so little comeback in the Eurovision-circus.

Thursday, Alexander Rybak performs in the interval act at the second semifinal during Eurovision Song Contest, where also Tooji will be in action for Norway. For the Eurovisionwinner from 2009, the trip to Baku is a nice break from the exams-preparations.
– ” It will be like a small vacation to return to this circus, especially now, when I have travelled so much around Europe. At the same time, I have practiced a lot, both on preparations for the summer-show with Bettan and Didrik Solli-Tangen and then I also have this violin-exam. Because of that, I practice several hours every day towards that, so I can finally get a paper, saying I am a violinist,” he says.

Video: Alexander Rybak tells why he left stage on the Norwegian embassy in Baku the 17th of May

Found by Tessa La., Uploaded by Alev Can. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation and subs by Sonya L. Slovak translation by Danka Čolláková. German translation by Simone Schmidt/Ulli Cologne. Romanian translation by Laura Ser. Croatian translation by Karolina Pavlov.

Interview in the newspaper “Evening Moscow”. 22.05.2012

Alexander Rybak: “‘Buranovskiye grandmas’ are the same as me”

Photo: Alexander Rybak won the hearts of viewers of “Eurovision” in 2009.

Article published on   www.vmdaily.ru  22.05.2012. Journalist  Ramazan Ramazanov. Photo: the agency “ITAR-TASS».

Link to original article here. Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.

A special correspondent of the “Evening Moscow” at “Eurovision-2012” has interviewed the winner of “Eurovision-2009”.

– Alexander, they say that “Eurovision” is a disease that can’t be cured. Have you also caught it?

– Most likely, that is not about the competition but about the stir around it’s participants. When an artist experiences certain emotions (generally positive emotions), he will want to return to them again and again. So he goes there where he felt good once. And  “Eurovision”  is a festival of colours, emotions, vivid impressions, an acquaintance with a new country and meeting with old friends. Continue reading Interview in the newspaper “Evening Moscow”. 22.05.2012

Alexander Rybak is learning to play backgammon

Article published on   www.vmdaily.ru  22.05.2012. Link to original article here

Written by  Ramazan Ramazanov. Photos by Artur Samirov

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Anni Jowett

The hero of Moscow’s Eurovision has devoted the whole of Tuesday, May 22, to his Azerbajani fans. Fans from many parts of the country arrived in Baku to see their idol. 

The entire staff of the hotel, where this  informal meeting was held, were amazed by simplicity and sincerity of the Belarusian-Norwegian artist. Rybak was very attentive to every fan , took photos with them and graciously signed autographs. And he even sang his triumphal song with the fans and played piano .

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Article: “Per Sundnes pulled Rybak off the stage”. Baku – May 22nd 2012

 Article published on www.kjendis.no 22.05.2012.

Written by Merethe Skogrand and Jan Thomas Holmlund. Photos by Håkon Eikesdal and Stella Pictures.

Link to original article here

Translation by Venche M. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Bad sound: Per Sundnes tells, that it was he, who rejected Rybak to continue playing at the concert Friday. Photo: Stella Pictures 

Per Sundnes pulled Rybak off the stage

BAKU (Dagbladet): On Friday Alexander Rybak was going to perform at the Norwegian Embassy in Baku, in connection with his visit to the Azerbaijani capital.
Swedish newspapers that were present at the event, wrote that Rybak stormed off the stage and that he was badly prepared.
But Eurovision General Per Sundnes has a different version of the story.

Alexander Rybak on Eurovision-2012 in Baku. 3 articles.

Alexander Rybak: “Baku is almost home town for me”

Article published on vesti.az, 20.5.2012, 13:24

Link to original article here. Journalist Yeg’ana Rzahanova.

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

An official opening ceremony of the international song contest “Eurovision 2012” was held In Baku, May 19 at «Euroclub» , which was also attended by Alexander Rybak. As the singer told to Vesti.Az, he is happy that he had arrived in Baku once again .

“Every time I am invited to Baku, I agree with pleasure, because your city is almost home town for me. I met my old friends here. As for the contest “Eurovision 2012”, I believe that it will be held by you at highest level “, – said Alexander Rybak.

Eurovision Song Contest was officially opened in Baku.

Article published on http://eurovision.vesti.ru/, 20.5.2012

Link to original article here. Journalist Natalia Kiseleva.

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

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Alexander Rybak: At the Eurovision Song Contest your Gaitana will be among the top ten!

The winner of “Eurovision-2009” told the “Gazeta Kievskaya” what the Ukrainian representative Gaitana should do to make spectators at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku like her.

Article published on http://kievskaya.com.ua/ , April 26  2012, 15:51, Kiev, Ukraine. Link to the original article here

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Revision by Tessa Lande.


The winner of “Eurovision-2009”, the Norwegian of Belorusian origin Alexander Rybak, shot his new video in Kiev. During a break between takes Rybak told about a special invitation to perform at the “Eurovision” in Baku and his relation to the competition that brought him the coveted honor a few years ago.

– I know that after participation in “Eurovision” many artists want to forget this competition and become self-sufficient artists – I think it’s wrong. For example, I am pleased that I got an invitation to perform again at the “Eurovision” and I’m not going to ignore that.

The musician and the singer agreed to give some advises to Gaitana that should help her to get a worthy place in Baku.

About the criticism

– I like Gaitana as a performer – she is a wonderful actress, – Alexander Rybak began. – Specific recommendations are needed for weak ones but she is strong and she doesn’t need them. Most important is to pay less attention to criticism. If they criticize your origin – don’t react towards negative by being negative – it is easier to keep silent. Do not lose your faith in yourself and continue to create because the future success is the best remedy against the critics and ill-wishers.

About the outfit

– Gaitana is a beautiful girl. I saw how she was dressed in the national final – I liked that. I think that nothing really should be changed – in such a dress she surely can perform in Azerbaijan.

About the song

– I have heard the song “Be my guest” several times. It’s not a bad song and has a really groovy tune. I know somebody in Ukraine has doubts about this song but my prediction is that Gaitana should get into the top ten!

On the manner of performing

– The most stupid thing you can do is to copy other artists. I strongly recommend not to do that to all contestants, so no athletes on stage like it was by Bilan or playing the violin being the emphasis as I did. The main thing is not a show but a sincerity of the number, not an intention to imitate someone such as former winners, and only this way it will be a success!

– I was born in Minsk and when I was 5 my parents brought me to the suburbs of Oslo. Gaitana lived for some time in Congo and it seems to me we have a lot in common. When you’re faced with the condemnation of your roots don’t hide your specialties and your culture. On the contrary emphasize your otherness and uniqueness as a carrier of African roots! Surely Gaitana’s sense of rhythm is ten times higher than that one of many Ukrainian colleagues.

About spectators

– On the eve of my performance at “Eurovision” I said that if the Belarusians agreed I would be very pleased to say that if I would be a winner then half of my success would be a merit of Belarus. Maybe Gaitana should share her future success with Africa, all the more since so many African communities live in Europe, especially in France, Britain and Italy.

In the meantime

Meanwhile the singer herself is diligently preparing for the “Eurovision” to be held in Baku. Her number and details of the concert costume Gaitana holds as a closely guarded secret. But, as “Gazetta” was able to learn, during her performance the singer will not play on any instrument. Earlier journalists speculated that Gaitana could use drums in her show.

– I don’t plan to play instruments on stage in Baku! – the singer commented on her upcoming number. – Maybe I just will come out wearing Ukrainian wreath! – said Gaitana.

According to the contestant from Ukraine, preparation for the “Eurovision” takes a lot of time therefore the traditional party on the eve of departure to Baku had to be cancelled. Unlike her predecessors Gaitana also refused to make a European promotional tour – she will perform only in Ukrainian cities.

PHOTO & VIDEO: Alexander Rybak at the backstage of Eurofest in Minsk, 14.02.2012.

Pictures by Sergey Denisov

Upload, English translation and subs by Sonya L.  Dutch translation by Marijke Arentsen. French translation by Marion Delafoy-Martin. Slovak translation by Danka Čolláková. German translation by Sabine Fundel. Romanian translation by Jenia Skripnik

MGP-winner Tooji gets advice from Alexander Rybak. Feb. 12th 2012.

Article published on www.vg.no 12.2.2012. Written by Martine Lunder.

Link to original article: http://www.vg.no/musikk/grand-prix/artikkel.php?artid=10043478

Translation by Marianne Saietz

WON. Tooji Keshtkar won the norwegian MGP-final superior. Photo: Jan Petter Lynau/VG 

“It still hasn´t dawned on me”, Tooji says about the victory.

VG Nett.)  Tooji Keshtkar ( 24 ) won a superior victory at MGP 2012. Backstage, he got advice by Eurovision-winner Alexander Rybak. VG meets Tooji the day after he won MGP with 155.480 votes ahead of both Nora Foss al-Jabri, Bobby Bare & Petter Øien and Plumbo.

” It hasn´t dawned on me yet. Everything is just surreal. I couldn´t sleep last night, even though I tried very hard. The head was just filled with pictures from the night – Mom, who is cheering, the fans who are screaming and my name, being announced”, says Tooji, who sung the song “Stay”.

Continue reading MGP-winner Tooji gets advice from Alexander Rybak. Feb. 12th 2012.

Rybak made the audience join on “Haba Haba”. Feb.11th 2012.

Source: adressa.no 11.02.2012.  Written by Veronika Søum. Photo: Ernst Vikne/Wikimedia Commons, Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Rybak made the audience join on “Haba Haba”

Rybak included the winner-song of last year in the intermission-act at the MGP-final.

Stella Mwangi chose to be with her family instead of at Oslo Spektrum, during the Melodi Grand Prix-final Saturday evening, after her father died in a car-crash last week.
Instead, it was the Grand Prix- favorite Aleksander Rybak, who stood for the intermission-act at Oslo Spektrum.

Continue reading Rybak made the audience join on “Haba Haba”. Feb.11th 2012.

Article from Dagbladet about Alexander Rybak’s performance at the Norwegian MGP- final. 11.02.2012.

Rybak paid tribute to Stella at Grand Prix final

Author: Stian Haraldsen. Photographer:  Håkon Eikesdal

Link to original article:


Translation by Tessa Lande

‎(Dagbladet): Alexander Rybak provided a great break performance before tonight’s Grand Prix show winner was declared.

After the Plumbo, Nora Foss Al-Jabri, Tooji and Petter Øien and Bobby Bare had passed thorugh to the golden final, the stage was set for the Eurovision Medley in Oslo Spektrum.

Rybak sang songs by both the artists, Johnny Logan and Olsen Brothers, before he made the entire audience to stand up.

– This one’s for you, Stella! Rybak said, before he started last year’s winning song “Haba Haba”.

Stella Mwangi was suppose to be on stage tonight, but withdrew after his father, Jeff Mwangi Kwirikia was killed in a car accident on Tuesday last week. He was hit by a motorist who ran away from the place, but a person turned himself in later and are now charged in the case.

Yesterday he was buried in Ullensaker church, and he will later be buried in his native country of Kenya.

– Now I’ve really hit the ground, and I do not know if I manage to get up again. But I hear dad’s voice say “stand up”, “stand up,” Stella said in the church.

NRK-article from ESC 2009 by Hege Bakke Riise – 14.05.2009

“The last rehearsal went great!”

Alexander Rybak is just done with his last rehearsal before tonight’s semifinal. And the mood in the Norwegian delegation is pretty high. 

Article found and translated by Tessa La.
English revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak was just on stage in Olympiyski Arena for the last time before tonight’s big semifinal. He is very satified with his own performance in the rehearsal.
– The last rehearsal went great, he cheered.
It’s in fact a bit scary, because I’m used the dress rehearsals going badly, and that the show goes well. If the show is even better than the rehearsals this time, I will be very, very happy.

His last rehearsal showed real joy of music and infectious humour, and Alexander and Frikar were rewarded with the concert hall’s loudest applause.

Fun with audience

Also, they who share the stage with Alexander, are well satisfied.

– We have just got better and better in each rehearsal, and now we think we are just at the level we should be, the three boys in the dance group Frikar say.

It was very nice to have audience at this rehearsal, we could hear them cheer when we kicked off the hats. That was fun, they said.

Alexander Rybak ESC 2019 backstage NRKThe Norwegian delegation is following the other countries during the dress rehearsal Thursday afternoon.

Not nervous

The atmosphere is good in the dressing room, but still quite calm. Outside the hall half the delegation are following the rest of the rehearsal on the monitor. Aren’t they getting nervous?

– I didn’t sleep well last night, and had lots of thoughts that buzzed in my head, backing singer Karianne Kjærnes said. But right now I feel nothing. Now I just want to get started. Although it will probably start to tingle a little bit pretty soon.

2009 nrk3
Back up singer Karianne and makeup artist Marianne Hommo relaxing in the dressing room after the dress rehearsal. 


Kjærnes has participated in five international Grand Prix Finals, which certainly helps with the nervousness. But the ESC debutants in Frikar are calm before tonight’s semifinal.

– I’m surprisingly calm, says Sigbjørn Rua. The excitement builds up from the time you wake up in the morning until you are on the way with the first rehearsal, but when that goes well, you tend to calm down. We have been on stage so many times now that we begin to feel at home there. Now it’s stretching and showering for the Frikars, and then the whole delegation will go out for dinner before returning to the hall to get ready for the broadcast.

Frikar ESc 2009 backstage NRK

I’m looking forward to do the salto tonight, Hallgrim Hansgaard in Frikar says. 

Hat problems

Delegation leader Stian Malm is almost satisfied, but is upset with a close up of a hat, who returns back in the production.
We have got most of it in order now, but I was watching the television pictures of the last rehearsal, and it is an image that comes back repeatedly, and we are trying to get it removed.

Now I have contacted EBU one more time, and hope that they comply with our wishes. There is no crisis, but I would like to get it fixed.

Broken PC

The delegation leader speaks as he goes, and keep a much higher tempo than the bunch that will be on stage tonight.

Are you nervous before tonight’s broadcast?
-No, I’m not. But we are many people at work now, so it happens a lot all the time. We have a commentator who did an excellent job on Tuesday, and who will be in action again tonight. Now, suddenly the computer she was going to use is broken, so we are working with finding a solution. These kind of things happen all the time, and it takes a lot of time. But Alex does a great job together with Frikar and our talented choir. This is going to be fun!

Source : http://www.nrk.no/programmer/tv/melodi_grand_prix/1.6609583

Article and video: “Rybak loves Denmark”. Jan. 13th 2012

Photo: Pressphoto 

Article published on www.dr.dk 13.01.12.

Written by Thomas Orthmann-Brask . Photos: Søren Bygbjerg

Link to original article: http://www.dr.dk/melodigrandprix/Artikler/2012/0113121346.htm

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Marianne Saietz


Rybak loves Denmark

The winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, is in Denmark these days, to prepare for his performance at Danish Melodi Grand Prix next Saturday at Gigantium.

Rybak, who can both play violin and sing, was thursday in the soundstudio at Vesterbro in Copenhagen, to rehearse and record. Dr.dk/grandprix met the musical norwegian in the studio for a talk about making music for Melodi Grand Prix.

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Backstage in Denmark. 2 Videos. Jan 11th and 12th 2012

Screenshot from “Alexander Rybak at Aftenshowet”, by Anglesina Est


Backstage -video made at the TV-set of “Aftenshowet”. Filmed 11.01.12 by Tina Magling

Backstage-video of Alexander in the sound-studio of DR – danish TV. Recorded 12.01.12 and posted on the facebook-page  “DR Melodi Grand Prix” by “Søren”  13.01.12.

Alexander Rybak’s interview to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, 12.11.2011

Found by Ellen Nl. Translated by a friend who wishes to stay anonymous.

Also available in Greek (ελληνικά)

Alexander Rybak, singer: “I am sorry for bothering you, I think I am drowning”

By Roxana Lolea. Source: http://www.adevarul.ro/life/vedete/Alexander_Rybak-cantaret_0_589141491.html

Extremely shy, Alexander Rybak told us about the adventures he had, when he came to Romania, to help Paula Seling choose the finalists of the “X Factor”. Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s interview to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, 12.11.2011

Alexander Rybak in the Greek TV show “Pame Paketo”, 13.10.2011

Alexander was the guest at the popular TV show “Pame Paketo” on Alpha TV in Greece. The episode was aired on October 13, although the shootings for the show had occurred on September 30. The show is about reuniting people who have been apart for years, by sending them a package. In this case, several of Alexander’s Greek fans, who had not met him for 2,5 years, were the package senders.

1) The show “Pame Paketo” (“Πάμε Πακέτο” = The Package), Alpha TV 13.10.2011

Available with various subtitles, click CC. Names of contributors shown at the beginning.

Also on Dailymotion

2) Interview to the show “Mes stin kali hara” (“Μες στην καλή χαρά” = Joyfully), Alpha TV 15.10.2011

English translation and subtitles: Yannis Pap.

Some old videos of Alexander Rybak, now with Subtitles


1. “Prelude from Moscow”, NRK documentary 16.05.2009
2. Performance at a press-conference in Norway. 28.05.2009
3. Interview at a Croatian TV program, Summer 2009
4. NRK on Alexander’s concert in Mausund. 05.07.2009
5. With Thomas Stanghelle and their families – Kristiansand 29.07.2009
6. Interview at NRK regarding the Nobel Peace Concert, 11.12.2009

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Alexander Rybak, video from the concert in Stockholm 18.8.2011

Alexander performed with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ingar Bergby, for “Norwegian Mood” in Stockholm 18.8.2011

Tracks: “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak – “Din första kyss” by Alexander Rybak & Mats Paulson – “Sæterjentens Søndag” by Ole Bull – “Song from a secret garden” by Secret Garden – “Bergrosa” by Sven Nyhus

In this video you can watch all Alexander’s performances in the concert.

With visual material by Ingegerd Claesson, Martyna Agnieszka Jasinska and the Youtube channel “mkh1188“, in conjunction with the professional audio recording of the Swedish Radio P2. Video editing by Yannis Papadopoulos.

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