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The winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2018 – Alexander Rybak


Alexander Rybak took home the victory in the Norwegian selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with his song “That’s How You Write a Song”.  What a show and what an energy! Spektrum concert hall exploded when Alexander performed. Such a worthy winner!

The performance from the final,


And the winner’s performance

Many fans from all over Norway and Europe gathered in Oslo to attend the live show . You can read about some of their experiences and emotions HERE.

Alexander Rybak ready for MGP 9 years later


Found his girlfriend on Tinder

Who: Alexander Rybak (31)
What: Artist.
Why: Participates in MGP with the song “That’s How You Write a Song”.

Source:   Dagsavisen.no     Text: Espen H. Rusdal. Photo: Julia Nagelstad. Found by Ulli C. Translated by Tessa La

Now you’re in MPG again. Is it like returning to familiar ground?
– Hee, hee certainly not. The only thing in common for 2009 and 2018 is that Oslo Spektrum seems as awesome as before. And I really look forward to joining Norway’s biggest music festival. Continue reading Alexander Rybak ready for MGP 9 years later

Alexander Rybak is back in the MGP circus, HerogNå 23.1.2018

Julie is my main support

Alexander Rybak experienced that people around him were considering the pros and cons, but Julie was determined that her boyfriend deserved a place in MGP.

Source: Paper issue of HerogNå 23.1.2018 Tekst: Marianne Thorshaug Kristiansen Photo: Svein Brimi, Lasse Eriksson, NTB Scanpix
Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak (31) took the world by storm after his superior victory in the Eurovision final in 2009 with the song “Fairytale”. Continue reading Alexander Rybak is back in the MGP circus, HerogNå 23.1.2018

Event: Final of Melodi Grand Prix 10th of March 2018

Alexander Rybak in the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2018

Saturday the 10th of March the final of the Norwegian selection for ESC will take place in the Oslo Spektrum arena , and Alexander is one of the 10  artists who will compete. 

Alexander’s entry, “That’s How You Write a Song“,  is a cheerful funky pop song with groove and references to the 70ies discofunk, maybe a song that will surprise many. Continue reading Event: Final of Melodi Grand Prix 10th of March 2018

That’s How You Write a Song – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s entry in the Norwegian Eurovision selection, Melodi Grand Prix 2018

I’ve been working with this song and its message for a very long time, and I’m very excited to return to Melodi Grand Prix again. This way I will get my message out to a lot of people!” Alexander

Stream and download the song from: 


“A firework. A bit jazzy, with a Blues Brother flirt, Incredible dance able and modern. Not least, it is quite original.” ESCNorge about the song

“That’s How You Write a Song”


Alexander Rybak at the Hungarian national final for ESC 2016

Alexander performed “Fairytale” in the national ESC-selection of Hungary “A Dal”, on 27th February 2016, on channel Duna-TV.
The performance was pre-recorded the previous day, because on the day of  the ESC-finale he gave a concert together with the finalists of the “Virtuózok” classical talent show in Budapest.
He was also interviewed, below you find the video-interview as well.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak at the Hungarian national final for ESC 2016

6. December – Letter E – Eurovision medley

julekort calender2014Eurovision Medley julekort calender2014

Alexander Rybak Melodi Grand Prix 2012 Eurovision Medley

Header photo made by: Dorly Jackson Wolff

british-american flagToday we have the letter E, and wish to highlight the fantastic tributes Alexander has made to other Eurovision contestants with his own Eurovision Medley. Performed across Europe on many occasions to celebrate the contest and it’s diversity in music. Here we have the performance of Alexander’s Eurovision Medley at the MGP Final in 2012, where he gave a special tribute to Stella Mwangi who had just lost her father, and made all the audience to raise up and dance and sing along.

Flag Russsia6 декабря – Евровидийное Попурри. Сегодня у нас в календаре буква “Е”, и мы хотим вспомнить фантастическую композицию “Eurovision Medley”, с которой Александр выступал с в честь других участников Евровидения. Эта композиция исполнялась на ряде мероприятий как прославление конкурса песни и разнообразия музыки на нём. Мы выбрали выступление Александра на финале национального норвежского отбора на Евровидение в 2012, устроенное в честь Стеллы Мванги, которая незадолго до этого потеряла отца, и это выступление заставило всю публику встать со своих мест, и начать танцевать и подпевать.

Flag SpainHoy tenemos la letra E, y deseamos destacar los fantásticos homenajes que Alexander ha hecho a otros concursantes de Eurovisión con su propio Medley. Lo interpretó a través de Europa en varias ocasiones para celebrar el concurso y su diversidad en la música. Aquí tenemos la actuación de Alexander con un Medley de Eurovisión en la final de MGP en 2012, donde rindió un especial tributo a Stella Mwangi, quien acababa de perder a su padre. Alexander hizo levantarse a toda la audiencia y consiguió que cantasen y bailasen con él.

tyskland-flaggHeute haben wir den Buchstaben “E”, und möchten die fantastische Homage, die Alexander anderen Eurovisions-Teilnehmern mit seinem eigenen Eurovision Medley gemacht hat in den Blick bringen. Aufgeführt quer durch Europa zu vielen Gelegenheiten den Contest und seine musikalische Vielfalt zu feiern. Hier haben wir den Auftritt von Alexanders Eurovision Medley beim MGP Finale 2012 in Norwegen, wo er besonders Stella Mwangi besonders ehrte, die gerade ihren Vater verloren hatte. Er brachte das ganze Publikum dazu aufzustehen und zu tanzen und mitzusingen.

julekort calender2014

Some explanation about what we are collecting:

british-american flagWhat other songs has Alexander composed, performed or taken part in starting with an “E”? If you remember anyone, please tell in a comment below or under our post on Facebook. Links to videos are highly appreciated too 🙂

Flag RusssiaЕсли вы знаете какие-то другие песни, начинающиеся на букву “E”, которые Александр написал или когда-либо исполнил, то, пожалуйста, напишите в комментариях ниже или под нашим постом на Facebook. Ссылки на видео очень приветствуются. 🙂

tyskland-flaggWelche anderen Lieder die mit “E” beginnen hat Alexander komponiert, gespielt oder in ihnen mitgewirkt? Wenn Sie sich an ein Lied erinnern, bitte schreiben Sie einen Kommentar unten auf dieser Seite oder unter unserem Beitrag auf Facebook. Links zu Videos sind auch willkommen! 🙂

Flag Spain¿Qué otras canciones que comiencen con “E” ha compuesto, cantado o colaborado Alexander?
Si recuerdas alguna, comenta en la parte inferior o debajo de la publicación en nuestra página de Facebook. Si quieres compartirnos el link de la canción, es más que bienvenida.

photo-polandflagJeśli pamiętacie jakieś inne utwory zaczynające się na literę “E”, które Alexander skomponował, wykonywał lub brał w nich udział, prosimy piszcie o tym w komentarzach poniżej lub pod naszym postem na Facebooku. Linki do filmików są także mile widziane.

Alexander Rybak – 6 years since the big victory in 2009

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow , the year ESC become big and Alexander set the Eurovision record with 387 points. Six years have gone and Alexander is still one of the most popular artist in the Eurovision community.  

In Eurovision Song Contest’s Milestones video 2009 we get some flash backs to the big night where the most common words were:


If you haven’t seen it yet,  watch this great video showing Alexander’s 14 days in Moscow preparing for the big final.

Last year at the 5th anniversary of the victory , we made a posting with several videos from the victory and the celebration and an interesting article.  Click on the Picture, and the post will appear 🙂

ESC2009 5 yeras anniversary


Alexander performs at “Eurovision PreParty Riga 2015”

April 10, Alexander performed  at “Eurovision Preparty Riga” in Palladium concert hall in Riga. “Eurovision Preparty Riga” is an annual Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) promotional event held in Riga, Latvian capital, usually 6 weeks before the ESC final. The main idea of the event is to promote songs that will take part in ESC of that year. In addition to Alexander, other special guests attended  the party –  the winner of  ESC 2011 Eldar Gasimov, winner  of  ESC 2002 Marie N,  and 3rd place holder of ESC 2013 Zlata Ognevich.

Recording of Alexander’s appearance.
The video is also available on Vimeo 

“Europe’s skies”, “In the Hall of the Mountain King”,
“Into A Fantasy”, “Roll with the Wind”, ESC-Medley 

Online broadcast of the first round of the Belarusian national selection for “Eurovision-2015”, December 4-5

Alexander Rybak’s Belarusian group “Milki” will participate in the first round  of the Belarusian national selection for “Eurovision-2015” on December 4 or 5. The audition can be watched online via the Internet.

Live broadcast of the national qualifying auditions of the International Song Contest “Eurovision-2015” will be organized for the first time this year on the official website of Belteleradiocompany www.tvr.by

Continue reading Online broadcast of the first round of the Belarusian national selection for “Eurovision-2015”, December 4-5

Interview with Alexander Rybak from the photo session with girls from his Belarusian group “Milki”

Rybak’s “girls” arranged a white-red-white photo session.

“Belteleradiokompania” has stopped accepting applications on November 21 from the participants in the Eurovision 2015 national selection. 

We will find out at the beginning of December who will make it to the finals. For now, musicians have been furtively sending packages with documents and recorded songs to the organizing committee. Alexander Rybak openly plans to conquer not just Belarusians but all of Europe.

Onliner.by attended the music group photo session, and found out from the Eurovision 2009 winner what the song will be about and how they plan to surprise the jury and the audience.

Continue reading Interview with Alexander Rybak from the photo session with girls from his Belarusian group “Milki”

Malta 2015: How Franklin came to his Rybak song

Alex with Franklin

Alexander Rybak is back – Namely in Malta! Franklin Calleja who has already been present at the preliminary decision for Copenhagen will sing a Rybak-ballad next weekend with the aim to travel to Vienna in May 2015: “Still here” is a classical ESC-ballad which in the course of three minutes rises to a big climax. We certainly want to know how that the Rybak-Calleja-Connection came about.

Continue reading Malta 2015: How Franklin came to his Rybak song

Franklin Calleja – “Still Here”

This weekend it’s the semi-final and final of Malta’s national selection for Eurovision 2015. Franklin will perform as number 3, and the semi-final starts Friday at 20.50 CET. Watch it online on www.tvm.com.mt/live/

Alexander Rybak, who is the composer of the song, said this about Franklin on his FB page recently:

“Whatever the competition, and no matter who wins in the end, I sincerely believe that Franklin Calleja has the strongest and most interesting voice in the country of Malta, and I hope that people will understand his great talent for music and help him to the world stage (he is just as amazing live as he is on this video). And if I can help him with this song, I’m truly happy!”

We wish both Franklin and Alexander the best of luck, and those of you who live in Malta;  don’t forget to vote!




Alexander Rybak on Eurovision Radio International 29.10.2014

Juergen Boernig from Eurovision Radio International met Alexander Rybak  for an interview during Alexander’s stay in Luxembourg for the ESC Gala Night 2014. The interview was aired in their 3 hour long live stream radio show on Wednesday 29th of October. It was a very good interview about his participation as a composer in the national selection for both Malta, with “Still Here” performed by Franklin Calleja, and Belarus with the song “Accent” performed by a girl band. They also played his new song “What I Long For”.

Recording by Sonya Luzina

Source: Eurovision Radio International

Alexander Rybak – auditions in Belarus for the national selection of ESC 2015

Alexander Rybak will take part in the national selection for ESC in Belarus as a composer with the song “My accent”. The song will be performed by a girl band, and Alexander has been in Belarus for some days to have auditions in 4 cities across the country: Mogilev, Minsk, Grodno and Brest. There has been a lot of interest both for the auditions and from the media, and Alexander has been on several morning TV-shows, and radio shows, and given many interviews. Our Russians translators are the case. 🙂

Here  is an English version of the interview in the TV-show “Morning. Studio of Good Mood” on channel CTV.

Alexander Rybak Belarus

Winner of 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Alexander Rybak preparing Belarusian representative for 2015 competition

Continue reading…

Alexander Rybak will prepare the participants for the Belarusian national selection for “Eurovision 2015”

Alexander invites talented girls to the casting for competing  in the national selection for “Eurovision 2015”!

AR: Dear countrymen, you know that I’m a big fan of Eurovision and I’m a big fan of Belarus, so I invite you all to the local auditions for my song for the national selection. Good luck. Yours Sasha Rybak.

Article was published on sb.by 11.10.2014.

Author: Juliana Leonovich. Photo: “SB”

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Bita Janz.

Alexander Rybak is in an active searching process. No, the winner of “Eurovision-2009” has no plans to look for his ladylove. This time, all thoughts of the 28-year-old musician are dedicated entirely to his new projects: the other day, he announced the all-Belarusian casting for a new girl band. Newfound Norwegian Meladze (a famous Ukrainian composer and producer) and his team will personally tour around cities and villages to find the most beautiful and strong-voiced Belarusian girls. In addition to Rybak’s patronage, these girls are promised one more substantial stake: this spring, the new girl band will go to Vienna to conquer the sixtieth anniversary of the “Eurovision Song Contest 2015”. 

Continue reading Alexander Rybak will prepare the participants for the Belarusian national selection for “Eurovision 2015”

Alexander Rybak at the Eurovision Show in Iasi, Romania, 25.06.2014.

Pictures and video from Alexander Rybak’s performance in the Eurovision show in Iasi, Romania

Recording by May Elisabeth Nipen

Continue reading Alexander Rybak at the Eurovision Show in Iasi, Romania, 25.06.2014.

Video: Alexander Rybak – 14 days in Moscow before the ESC final in 2009

Tonight it is Eurovision Song Contest Final in Copenhagen, and that brings us memories from 5 years ago, when the Final of Eurovision was in Moscow and… you all know what happened back then. To make a symbolic celebration of the 5 years since Alexander’s victory, we’d like to introduce you to this documentary, made by NRK back in 2009, first broadcasted on 16.5.2009 as a pre-party for the final. So here it is in full HD and with English subs.

Recording by May Elisabeth. Translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak about Eurovision in Russian talk-show “Live”

Alexander Rybak was a guest in Russian talk-show “Live” on Russia-1 channel, which was broadcasted before and after the 1st Semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2014 on May 6th. He performed his hit “Fairytale”  and participated to the live discussion about Eurovision. Here we gathered all parts with him in one video 🙂 Enjoy!

Upload, video edition and subs by Julia B. Translation by Inna F. & Julia B. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Article about performances of Alexander Rybak in Belarus

Article was published on www.eurovisionary.com 15.04.2014.

Written by Kristján Sveinsson


Alexander Rybak helps Belarus warm up for Eurovision

Former Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak usually has rather busy time of it in the run up to Eurovision each year, and this year is no exception. Not only has young Mr Rybak been busy featuring in a popular TV series in Norway, he’s apparently heading East for Easter.

Having wowed audiences at home in Norway with a number of superb renditions of other people’s hits in the smash series Hver Gang Vi MøtesAlexander Rybak is spending his Easter where it all started. Following his landslide victory at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Fairytale, Eastern Europe welcomed Rybak with open arms, with his place of birth Belarus in particular becoming one of his major markets.

Dagbladet interviewed Alexander Rybak before his trip to Belgium

Text to photo:  To Belgium : Tonight Alexander Rybak will be onstage in Belgium in connection with Eurovision. He will be performing with children. Photo by  Nina Hansen

Article published in Dagbladet on 16.03.2014 Author: Merete Skogrand. Photos: Nina Hansen
Translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revising by Anni Jowett.

I always try to find a new incentive to play Fairytale.

Tonight Rybak will be onstage at Eurovision again.

Yesterday Lars Lillo-Stenberg did a new Version of Alexander Rybak’s song “Fairytale” in “Hver gang vi møtes” and the reviewer in Dagbladet gave 6 on the dice.

The song became an immediate hit and a door opener to the 27 year old when he won the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in 2009, and has given him an enormous success. Rybak has played the song numerous times since, but feels he will never get tired of the pop song with a violin sound.

Continue reading Dagbladet interviewed Alexander Rybak before his trip to Belgium

We´re in loooove with our Fairytale, Alexander Rybak

Today, 7th February, exactly 5 years ago, the first public performance of Fairytale was shown on Norwegian TV. The occasion was the semi-final of the Norwegian ESC selection, Melodi Grand Prix.

We celebrate the 5 years with 7 different performances of Fairytale from around the world. They are not selected because they are the best, but because they are in different settings.

Since the Olympic Games in Sochi starts today, we wish everybody good luck with the games.


February 7th 2009, at the Melodi Grand Prix semifinal in Skien, Norway.

Alexander captured many hearts this night.

Continue reading We´re in loooove with our Fairytale, Alexander Rybak

Article: Interview with Alexander Rybak in Finland. 01.02.2014

Article published in paper issue of “Hufvudstadsbladet” on 01.02. 2014


Provided by Senni MM. English translation by Tessa Lande. English revising by Anni Jowett.

YOU HAVE TO DARE TO TAKE A CHANCE: If you want to succeed in music it is important to dare to try new ways,- says Alexander Rybak.

Picture by LEHTIKUVA/Ves Moilanen

Rybak cracked the music code.

Just in time for the Finnish Eurovision finals the 2009 Norwegian Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak will visit Finland. For next year’s race, he would like to write a song for a Finnish artist.
Many will recall Alexander Rybak, 27, as the guy who along with his violin took Europe by storm with the song Fairytale at Eurovision in Moscow in 2009. Rybak is happy about the lift that Eurovision gave his career, with more than over half a million fans today following on Facebook. “But the Eurovision victory is not a wave you can ride on forever”,- he says.

Continue reading Article: Interview with Alexander Rybak in Finland. 01.02.2014

Alexander Rybak’s interview in Russian “Cosmopolitan”

The article was published on the website of the magazine 26.06.2013.

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak about “Eurovision”

Scandals around Dina Garipova gradually die down, but there never was an extra buzz around this guy. The winner of “Eurovision-2009”, Alexander Rybak, told what he thought of the contest which was held in the spring.

Do you watch “Eurovision” every year? Can you mention some highlights of this and last years?

I’ve attended the contest in person every year after my victory. But this year I’ve followed the contest from overseas. The dates coincided with my tour in America, and before it I took some time off for my birthday, which I spent at the amusement park. But, as I’ve already said, I watched “Eurovision”. I believe that Denmark won deservedly. The participant from this country is really one of the best this year. Dina Garipova is certainly very talented, so she entered the top five favourites in “Eurovision”.


Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s interview in Russian “Cosmopolitan”

Interview with Alexander for Turkish magazine “Go Girl”

English version of the interview provided by Alexander Rybak, with previously unpublished questions, omitted due to lack of space.

The Turkish version of the interview was published in the April issue of the Turkish magazine “Go Girl”.

-How did life change for you after your Eurovision victory in 2009?

AR: It was the biggest privilege for an artist: To be heard. Now, if I want to cooperate with another artist or producer, I just call them. And then they do everything they can to arrange something nice. But I never take anything for granted, so when I don´t write music I sit down with my computer and send mails to people around the world. Non-stop. I´m hungry as a wolf.

Continue reading Interview with Alexander for Turkish magazine “Go Girl”

Interview with Alexander Rybak before the semifinal of ESC 2009 in Moscow

Source: kjendis.no  published 10.05.2009.


Translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett

BLIR KJENT IGJEN: Alexander Rybak med to russiske fans utenfor Olympiastadion i Moskva. Foto: PÅL NORDSETH

 I became “Harry” (not trendy) overnight.

But Rybak believes it is 98 percent certain that he will go on to the Eurovision final.

MOSCOW (Dagbladet): On Thursday Alexander Rybak has to convince both the TV audience and the professional jury that he belongs in the final on Saturday.

With a dose of Drillo Mathematics, and the knowledge  that many people at home plan to follow Saturday’s finale on big screen in assembly halls and pubs, Rybak now estimates that it is 98 percent certain that he advances further from Thursday’s semifinal.

Continue reading Interview with Alexander Rybak before the semifinal of ESC 2009 in Moscow

Video: Radio P3 with Christine and dubstep improvisation – 21.01.2013

Radio interview with Christine on P3. They discuss music, life as an artist, and have a cool experiment with dubstep improvisation!

Translated by Hildebjørg Ha, Jorunn Ekre, Laila S.H., and Tessa Lande. Revised by Anni Jowett and Katie Anderson. Subtitles by Sonya Luzina and Julia Bezbakh. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva.

Article in sehor.no about appearance in Greek Eurovision National Final

Author: Per Sigve Kleive
Source:  seher.no

Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.
Recording by May Elizabeth.

A Fairytale: Alexander Rybak still gets the audience excited about his legendary song “Fairytale”. Photo: Andreas Fadum

Rybak shocked the Greek Eurovision fans

The crowd gasped when the “Fairytale” artist appeared unannounced on stage.

SEOGHØR.NO: Monday, this week, Alexander Rybak (26) Made an unexpected comeback on the Eurovision stage. Along with the Greek star Kostas Martakis, he played the legendary song “Fairytale” in the Greek Eurovision Final.

Continue reading Article in sehor.no about appearance in Greek Eurovision National Final

Alexander at the Greek Eurovision Final. 18.2.13

Alexander was invited to perform at Greek national ESC Final together with Greek singer Kostas Martakis. They performed “Fayritale” in duet. Also Alexander was interviewed on stage, together with other 3 ESC stars Dima Bilan, Ruslana and Marija Šerifović. They all have tried to tell several words in Greek.

Duet with Kostas Martakis “Fairytale”

Recorded by May Elisabeth.

Interview of 4 ESC winners

Recorded by May Elisabeth. English translation by Mary Mastrogianni.