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Alexander Rybak: I don’t want to stop at what I’ve achieved so far

This singer has impersonated so many characters on the stage of “One to One”: Elvis Presley, Enrique Iglesias, Dima Bilan, Shura, Eduard Khil and even Gloria Gaynor. Alexander Rybak still has quite a few impersonations left to do before the final, and in the meantime, he shared with our correspondent what he’s already managed to accomplish.

Source: russia.tv. Author: Oksana Tishchenko.
Photo: Alexey Ladigin. Translation by Sonya L. & Marina R.

– What does your participation in the project “One to One” do for you?

– I agreed to do this contest because I have a lot of Russian fans. I wanted to make them happy. In addition, thanks to the show, I discovered new Russian artists for myself-for example, Vladimir Markin. After Mark Tishman sang “Ya gotov tselovat’ pesok” (“I’m ready to kiss the sand”), I’ve been listening to this song every morning. In general, the team that is working on the project is very good. It combines the Russian and European styles of working, so I feel right at home. And of course, the teachers diligently work with us and they have to endure many things. After all, we are not used to learning to sing again. It’s a valuable experience for me, because I don’t want to relax and just enjoy what I have already achieved. Even though my victories have helped me, I feel that future projects are more important than the past ones. For example, I’m currently writing a book – it’s a tale in Norwegian about a troll .

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