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Alexander Rybak: “I like that Lithuanians are not snobs”

Article published on zebra.15min.lt 07.04.2012.

Link to original article here

Found by Alev Can. Translation by Jolanta Esu. English revision by Tessa La

 I like that Lithuanians are not snobs

Three years ago, Europe knew nothing about the Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak. However, a young and enthusiastic guy just appeared on the Eurovision stage with the song “Fairytale”, was fascinated by its simplicity and won the contest. This Sunday A.Rybakas seems to come to Lithuania LNK music show “Voice of Lithuania.”

He will sing with one of the contests. The singer, who himself has repeatedly participated in various talent shows, suggests that it is essential to know why you’re on stage.

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Article: Alexander Rybak in Vilnius

Article published on www.15min.lt 2012-04-08, 14:39

Text by  Viktorija Navickaitė . Photos by Luko Balandžio.  Link to original article here.

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Dominyka Kolenda

 “Eurovision” contest winner Alexander Rybak, who is visiting Lithuania, says that the Lithuanian representative Donatas Montvydas resembles George Michael

Easter Sunday afternoon, representatives from the Lithuanian media were gathered in the hotel “Dvaras’’(located in the center of the capital) where the recently arrived Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak (25) stayed. It was convened to a press conference, where the singer told how he feels about being in Lithuania, and what projects he is involved in back in Norway. Conversation about Eurovision wasn’t omitted either.

The Eurovision contest triumphed singer arrived in Vilnius on Saturday, where he intends to participate in LNK project “Lithuanian voice” final battle concert. Alexander will stay in Lithuania for two days.

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Article: Alexander Rybak about Lithuanian representative on Eurovision 2012

Article in the Lithuanian and Russian issues of DELFI, published on March 21, 2012

Links to the original articles: in  Lithuanian  and in Russian

Written by Gintarė Alasauskytė. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva

“Alexander Rybak considers Montvydas as one of the favorites and wants to shake his hand”

The winner of “Eurovision” in 2009 Alexander Rybak  who will come to perform at the final show of the “Voice of Lithuania” during Easter, said in an exclusive interview to DELFI that he is very interested in the contestants of this year and their songs. He mentioned the representative of Lithuania Donatas Montvydas as one of the favorites.

“I saw the performance of your representative, and as a person he is very similar to the guys from Back Street Boys. But seriously Donatas Montvydas sings very purely in tune, and I’m really looking forward to his performance on the “Eurovision” stage. I also like that he sings alone, without  dancers. Watching such a performance you  hear the music instead of seeing some men showing off behind the performers. However during my performance there were dancers too, but it was just decided like that, I would be happy to sing without them as well. I hope to meet D. Montvydas on “Eurovision”, but not because he needs my advice, but just to shake the hand of this great guy for everything he does, “- said Alexander Rybak to DELFI .

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