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Video: Alexander Rybak – 14 days in Moscow before the ESC final in 2009

Tonight it is Eurovision Song Contest Final in Copenhagen, and that brings us memories from 5 years ago, when the Final of Eurovision was in Moscow and… you all know what happened back then. To make a symbolic celebration of the 5 years since Alexander’s victory, we’d like to introduce you to this documentary, made by NRK back in 2009, first broadcasted on 16.5.2009 as a pre-party for the final. So here it is in full HD and with English subs.

Recording by May Elisabeth. Translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

“BBC – This World. Norways massacre” – a BBC documentary. 2012

This is a video,  found on YouTube. It is a download  of the BBC-documentary “Norways massacre”, which has  been shown on national television in, so far,  United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

It describes the terror-events  in Norway in the summer of 2011, starting with the bomb-attack  in Oslo and the gun-massacre on young people at the AUF-summer-camp at Utøya  22.7. 2011, through interviews of survivors, relatives, police-officers, politicans, psychologists, journalists, lawyers and others.  Most of the speech is in english.

At  around  54 minutes into the program, there are recordings from the Rose-March in Oslo – the public demonstration against the terror-events –  with pictures  of Alexander, playing Bergrosa at Oslo City Square.

 All rights belong to BBC

Found by Danka Cóllaková

Alexander med fela ( Alexander with the fiddle.) Documentary from NRK, April 2009

Uploading to Youtube and english subtitles by bardo0007

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You can read the interview with Per Sundnes, NRK, about the making of the documentary here.

Per Sundnes about Alexander Rybak to side2.no 13.04.2009

Alexander Rybak won the Norwegian MGP 2009 and quickly he became one of the favourites for the international final in Moscow in May. Photo: Johannessen, Sara ( SCANPIX )


He is a musical missionary

MGP-general, Per Sundnes, is impressed by Alexander Rybak

Per Sundnes. Photo: Linn de Lange

Author: Elisabeth Norheim. Photo: Linn de Lange. Published on www.side2.no 13.04.09

Translation by Marianne Saietz  Article revised by Anni Jowett

– “Alexander is very smart. At many of the concerts he starts by playing a Norwegian folk-tune, before he sets in with the monster-hit “Fairytale”. He is very cunning in that way. He challenges people with new stuff, instead of making them feel, he forces stuff upon them”,-  NRK programme leader Per Sundnes, explains. He has made the portrait of the MGP-winner.

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