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Alexander Rybak captivated the audience

Alexander Rybak presented his debut book in  Litteraturhuset  – captivated the audience


Alexander Rybak demokraten Trolle
WELL RECEIVED: Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi are satisfied with how “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle” has been received during their tour.

Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi captivated a big audience of children and adults in Litteraturhuset (House of Litterature) on Saturday. Storhøi used both voice and facial expression while reading to create the atmosphere, and Rybak’s fiddling was captivating. Continue reading Alexander Rybak captivated the audience

Alexander Rybak with Trolle show in Fredrikstad, Norway

Brought the magic fiddle to Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

Text to photo: Magic Fiddle: Alexander Rybak played on the magic fiddle for the children. In the front row stood Ella and Håkon Fredstad Lukkassen who clapped along. Photo: Johnny Leo Johansen

Source: Fredrikstad Blad. Published 26.09.15 Author: Mathilde Halstensen.
Found by Jorunn Ekre. Translated to English by TessaLA. Revised by Bita J.

Rybak brought alongside him Storhøi, dancing trolls and the magic fiddle  for the launch of his new children’s book “Trolle and the magic fiddle”. Continue reading Alexander Rybak with Trolle show in Fredrikstad, Norway

Alexander Rybak about his book project in Dagsrevyen on NRK 03.09.2015

Alexander talks about his book “Trolle og den magiske fela” on the Norwegian News program “Dagsrevyen” on NRK together with his Trolle Team; Dennis Storhøi, Pernille Hogstad, Stig Werner Moe and Anders Baasmo Christiansen.

 Pictures from the presentation

Alexander Rybak in the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” 2015

Engebret Soot was a big admirer of the famous Norwegian violinist Ole Bull. In the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” there is a scene where Engebret Soot travels to Oslo for one of his concerts. He was delayed and the concert was over when he arrived.  Engebret Soot was not a man who gave in easily, so he went to the hotel where Ole Bull stayed, woke him up  and demanded him to play for him.

Dennis Storhøi as Engebret Soot and Alexander Rybak as Ole Bull. The video has subtitles in English, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Hungarian and  German 🙂

The video is recorded by Ulli C, translated to English by TessaLa and revised by Anni Jowett. Azerbaijani by Azadə İmranzadə, German by Ulli C, Turkish by Behire Nilüfer, Hungarian by Mónika Menyhért and Spanish by Lulu Barcelo

Alexander Rybak in the TV-show “God sommer Norge”

“We know him as a fiddling great charmer with a musicality out of the ordinary and charisma that belongs to Wonderland.”

Alexander was a guest in the summer show “Have a nice summer Norway” on TV2 on 17 July 2015, in which he talked about his book “Trolle and the magic fiddle,” which will be launched in late September this year.


Alexander Rybak – The “Soot-Play” is impressive. Dice 5


Source: Smaalenenes avis, published 27.06.2015. Author: Trond Erikson. Photo: Glenn Thomas Nilsen. Article provided by May Elisabeth Nipen.

Strong play in the locks: The dress rehearsal for Soot-pageant Thursday became a wet affair. But a festive audience and good actors warmed in the wet and cool evening in the locks at Ørje. Here is Dennis Storhøi as Engebret Soot (lying on his sickbed), along with, among others, Anne Lindholm (left) and Eldbjørg Solerød (sitting on the bed).

Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak, Ragnar Dyresen and Samuel Fröler are good names to have on the cast when you are inviting the public to a play. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — The “Soot-Play” is impressive. Dice 5

Alexander Rybak – interview on NRK after the premiere of the Soot-Play 27.06.15

Interview with Alexander Rybak, Dennis Storhøi and Anneli Sollie on NRK Østfold after the premiere of the  Soot-Play in the Canal Amphitheater in Ørje, Saturday 27th of June 2015.

Found by Ulli C, and uploaded to YouTube by May E. Nipen. Original photos by Niels Peeters.

Alexander Rybak – The stars attract people to the canals

Travelling from Belarus for a small dose of Rybak

KIlde: NRK.no, published 29.06.15  Authors: Rune Fredriksen/Remi Drageset

Text to header photo: Alexander Rybak`s part as Ole Bull in the Soot-Play was supposed to have been five minutes long, but it got extended when he accepted the part. More value for the money says Anneli Sollie. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — The stars attract people to the canals

Alexander Rybak on the radio show “Jacobsen” 16.06.2015

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian radio show “Jacobsen” on NRK P1+, where he talked about his upcoming audiobook “Trolle og den magiske fela” which will be on the market about September this year. In this interview we can hear a little piece from the book, read by the narrator, Dennis Storhøi.

Alexander Rybak in “God Morgen Norge” on TV2 22.06.2015

Alexander Rybak, Dennis Storhøi and Samuel Fröler were guests in the Norwegian morning show “God Morgen Norge” (Good Morning Norway) where they talked about the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” (Soot-play) which will premiere Saturday 27th of  June. The pre-premier is already this Thursday.

You can read more about the Soot-play here.

Recorded and uploaded to YT by May Elisabeth Nipen.

Alexander Rybak – This book is my child

Rybak: The violin is my mistress, and this book is my child.

Text to the header photo: BOOK DEBUTANT: Alexander Rybak likes that the tiny Trolle resembles himself.

 Source: VG.no  Published 12.06.2015. Author: Cathrine Gonsholt Ighanian. Photo: Jan Petter Lynau and Cappelen Damm. 
 Translated by TessaLa, revison by Katie Anderson.

 Alexander Rybak (29) believes that with his new project he is a big step closer to the dream of a family life.

 The 29-year-old has become calmer and better about choosing what he will say” yes” and “no” to. For the last three years Rybak has dedicated the necessary time between battles to design the project close to his heart. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — This book is my child

Alexander Rybak – 500 fans have already bought tickets


Two months before the premiere of the Soot play at Ørje canal locks, 500 of the super celebrity Alexander Rybak`s most ardent fans have bought tickets.

Caption to the header picture: Had a “Soot-talk” in Ørje. 
It was a nice meeting between the actor Dennis Storhøi (left), artist Alexander Rybak and the local Johan Østereng during the rehearsal of the great Soot-play at the end of June.
-Many of my fans have already bought tickets, says Rybak.
Continue reading Alexander Rybak — 500 fans have already bought tickets


He is a unique artist

Author: Eirik Sivertsen  Published14.05.2009  Source: NRK.no  Translation by TessaLa. Revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak sees actor Dennis Storhøi as his artistic mentor. Dennis on his side is unabashed in tribute of his young colleague.

Back then Alexander had recently become the winner of NRK’s Kjempesjansen and was asked by director Svein Sturla Hungnes about taking the role as the Fiddler in the world-famous musical. Continue reading Dennis Storhøi: ALEXANDER IS A UNIQUE ARTIST

Interview with Alexander and Dennis Storhøi in “In-Magasinet” 2007

The true joy of playing

One very young, and the other slightly older.
We have met two happy fiddlers!

Author: Marius Olav Sørhus  Photo: Thomas Aas & L P Lorentz (Oslo Nye) Source: In-magasinet. Published : spring 2007. Translated by TessaLa, revised by Bita.

At the theatre “Oslo Nye” plays the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” for full houses. It has done so for a long time now and will continue up until mid-June. It was about time to have a chat with the stars who held the lead roles.
We sat down in the middle of the stage at the strange, empty auditorium. What does the success feel like, and how is it to stand on this stage everyday in front of a new expecting audience? Dennis Storhøi plays the lead role of Tevye and Alexander Rybak plays the fiddler on the roof. Continue reading Interview with Alexander and Dennis Storhøi in “In-Magasinet” 2007

Article: “Excellent playing and play”. Review of Concert in Sør-Fron. Aug 8th 2012

Article published in Internet-issue of Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen 10.8. 2012.

Text and photos by Ervine Cathrine Ormeng.

Found by Tessa La. Translation by Marianne Saietz. Norwegian & english revision by Hilde M and Lillian Llewellyn


  Alexander Rybak and Kvarts participated, fulfilling the expectations. 

Excellent playing and play

Alexander Rybak and Kvarts participated, fulfilling high expectations.

Church concert in regi of Peer Gynt-Festival
With, among others, Alexander Rybak, Kvarts and Dennis Storhøi.
Sør-Fron Church.
Reviewed by Ervine Cathrine Ormeng.
The arcitectonic village-treasure, the Church-building, which has influenced life in Sør-Fron for the last two and a quarter of a centuries, made the most perfect setting for this masterly concert-experience, which was only set up once on the occasion of the Peer Gynt Festival 2012.
Inbetween – and accompanied by the music. Dennis Storhøi performed chosen acts from Peer Gynt.
With several of the best artists of Norway gathered in the same church-room, the expectations, of course, reached the ceiling.

Musical midwinter. Review of “Vinterbilder” in Ringsaker Church, Dec.22nd 2011

Though each of them has their own role,  they are together in the sing-along, with a sympathetic audience. Anna Vada, Dennis Storhøi and Alexander Rybak.

Article published on http://www.h-a.no/ , 22.12.2011

Text and photos by Paula Bjertnes

Link to original article ( with video ): http://www.h-a.no/?ModuleId=144585&articleView=true&tabId=359

Found by Vigdis Nor. Translation Vigdis Nor.


Musical midwinter

Just before Christmas a lot of people managed to get into the right mood, thanks to the concert, “Winter Pictures”.


There is no shortage of concerts with commercial operators in the district. Yesterday’s concert could have fitted into the picture here. But fortunately it had the mark of originality and spontaneity, which made it well worth the visit.
Alexander Rybak stood for the spontaneity. He shifts constantly between being a funny kindergarten- uncle and a serious fiddler. All the time he communicated with his audience, well aware that everyone should catch everything, and everyone should feel seen. It’s a great quality that many experienced artists are missing. Hopefully,  Rybak will never let go of his playfulness.

Originality was first and foremost in the arrangements. It was generally known and beloved Christmas songs that passed the show, and they were dressed in new “clothes” (arrangements) , thanks to musical director Øystein Lund Olafsen. Rybak improvised freely on “The Christmas Song”. Guitarist Kjell Harald Litangen came with a tough solo in “Himmel i min favn” (Heaven in my arms) and the pianist himself,  did the work of the organ in a very free version of “Deilig er jorden” (Lovely is the earth). Here he whizzed through many keys, and was inspired by the moment. It was a real highlight, which told much about this man’s musicality.

Winter mood

Anne Vada appeared in everything as a solid singer, who does not miss a single key. Her expression is clear and very clean, and makes you lower the shoulders of many notches.
Actor Dennis Storhøi read texts and thus put an atmospheric setting for the Christmas celebration. The transitions of the songs were gradual, again thanks to the keyboard man.
The three main artists gave each their atmospheric picture of winter and Christmas. Anna Vada and Dennis Storhøi were here strong in words, and although Rybak could not live up to it, his image was not less evident because of that. Choosing a sing-along version of “Julekveldsvisa” (Christmas Eve song) was a genius move, in which he got the men in the audience to sing an octave higher than usual, and the ladies to sing at their lowest. To pinch the nose to mimic Prøysen’s voice,  only Rybak can get away with.
It was this sense of humor combined with deeper lyrics, clear vocals and elegant music that made the concert a great experience. All this in a very beautiful color- set church-room, which was almost full.

Video from the article, by Paula Bjertnes.

Review of Christmas- concert in Elverum, Dec.17th 2011

Article published on www.ostlendingen.no 18.12.2011.

Text and photos by Bodvar Lotsberg. Link to original article: http://www.ostlendingen.no/nyheter/elverum/stor-forjulsfest-med-rybak-i-heradsbygd-1.6672529

Found by Olina Novikova. Translation by Marianne Saietz


Strong team: Anne Vada, Dennis Storhøi and Alexander Rybak in action in Heradsbygd church, saturday evening.

Big party before Christmas with Rybak in Heradsbygd

Saturday evening, a big pre-Christmas-party took place in Heradsbygd Church. We were guests at the program, “Vinterbilder”, with actor Dennis Storhøi, singer Anne Vada and Alexander Rybak and two musicians.

It was a concert, that gave us a great Christmas-spirit.

Continue reading Review of Christmas- concert in Elverum, Dec.17th 2011

Review about Christmas concert in Ulsteinvik on 09.12.2011

Article in the paper Issue of Vikebladet 15.12.11
Journalsit: Mone Celin K. Skrede. Photographer : Jan Erling Davidsen

Articles found by Olina Novikova. Translation by Tessa Lande.

Beautiful winter pictures

Friday 9th of December it was a full booked church and very expectant mood in Ulsteinvik. The artist trio Alexander Rybak, Dennis Storhøi and Anne Vada met with singing, storytelling, a lot of good spirits and beautiful tones from well-voted instruments.

It was people in all ages present this evening, and the whole church buzzed expectantly minutes before the concert was going to start.. The scene was suddenly illuminated, and in a red light the actor, radio voice, and film and TV face Dennis Storhøi come walking up the aisle.

Continue reading Review about Christmas concert in Ulsteinvik on 09.12.2011

Review about Christmas concert in Tønsberg on 13.12.2011

Article in the paper issue of “Tønsberg Blad”. 14.12.2011

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

Journalist: Marikken W. Photographer: Peder Gjersøe


Tønsberg: Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada shared their winter pictures, and made some new ones for the audience in the cathedral last evening.

Welcome to the Christmas concert “Vinterbilder” in beautiful Tønsberg Cathedral, Dennis Storhøi said, before the concert started yesterday.
Together with him was Anne Vada and Alexander Rybak, and together they painted beautiful musical winter photos of the cathedral.

Continue reading Review about Christmas concert in Tønsberg on 13.12.2011

“Warm winter pictures”. Article in “Tidens Krav” 9.12.2011

An article from “Tidens Krav” paper issue of 9th December, 2011. Journalist : Haldis Gundersen

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes.
Translated by Tessa Lande. English Revision by Anni Jowett


Frei Church was packed when an actor, a fiddler and a singer from the highest division in each genre were on stage Wednesday night.

Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada are each alone worth the ticket, so the expectations were high. And were they met? Oh yeah, it was a beautiful, evocative and enjoyable session.
The show is called “Vinterbilder”, which combines the stories and Christmas songs with everyday humour and warmth, sincerity and tradition of good mix. “Julekveldsvisa” and “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” in perfect harmony. There was something for everyone, and everything was fun and deliciously performed.

Continue reading “Warm winter pictures”. Article in “Tidens Krav” 9.12.2011

Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada & Dennis Storhøi on NRK P1 Radio. 06.12.11

Alexander, Anna and Denis in the program “God Ettermiddag Trøndelag” on radio NRK P1. They told about their Christmas tour and performed “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker”. And in the end it’s “Let it snow” by Alexander.
Upload and subs by Julia B. Translation by Tessa Lande.

“Keeping the traditions”- “Tidens Krav”. Dec.5th 2011

Published in “Tidens Krav”, Dec. 5th 2011. Written by Liv Jorunn Denstadu Sagmo.

Photo: Mona Nordøy.

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes. Translation by Marianne Saietz

Text under picture: To Frei. Alexander Rybak visits Frei Church, together with Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi, with their concert “Vinterbilder”

Keeping the traditions

….But first, Rybak & Co are going to Frei Church.

Alexander Rybak is looking forward to a calm tour before Christmas. But he never performs, in the last days before Christmas. ” Not even, if  I was offered a lot of money” – says Rybak to Tidens Krav.

December and the time of advent, always brings Christmas-concerts. Wednesday, Alexander Rybak, the actor Dennis Storhøi and singer Anne Vada, will come to Frei Church with “Vinterbilder”. During advent, they will give 13 concerts all around the  country.

Continue reading “Keeping the traditions”- “Tidens Krav”. Dec.5th 2011

“Christmas-stars are shining”. “Trønder-avisa”- Dec.7th. 2011

Review of Christmas-concert “Vinterbilder” Dec. 6th at Steinkjer Church. Article published dec. 7th on www.t-a.no

Text and photo by Bjørn Erik Øvrelid. Link to original article: http://www.t-a.no/kultur/article188667.ece

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes. Translation by Venche and Marianne Saietz

OUTSTANDING: Anne Vada (left), Dennis Storhøi and Alexander Rybak impressed a lot in Steinkjer church.

Christmas Stars are shining.

With the voice of Anne Vada in the lead,  the trio took Steinkjer Church by storm yesterday afternoon

Dennis Storhøi read aloud with delicacy and tact. By his side, were  Alexander Rybak and Anne Vada,  who each in their own way,  brings world class to the table.

Probably,  it felt extra special to Anne Vada, who is from Steinkjer.  She spoke warmly about winter memories from Reina.

Continue reading “Christmas-stars are shining”. “Trønder-avisa”- Dec.7th. 2011

Article about Christmas tour with Alexander Rybak in the paper issue of “Budstikka”

Christmas concert in Lommedalen Church

Rehears at the concert place. The five people behind the Christmas Consert tour “Vinterbilder” rehears for it in th eempty church where they have premiere. In front Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada, Dennis Storhøi, and in back row f.l. Øystein Lund Olafsen and Kjell Harald Litangen

Journalist: Eyvind Sverre Menne. Photographer: Ulf Hansen.

Found by Vero Nika. Translation by Tessa Lande and Laila Solum Hansen

Premiere. Both Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi admit they are a bit nervous before the premiere of their Christmas tour with Anne Vada in Lommedalen Church.

– I thought that one was calmer, the more experience you got, but this is not how it is, Rybak says. We meet him, Storhøi and Vada in Lommedalen Church, where they are rehearsing for their new Christmas concert “Vinterbilder”. It is premiere at the church Friday, before they go furter out on tour to several places in «Østlandet» and then to «Vestlandet» and «Trøndelag» (the easter, west, and middel of Norway).

Continue reading Article about Christmas tour with Alexander Rybak in the paper issue of “Budstikka”

Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada & Dennis Storhøi in “Førkveld”, NRK. 25.11.2011

Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada & Dennis Storhøi told about upcoming Christmas tour through Norway and performed  “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” for the first time together.

Recording by Venche M. English translation by Vigdis AR. Subs by Julia B.

Interview to the Norwegian newspaper “Vikedbladet” 12.11.2011

Paper edition retrieved by Tessa Lande, translated by Laila Solum Hansen

Rybak is coming back to Ulsteinvik with a new artist trio.

The advent time this year could be extra nice for the ones who love going to concerts. Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi with musicians will come this last month in the year to Ulstein Churh, to make Christmas mood. The concert is a part of the Christmas Tour ‘Winter Pictures’

Journalist: Mone Celin K, Skrede

The 9th of December you can participate in a special musical experience in Ulstein Churh. This December day it will be a Christmas concert with three rather well-known names. Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi with musicians will supply Ulsteinvik and surrounding areas with beautiful Christmas melodies and lyrics with a lot of nice Christmas mood.

The concert is a part of a Christmas tour that will start on the 2nd December in Lommedalen church in Bærum. The tour has the last concert at 22nd December in Ringsaker church and contains in all fourteen concerts. Ulsteinvik is number seven on the list.

Through a cozy and cheerful conversation with all three artists, Vikebladet Vestposten has got to know a little both about the concert itself, the tour and the artists relations with Ulsteinvik.

Continue reading Interview to the Norwegian newspaper “Vikedbladet” 12.11.2011

Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi go on tour – article on Her og Nå, 20.09.2011

Alexander and Dennis Storhøi go on tour. Ready for new “spillopper” [=pranks*]

* wordplay with the word “spill” = play

Found and translated by Vero Nica

Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi have had a huge success earlier with “Fiddler on the Roof”. “Her og Nå” can now reveal that they once again will turn their musical talents together.

Alexander Rybak (25) and Dennis Storhøi (51) have developed a close relationship through the staging of the audience and critics success “Fiddler on the Roof”. Young Alexander considers the theatre veteran Dennis as his artistic mentor, and the two have kept in touch since “Fiddler on the Roof”, the play for which Alexander was honoured with the “Hedda” award (best newcomer of the year). The two popular artists will now again be on the same stage during the concert tour “Vinterbilder” (=Winter pictures)

A little secretive Dennis Storhøi confirms to “Her og Nå” that he now will perform with Alexander again.
– I’m of course looking forward to working with Alexander again. We have kept in touch, and there’s a good atmosphere between us, he says.

From what “Her og Nå” has learnt, it will be 15 concerts in December. The established pianist Øystein Lund Olafsen is the producer, and Alexander and Dennis will be joined by the singer Anne Vada.

Schedule of “Vinterbilder” concerts

ACCORDING to Anne Vada’s page, discovered by Vigdis Ar