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Good article about Alexander from Vietnam (DatViet news portal, 3.1.2011)

Found by Yannis P. Thanks to Chu Thuy Van Huyen for the translation!

Original text:


The song “Song from secret garden” has long ended, but the room is dead silent. Hidden somewhere, everyone’s minds still linger the sound of a passionate, mentoring violin played by a 24–year-old Alexander Rybak. It makes people not want to break the atmosphere by the endless applause.

A full of enchanting violin.

Alexander Rybak ‘s musical path started when he was 5 years old. His family moved to Oslo, Norway when he was 3. Alexander’s parents, Natasha and Ignor are all trained musicians. So, it came so naturally for them to teach their son playing violin and piano. After a while, the young musician had to decide among two music equipment to pursuit, and Rybak picked violin. The young boy still keeps playing piano as a hobby. Since age of 5, Rybak has played violin on stage, and his talent is widely recognized. Alexander was immediately admitted to the Academy Barrat Due. At the age of 10, he met many young talent musicians like he is, and suddenly realized that he is not the only unique child that can play music amazingly.

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