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Article and video: “Rybak loves Denmark”. Jan. 13th 2012

Photo: Pressphoto 

Article published on www.dr.dk 13.01.12.

Written by Thomas Orthmann-Brask . Photos: Søren Bygbjerg

Link to original article: http://www.dr.dk/melodigrandprix/Artikler/2012/0113121346.htm

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Marianne Saietz


Rybak loves Denmark

The winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, is in Denmark these days, to prepare for his performance at Danish Melodi Grand Prix next Saturday at Gigantium.

Rybak, who can both play violin and sing, was thursday in the soundstudio at Vesterbro in Copenhagen, to rehearse and record. Dr.dk/grandprix met the musical norwegian in the studio for a talk about making music for Melodi Grand Prix.

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