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Interview with Alexander Rybak in Estonian online magazine Publik.ee. 19.01.13

Artycle by Liina Ristoja

Link to the source here

Found and translated by Anglesina Est. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Alexander Rybak: In Russia I sing in Russian, so they think, I live there!

Alexander Rybak will perform tonight in the club „Teater“ and he pleased the readers of “Public” with a personal interview. Rybak talked about his creation and music making generally and revealed surprisingly, that he is doing more classical than pop music.
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Article about Alexander Rybak in Estonian magazine “Ohtuleht”. 19.01.13

Article by: Katharina Toomemets
Published on Jan. 19, 2013

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Found and translated by Anglesina Est. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak is in trouble with a crazy fan: she calls me 20 times a day and sends 40 letters!

“Everything began with one phone call which I answered. That girl got my number from one of the dancers – she told the dancer she knows my grandmother and that she has some kind of medicine for her “tells the musician Alexander Rybak about one of his fans, who has bombarded the young man for three years already with daily phone calls and e-mails.

Alexander Rybak, who brought victory to Norway by winning Eurovision Song Contest on 2009, and who is performing tonight in the club “Teater“, has captured the crazy fan, who is a woman in thirties from Israel, in a song called „Leave me alone“.

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Alexander Rybak’s interview in “Желтая газета”/”Yellow Newspaper”

Interview from  “Желтая газета”/ “Yellow Newspaper” №1, 2013

Author: Kataeva Viktoria

Link to the original article in Russian here

Translation by Kristina Ovcharenko
Revised by Bita


Alexander Rybak: “The girl wanted to kill me”

The winner of Eurovision 2009, “sunny boy”, as he is referred to as by journalists and fans, violinist Alexander Rybak had come to Moscow to present his song with the self-explanatory title: «Dostala» («Driven me up the wall»). For almost three years now, a strange female fan has compulsively pursued Sasha, and he is so sick of her at this point that the musician decided to take action and teach her a lesson by making her the heroine of his music video. After his presentation, Rybak gave a frank interview to “Yellow Newspaper.”

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Article from the press-conference of Alexander Rybak in Moscow 07.11.2012

Article published on paparazzi.ru  on 07.11.2012. Link to original article here

Text by  Alice

Translation by Sonya Luzina

Александр Рыбак посвятил клип сумасшедшей фанатке и хочет спеть с Бурановскими Бабушками

Alexander Rybak dedicated his video to his crazy fan and he wants to sing with “Buranovskiye babushki”

The delusional fan from Israel has been stalking Alexander Rybak for a few years. The musician answered her insinuations with a video, in which he appears in a straight jacket, showing to the woman that she sent the boy to the mental hospital.

Alexander asks the fan “don’t call me anymore” in the chorus of the song.  And, by the irony of fate, the lady called him exactly during the presentation of the video

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Article: “Alexander Rybak hopes new single will end his fan trouble”

Article published on www.eurovisionary.com 11.10.2012.

Written by Kristján Sveinsson 


SLITER MED INNPÅSLITNE FANS: Fiolinisten Alexander Rybak tar nå et oppgjør med en innpåsliten fan i sin nye låt «Leave Me Alone». Foto: Steinar Buholm / Dagbladet

Since winning Eurovision in 2009, you’d have thought Alexander Rybak had quite literally lived the fairytale. With fame however, comes attention, some of it most unwanted. Rybak’s newest single, out tomorrow, tells of the nightmare he has been experiencing lately with an obsessed fan trying to get too close.

Since his Eurovision victory, young charmer Alexander Rybak has remained in the spotlight through his participation in high profile shows, such as Let’s Dance in Sweden. His name has been linked to various women in the tabloid press with rumours of romance, most of which has been welcome attention. Lately however, Rybak has been tortured by an extremely obsessive female fan who has badgered the star day and night, making his life hell.

The girl in question travels around the world in an effort to get close to her idol, apparently even turning up on Rybak’s front doorstep! He has been swamped by over 600 e-mails from the amorous fan and has been forced to obtain an unlisted phone number, which, rather disturbingly, the troublesome fan manages to get hold of time and time again. The persistent girl still calls Rybak at least thirty times a day, and even more so at night, making it difficult for the star to get rest after a hard day’s work.Rybak has spoken openly about the ordeal through both his Facebook page and official website.

His newest single is aptly entitled Leave Me Alone and is scheduled for international release tomorrow, the 12th of October. The troubled singer states on his official fan page that he wonders even whether or not the girl in question will realise the song is about her. Hopefully she’ll get the rather unsubtle hint and give poor Rybak some breathing space!