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Event: “Syng med oss” – concert with Song og Spelkorlaget, Alexander Rybak and Lisa Børud 26.1.2019

“Syng med oss 2019” – concert with Song og Spelkorlaget, Alexander Rybak and Lisa Børud

The forever young boys in Song og Spelkorlaget av 8. mars & Søn (Song and play choir of 8th of March & Sons) are ready for their 31st concert of “Syng med oss” (Sing-along with us).

NB! Ticket sale starts Saturday 17th November at 10:00 at the sales office, online at 12:00. Continue reading Event: “Syng med oss” — concert with Song og Spelkorlaget, Alexander Rybak and Lisa Børud 26.1.2019

Rybak kicked off music fest at the gymnasium 12.11.2017

Alexander Rybak kicked off the music fest at the gymnasium

It doesn’t happen every day that world famous artists perform at a gymnasium with the local marching band, at least not out here at Hurumlandet.

Text to featured picture: Hurum and Røyken big band: Rybak played amongst others “Ain’t That a Kick in The Head” together with the big band. Continue reading Rybak kicked off music fest at the gymnasium 12.11.2017

Closed the Spanish-Norwegian Days with style – Videos from Alexander Rybak’s concert in Alfaz del Pi, Spain, 28.10.2017

Alexander Rybak had the audience in the palm of his hand

Source: Spaniaavisen.no published 29.10.2017. Text: Terje Aspdahl.
Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

Last night Alexander Rybak set the final closing of the 15-year jubilee for Spanish-Norwegian Days and he did it with style in Casa de Cultura in Alfaz del Pi.

The culture house was full and it was a joyful reunion with Rybak, the musician who handles – and asserts himself – in most genres. So too yesterday. 

On stage were also the pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos and the singers Victoria Bakka and Pepi Lloret.

Playlist of videos from Alexander Rybak’s concert recorded by Julia Rusak. 



Concert and interview at the Estonian festival “Seto Jaanituli” 08.07.2017

Alexander Rybak performed at the popular Midsummer Festival “Seto Jaanituli” in Estonia. 

In addition to perform his most popular songs, he also gave a short interview to Tallinna TV Suvestuudio.  The parts from his concert and the interview that were broadcast  on Suvestuudio’s daily summer programme 13.07.2017, you’ll find it in the  video below.
The lyrics of the song “I’m in Love” and the interview has subtitles.

Thanks to Mónika Menyhért and Anglesina Est. for finding this 🙂 

Now Tallinna TV Suvestuudio has uploaded “I’m in Love” and “Dovregubbens Hall/ Fairytale” on Youtube 🙂

Alexander and Greta Salome – concert in Reykjavik, Iceland, 18.03.2017

Alexander was a guest artist in Greta Salome’s great concert in Reykjavik, Iceland, the 18th of March 2017. The concert was held in Harpa Concert Hall. Thursday the 17th the concert was played twice in the Hof Concert Hall in Akureyri. All three concerts were sold out! 🙂

Alexander played the following songs: “Song from a Secret Garden”, “I Came to Love You”, “Roll with the Wind”. Then two duets with Greta Salome: “Violin Fun” and “Four seasons, Summer by Vivaldi”, and Alexander featured with Greta Salome and Stefan Jakobsson in Iceland’s Eurovision song 2012 – “Never Forget”. And as the final number Greta joined Alexander in “Fairytale”.

Here are some videos from the concert:

Continue reading Alexander and Greta Salome — concert in Reykjavik, Iceland, 18.03.2017

Videos from Alexander’s concert in Gomel, Belarus, 02.03.2017

From classical to pop – Alexander with concert in Gomel, Belarus.

Alexander had a great concert with Gomel Symphony Orchestra the 2nd of March, and thanks to Galina Sokolova and Juliet Rusak, we can now enjoy videos of his performances and small talks between the songs. 🙂

Here is the complete playlist. 

Click on the symbol in the upper left corner, next to “1/12”, to see the songs in the playlist.   

Pictures and videos from Alexander’s young string seminar and concert in Gomel, Belarus 2. and 3. March 2017

Alexander and Gomel City Symphony Orchestra invited young string students for a seminar and to play with Alexander on stage at the concert.

Students under the age of 14  playing a violin or cello, could take part in the seminar. It was Gomel City Symphony Orchestra who had taken the initiative to invite Alexander, and it was a unique experience for the young strings students to practice and perform on the same stage as the famous Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak . 35 boys and girls from the music schools of Gomel region and even some from Kiev. The youngest student was four years old. Continue reading Pictures and videos from Alexander’s young string seminar and concert in Gomel, Belarus 2. and 3. March 2017

Review of Alexander Rybak’s concert in Ostrava, Czech Republic

The Eurovision winner instead of a lecture

On Saturday, October 15, we could see the cinema “Vesmír” as we’ve never seen it before. There were no empty seats, after all some people even stood behind. Economic lectures were replaced by the winner of Eurovision 2009 – Alexander Rybak!


Source: www.sokolska33.cz, published 18.10.16.
Text:  Photos: Adam Popelka.
Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Anni J.

 Alexander not only sings and dances, but also accompanies on the violin. Sometimes all at once. He brought with him four very energetic dancers from Lithuania, who helped him to create the whole picture of his performance . There is joy and positive energy in all his songs. Maybe that’s why he conquered the audience during the first song. There was singing, clapping, snapping their fingers… whatever was needed.
Continue reading Review of Alexander Rybak’s concert in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Concert in Ostrava, Czech, 15.10.16 – Alexander Rybak

Videos from Alexander Rybak’s concert in Ostrava, Czech.

Thanks to several fans of Alexander who recorded the performances, we can all enjoy the concert. Alexander also had a guest artist, Elis,  with whom Alexander performed a duet with a song from his favorite fairytale “The Beauty and the Beast”.

You can watch the whole concert in the videos below, or clik on the bold titles in the playlist to see each song.  🙂


Thanks to Joerg Kollan, Ulli C. and Sonia Ogrocka for these videos.

  1. Europe’s Skies, 2. Fairytale, 3. I Came to Love You, 4. Kotik, 5. If You Were Gone, 6. Alexander feat Elis, 7. Beauty and the Beast, 8. Oah, 9. Into a Fantasy, 10. Roll with the Wind, 11. Eurovision Medley, 12. Fairytale.
And a big thank you to Magdalena Kwiecień and Dorota Podsiadła, who has recorded the whole concert in these three videos 🙂

Alexander and Orquesta del Centenario at Cosmoplite in Oslo, Norway 09.09.16

Orquesta del Centario, the Argentinian band Alexander performed with in Buenos Aires in May 2016, is on a European tour and right now they have several concerts in Norway.  Alexander asked if he could perform with them again, and so he did Friday 9th of September in their concert at Cosmopolite Scene in Oslo, Norway. His good friend Karl Espegaard is a member of the band, and he and Alexander played a duet , and Alexander also joined the band in a tango.  Continue reading Alexander and Orquesta del Centenario at Cosmoplite in Oslo, Norway 09.09.16

Alexander’s concert in Soligorsk, Belarus 27.08.2016

Alexander Rybak with concert in Soligorsk, Belarus, in celebration of the Day of the City and Miner’s Day  2016.

To congrats the residents of Soligorsk, the winner of Eurovision 2009, especially flown in from Norway,  and the group  “MILKI”, presented good live music and a good mood to the audience  at the Soligorsk Square.

Here are some pictures and videos from the concert. A big thanks to the YT-uploaders 🙂

Picture source: esoligorsk.by

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Videos from the concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 29.4.2016

Friday 29th of April Alexander Rybak had his first concert in Latin-America. The concert was at Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thanks to his fantastic Latin-American fans, we can all enjoy this great moment. A big thank you to all of you who have uploaded videos 🙂
The featured picture is a collection of pictures found on Instagram. 

The play list was long (this is not in the correct order though):  Europe Skies, Dovregubbens Hall, Fairytale, Abrazame, Funny Little World, Oah, Kotik, Into A Fantasy, Leave Me Alone, Secret Garden, Hungarian Suit, Tango by Astor Piazzolla, Roll with the Wind, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and Fairytale once more. Continue reading Videos from the concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 29.4.2016

The concert in Grodno: Rybak and «Milki» were met by a full house

Alexander Rybak and his brainchild, the group “Milki”, performed in the concert hall of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno on November 12. 

Source: vgr.by Author: Ian Khvedchin. Photos: Sergei Lyudkevych.

The girls were first one on stage, but after the first song Alexander appeared. The applause had hardly died  down before Rybak began to play on the violin a melody familiar to his fans. The audience was especially pleased how the sound of the violin was mixed with the elements of rock and roll. The whole performance was accompanied by a dance group and the pianist Mikhail Orgesh.

Continue reading The concert in Grodno: Rybak and «Milki» were met by a full house

Meeting Alexander in Karlshamn – a Fan Fairytale

Karlshamn all the way and back again,  a musical trip 15.07 – 17.07/2015 by Ebba Raab and Annika Petersson

All photos are taken by Ebba and Annika

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I found out about the concert in Karlshamn in february/march by a friend who’s in the orchestra. I was still living in Newcastle by then and I did not know if I’d be able to go. But what a temptation it was! A while later I unfortunately had to move back home again but it meant that I could see the concert. Karlshamn is a place full of memories, my first concert took place there and a few months later I was there again. Continue reading Meeting Alexander in Karlshamn — a Fan Fairytale

CANCELLED – Alexander to perform at Benefit Gala in Dallas, Texas

We have got a message from he organizer of the charity concert:

“Sorry to inform you that this event has been cancelled. The contract with Alexander was signed and everything was in order, but unfortunately the biggest sponsor had to withdraw the support. Postponment was an option for Alexander, but the organizer didn’t see any possible new sponsor in the nearest future, so they decided to cancel instead.

As a replacement another organizer was contacted for a regular concert, and he was interested. But after a while he had to say no too, unfortunately.  So by now the trip to Texas is a bit out in the blue. Sorry for this. “


Howdy, Ya’ll!

Save the date:  August of 2016 Continue reading CANCELLED — Alexander to perform at Benefit Gala in Dallas, Texas

Alexander Rybak in the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” 2015

Engebret Soot was a big admirer of the famous Norwegian violinist Ole Bull. In the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” there is a scene where Engebret Soot travels to Oslo for one of his concerts. He was delayed and the concert was over when he arrived.  Engebret Soot was not a man who gave in easily, so he went to the hotel where Ole Bull stayed, woke him up  and demanded him to play for him.

Dennis Storhøi as Engebret Soot and Alexander Rybak as Ole Bull. The video has subtitles in English, Turkish, Azerbaijani and  German 🙂

The video is recorded by Ulli C, translated to English by TessaLa and revised by Anni Jowett. Azerbaijani by Azadə İmranzadə, German by Ulli C, Turkish by Behire Nilüfer, Hungarian by Mónika Menyhért and Spanish by Lulu Barcelo

Alexander Rybak at Østersjøfestivalen, Karlshamn, Sweden 16.07.2015

Alexander was the soloist in the  opening concert of Østersjøfestivalen 2015 in Karlshamn, Sweden the 16.07.2015. The chamber orchestra concert of 30 young musicians was conducted by Mikaela Brorsson.

Alexander  took part in half of the concert, and performed several of his song, among others these three beautiful classical pieces which is recorded by Ulli C 🙂


Brilliant concert with Alexander and youth orchestra in Sandnes, Norway.

Alexander practiced with young talents for three days and then led the final concert with them, which took place at the culture school  in Sandnes on March 8.

Videos by Venche M. 


Continue reading Brilliant concert with Alexander and youth orchestra in Sandnes, Norway.

“Midtvinterdansen” and orchestra seminar Verdalen 07.02.2015

Two articles about the orchestra seminar and concert at “Midtvinterdans” in Verdalen.


Underline to featured picture: FAIRYTALE: Alexander Rybak was the main attraction at the  concert of “Midtvinterdans” on Saturday night. The experienced charmer enjoyed himself together with children and teenagers, and the audience got a tremendous version of his “Fairytale”. 

Published in paper issue of Trønderavisa 09.02.2015.                                    Author and photo: Tommy Leonhardsen                                                                Found and translate by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anny Jowett.

Alexander Rybak was the main attraction at the annual Midwinter Dance in Verdal.
Almost 280 children and teenagers got to perform together with their idol on his popular Fairytale in a sold out venue in Verdal.  Continue reading “Midtvinterdansen” and orchestra seminar Verdalen 07.02.2015

Alexander Rybak and Time to Show – Fan recording of the anniversary show in Kaunas, Lithuania

Video with Alexanders performance in  “Time to Show” anniversary show in Kaunas, Lithuania 17.01.2015

Recorded by Magdalena K.

Many thanks to the Polish “chikas” for this concert video:)

“Didn’t know that Saturday’s anniversary concert was a public one. These chikas came all the way from Poland ”  Alexanders FB post

You can find news about Alexander Rybak in Polish here:

Facebook fanpage of Polish Rybak’s Mafia

Alexander performs at Time To Show’s anniversary concert in Kaunas, Lithuania

Alexander Rybak visits his dancer friends and will change his image in Lithuania

time to show anniversary

Source: balsas.lt  publihsed 16.01.15  Found by Sonya Luzina, translated by Erika Erikutia, revised by Anni Jowett

On Friday Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, is coming to Lithuania from faraway Qatar, where he gave an impressive performance. In the provisional capital the performer will have a concert and the Norwegian of Belarusian origin also has organised a secret visit in Vilnius, about which he refuses to tell.

On Saturday at the Veterinaries Academy in the Great Hall in Kaunas, Alexander will arrange a performance at the dance group “Time to Show”’s anniversary concert. Continue reading Alexander performs at Time To Show’s anniversary concert in Kaunas, Lithuania

Alexander Rybak in Charity concert for Mercy Ships

Videos from the concert uploaded to AlexanderRybakVideo

Highlights from the the preparation for the concert, some of the speech during the concert and some songs by Alexander.

Article below

Published on the website of the Norwegian newspaper Dagen.no 20.11.2014 . Translation by Jorunn E.

Mercy Ships gathered over a 1000 people

Erling Natvig in Mercy Ships hoped for a miracle when they invited people to a concert with tickets costing a thousand NOK each. Over a thousand people showed up at Grieghallen on Monday evening, which the head of the organisation was satisfied with.

We don`t know the final result yet, but we`ll get a fantastic surplus, he says.

Skjermbilde 2015-01-22 kl. 22.21.58

Performed for free

Alexander Rybak was one of the artists that performed for free for Mercy Ships. He writes in a text message that he likes to work with nice people and that Natvig did a great job explaining the concept to him.

Natvig said before the concert that the contact with Rybak was established at an airport. They had never met before, but Natvig was bold and got in touch. Three hours later he got an SMS from the artist where he asked for an e-mail.

Mercy Ships had to change course because of the Ebola epidemic.

For free 

Rybak writes that the concert went even better than he had expected and that he particularly enjoyed playing together with Ung Symfoni.

Several artists performed for free for Mercy Ships, Carl Espen Thorbjørnsen, Josefin Winther and Roda Achieng. In addition to Ung Symfoni a group of 40 strings from 9-11 years old took part too.

Will there be a concert in Bergen next year too?
I think so. One of the important things for us is to make the work known. In Bergen we, among other things, got to meet a company that wants to give some of their proceeds to our work. This is how we see the effect of the concert right away.

Old concept 

The concept isn’t new. Five years ago the organisation held a charity concert with artists like A-ha and Secret Garden, to mention just a few. Last year they missed 2000 NOK to get 1 million NOK in surplus in an evening in Kristiansand.

Will the ticket always cost a thousand NOK?
It’s the price we normally charge. We do it a bit a bit differently from others, the artists get nothing and we get a lot. I think that`s fun for them,too.

Around 50 volunteers participated in connection with the concert, for which Natvig is very grateful.


A little fan report.

It was a great atmosphere and a well visited concert hall. People had gathered to support a good cause and enjoy the music. Alexander first did a session with the pianist Stefan Zlatanos including “Hungarian Suite”,  “Clair de Lune” and “Jealous”. Later he came back for a session with Ung Symfoni (youth symphony orchestra). My highlight was hearing him play Viva la Vida with a full orchestra. For the finale the very cute and young little musicians joined in for “Roll with the wind” and “Fairytale”.

Wish I had brought a camera instead of an old phone, here are some clips from the concert.                                                                                     Hilde M

Alexander Rybak in Nashville, Tennessee. October 1, 2014 – Report by Katie A

Hello, USA!

Yes, we had Alex here on American soil, and it was everything we expected it to be (and then some).


  Another fan and I had gotten in touch with each other before the concert to make arrangements. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in Nashville, Tennessee. October 1, 2014 — Report by Katie A

Article and videos: Alexander Rybak at the educational centre of Chelyabinsk’s CTRP, Russia, 22.07.2014

The article published on 22.07.2014 on www.pervouralsk.ru

Source: InterraTV.

English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.


Alexander Rybak has mastered the PlayStation of metallurgists.

Alexander Rybak has mastered the PlayStation of white metallurgists and found where the iPad is sharpened. Recently the winner of “Eurovision” visited the educational centre of CTRP (Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant), where he had a tour and even got to sit at a student desk. However the musician and singer still doesn’t wish to learn the profession of metallurgist while noting: “But I’m glad they (metallurgists) exist.” And the educational centre, Alexander Rybak compared it to “Jurassic Park”, “I see that many doors are closed to us, it is exactly like in Jurassic Park. If suddenly the electricity stops working here, then suddenly all the doors will open and all the students will run to us. “

Alexander appeared to be down-to-earth and fun to chat with – the guest star acquainted with the students with ease, generously giving out hugs, autographs and made pictures with those who were willing. However, the idol asked tough questions – such as whether the students wash their white metallurgists uniform themselves. Continue reading Article and videos: Alexander Rybak at the educational centre of Chelyabinsk’s CTRP, Russia, 22.07.2014

Alexander in Pervouralsk, Russia, 19.07.2014.

Pictures from the concert taken by Maksim Kravchuk and Lolita Aptekasheva
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Alexander Rybak – Concert in Pervouralsk 19.07.2014

Videos from Alexander Rybak’s concert at the City Day of Pervouralsk at Pobedy Square in Pervouralsk, Russia,  the 19th of July 2014.

Thanks to Sonya Luzina and Persk.org for uploading videos from the concert on YouTube. The videos are posted in  the playlist order, and only “Roll with The Wind”, performed before the “Eurovision Medley”, is missing. Sonya Luzina also made a playlist, so you can watch them all in a row.

Pictures from the concert you will find here Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Concert in Pervouralsk 19.07.2014

Alexander Rybak in Slavic Bazaar, Vitebsk, Belarus 2014

Alexander’s performances in the Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk in July 2014

Alexander performed at four events during the festival, and he was also a jury member in the contest “Pop song performers”. Below you’ll find videos of his performances. 🙂

“Into A Fantasy” at the Opening Ceremony of the festival 11th of July.

“Roll with The Wind” at International Song Contest “Vitebsk 2014the 12th of July.

“Strela Amura” at the Slavic Bazaar 12th of July 2014 . Video recorded på Catalina Balan.

“Kiss and Tell” at the “International Song Contest “Vitebsk 2014″ 13th of July.

Alexander at „Eurovision Show” in Iasi, Romania, 25.06.2014.

Recording by May Elisabeth Nipen

Continue reading Alexander at „Eurovision Show” in Iasi, Romania, 25.06.2014.

Video: Alexander Rybak’s interview before the concert in Västerås, Sweden, 23.05.2014.

Recording by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Jorunn Ekre. Revision and subs by Anni Jowett

Articles about concert in Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku 15.05.2014.

Article was published on news.day.az 16.05.2014.

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Revision by Katie Anderson


Alexander Rybak gave a fairy tale concert in the Heydar Aliyev Center

The young, famous, talented violinist and singer Alexander Rybak, whose songs are heard all over the world, has celebrated his 28 year anniversary in Baku.

According to Day.Az with reference to Trend, he arrived in the capital of Azerbaijan three days before his concert in the Center of Heydar Aliyev to hold a master class for talented students of the Republican Art gymnasium and prepare with them for their performance on the stage of the Heydar Aliyev Center.

Continue reading Articles about concert in Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku 15.05.2014.

Review of the Alexander Rybak’s concert “A Musical Journey” in Ulsteinvik 03.05.14

Article was published in   paper issue of “Vikebladet” 06.05.2014

Author: Ingvild Aursøy Måseide

Translation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Katie Anderson

 A Fairytale concert


Fireworks: Alexander Rybak was like a firework on the stage when he performed his two major hits “Roll With The Wind” and “Fairytale”. It was obvious that this was what the crowd had been waiting for. The people  sang along in full voices and gave the artist A standing ovation. Although he was skilled with both Swedish folk songs and classical violin play, it looked like he enjoyed himself most when he performed these songs.

I couldn’t have started the tour for this concept at a better place, said Alexander Rybak after a well done concert Saturday night.

The young man who won Eurovision 5 years ago showed up with the big smile we remember him with.

Continue reading Review of the Alexander Rybak’s concert “A Musical Journey” in Ulsteinvik 03.05.14

Alexander Rybak – Concert with children in Göteborg 06.04.204 – Report by Ebba Raab


All the pictures are taken by Ebba Raab

This comes really late but here is my report of the concert in Göteborg. We arrived to Gothemburg about 1 hour late. Never count on SJ to be on time… I decided it was no idea to go to the hotel and instead I hurried to the info to get a map over the town, It was my time in Gothemburg not spent at the station. The girl at the info heard I was from Stockholm and asked what I was doing in Gothemburg. I told her about the concert, she had no clue who Alexander was, but told me to enjoy it. I got to the place I thought was the concert hall but wondered if I was right.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Concert with children in Göteborg 06.04.204 — Report by Ebba Raab

Articles : Alexander Rybak – Two concerts with string students from Follo at Ås Culture House 27.04.14

Source: Paper issue of Østlandets Blad 28.04.2014

Author and photo: Daniel Gauslaa

Found by Jorunn Ekre, translated by TessaLa, revised by Katie Andersson

Picture on the front page of the newspaper.


 Played with Rybak in Ås: On Sunday evening 150 culture school children from the Follo region were on stage in Ås Culture house with Alexander Rybak. Together they took the breath away from the audience during the two concerts.


150 children and youth from Follo region on stage with Alexander Rybak Continue reading Articles : Alexander Rybak — Two concerts with string students from Follo at Ås Culture House 27.04.14

Concert in Orsha, Belarus, 16.04.2014.

Pictures by  Pavel Kolobnev, Inna Art and poseti.by

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Signing after the concert

Pictures by Maria Dmitrieva and Pavel Kolobnev

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Article about upcoming concert of Alexander Rybak in Baku

Article was published on www.news.az,  15 April  2014

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Alexander Rybak to perform in Baku

The Norwegian singer and violinist, winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Alexander Rybak on 15 May will present a new project at the Heydar Aliyev Centre.

The same day, he will give a concert together with students of the National Art Gymnasium.

In connection with the project, he will arrive in Baku three days ahead of the concert and hold seminars and training for the youths to share the stage with him. Rybak will perform with an orchestra consisting of the Gymnasium’s students.

The concert will consist of three parts. The first part will feature the orchestra, the second part a join performance and in the third part, Rybak will give a solo concert.

He will performs hits and other songs from his repertoire.

Alexander in Susann Sonntag Birthday Show in Ingå, Finland, 01.02.2014.

Thanks a lot to Senni for providing the pictures!

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