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Interview with Alexander Rybak in Azeri magazine “Your Passage”

Interview was made during Alexander’s visit to Baku in May 2012

Article published in the paper-issue of  “Your Passage”, №36, 2012

English translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Alexander Rybak: I grew up on the symbiosis of classical and folk music

Charming, talented, cute, emotional, and a little shy – that’s how I remembered Alexander Rybak. He didn’t get a star fever, he can admire, enjoy and love. The most important people in his life are his parents. And he was infinitely glad to meet Will Smith, he was marvelled by his simplicity and sense of humour, at the reception in honour of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. He appreciates honesty and loyalty in people, because he is like that himself . And in addition he is interested in psychology, dogs and sushi. … Although he is extremely busy, Alexander Rybak took time for “PASSAGE” and revealed his little secrets in an exclusive interview. By the way, we had agreed that we’ll mention “ESC” only in passing – since there are too many other interesting topics.

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Article: How the Rybak family celebrates Christmas. “Se & Hør”, 07.12.2012

Article in the paper issue of “Se & Hør”. Published on 07.12.2012

Found by Tessa Lande. Scanned by Venche M. English translation by Jorunn Ekre. English revision by Anni Jowett.

NICE ATMOSPHERE IN THE LIVING ROOM: The Rybak family have already decorated for Christmas with beautiful Christmas marbles in the window and a Santa Claus in the window frame.

Here we  celebrate Norwegian Christmas

Text: Per Sigve Kleppe
Photo: Geir Egil Skog, Se og hør

The Rybak family comes from Belarus, but they celebrate Christmas with pork rib and a Christmas tree!

Alexander Rybak (26) travels for over 300 days a year, but for Christmas Eve the Eurovision Song Contest star only wants to be in one place: At home at Nesodden. He has all his good childhood memories here.

– It`s important to me that Mom, Dad and I give each other priority on this day,- Alexander says.
At home dad Igor (58) and mom Natalia (53) celebrate Christmas in the best Norwegian tradition. Mom makes Christmas breakfast and fixes the pork rib for dinner. Alexander visits the neighbours with Christmas presents.

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