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8. December – Dare to dream

“If we wouldn’t dare to dream, no dreams would ever come true”

In 2012 Alexander made a album called “Christmas Tales” with many American Christmas songs and a few of his own as well. The really cosy album helps me a lot to get into Christmas mode. And it also makes me dream a bit. What do I want to do next year? Even if the stuff is impossible it’s always nice to dream! Continue reading 8. December — Dare to dream

Christmas Tales – A perfect listen – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s Christmas album “Christmas Tales”

A perfect listen for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas Tales, Alexander Rybak’s album released in November 2012. The album contains songs from the American Christmas tradition spiced up with Alexander’s arrangements and violin with a jazzy twist. Included are also two original songs by Alexander «Tell Me When» and «Presents».  Listen or buy from the links below.

Credits and authors (link to article)

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Links to buy physical copies worldwide, click the logos

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Stream or download here.

Christmas Tales


Below are some links to articles from 2012 about Alexanders Christmas album and his Christmas traditions.

Christmas Tales Booklet, slideshow  Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen Design: Håkon Ims Illustrations: Frode Skaren


Review of Alexander Rybak’s album “Christmas tales” from Canadian website

Article published on www.musikuniverse.net. Link to original article in French here.

Written by  Marc Desgagné

English translation by Marion Delafoy-Martin

In 2012, Alexander Rybak, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest  2009, gave us his first Christmas album, “Christmas Tales”. You already know the vast majority, if not all, of the songs that are on this album. However, Rybak became known with his singing and his violin, and there is no exception on a title such as “Let It Snow”. Piano and the rest of the music are well done.

Thereafter, you cannot reinvent the classics, including “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. Whether it is Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, they forged the strength of this song and its history. This is probably why the version of Rybak is perfect for a new generation and it offers a younger voice, which has a potential for years to come. On “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,” the female voice makes us relive our nostalgic moments of Christmas and Rybak’s violin gives it a special touch.

Continue reading Review of Alexander Rybak’s album “Christmas tales” from Canadian website

Here are the Christmas albums you don’t want to miss! 06.12.2012

Here are the Christmas albums you don’t want to miss!

Steven Curtis Chapman, Alexander Rybak and Gaither are all giving us a taste of an American-inspired Christmas, but Norwegian treats are also to be found among the Christmas-albums of this year.

Continue reading Here are the Christmas albums you don’t want to miss! 06.12.2012

Article: 2 Reviews of “Christmas tales”. Nov.30th – Dec.4th 2012

Article published on www.side3.no 4.12.2012.

Written by Tor Hammerø. Link to original article here

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Mary-Ann Hansson.


Alexander Rybak – Christmas tales


Alexander Rybak – Christmas tales

Grappa/Music co-operators

In a way it is not surprising,  Alexander Rybak takes on a bunch of the American ”pop”- Christmas songs. He has told us, both verbally and musically, that part of his heritage is from a tradition, which the gentlemen Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra helped to establish. This means we are served quite american versions of, among others, “The Christmas Song”, “Winter Wonderland”, “Let it Snow”, “I’ll be home for Christmas” and “Silent Night” with Rybak on both violin and vocals. The wrapping includes everything from big band to a lot of strings and good vocal help from the group Pust and I don’t doubt for one second, that Rybak is sincere about this.

Dice: 4 ( of 6 )


Article published on www.aftenbladet.no 30.11.2012.

Written by Kine Hult. Link to original article with Spotify-links here

Found by Marit Olavsdatter. Translation by Venche Mellemstrand. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Cozy fiddle Christmas

 Alexander Rybak, Christmas tales

Norwegian Grand Prix winners have done well in the Christmas- album business before, so it is probably only fair that a Rybak variant came along too. It is, not unexpectedly, the fiddle-playing that makes this album stand out a little,  from the now-overflowing basket of mediocre popversions of “played- to- death”- songs.

Rybak has a warm and charming style, and he never tries to “invent the traditions” of Christmas again.

Best track: “Let it snow”.

Dice: 4 ( of 6 )


Information about “Christmas Tales” album October 2012

Information on Christmas Tales

Source and link to order the CD: CDON.com  Published 14.10.2012

Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revision by Katie Anderson

Christmas Tales Cover CD

Ever since midsummer there has been a Christmas mood in a studio in Gjerdrum. Alexander Rybak has been working on his Christmas album, and the result is a warm, organic and humorous album. Continue reading Information about “Christmas Tales” album October 2012