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Alexander Rybak’s TikTok success – Interview in VG 5.6.2021

Alexander Rybak “couped” fan account on TikTok.

Featured photo: Busy: Alexander Rybak, pictured during last year’s “Allsang på grensen”. Photo by Thoms Andersen/TV2

Now Alexander Rybak studies composition for film music.

Alexander Rybak reveals info about his studies, about nerves that still give him palpitations, and the sudden success on TikTok.

Source: VG.no, published 4.6.2021 and the paper issue 05.06.2021.
Translated to English by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

For the past year, Rybak has studied for a master’s degree in composition of film music at a college in Chicago, online from his parent’s place in Nesodden. The pandemic prevented relocation.

-Not to brag, but I got an A in all of my subjects, says a proud Rybak in a FaceTime interview with VG.

Film: Alexander studies film music, but is in front of the camera in Will Ferrell’s Netflix- comedy “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”. Photo: Claire Folger/Netflix

But it hasn’t come without a price. He hasn’t had time for any girlfriends, nor football nights with the guys.

-I was a bit afraid to live at home, in view of all the temptations. Luckily I have good friends who understand I have to prioritise. I have barely been on a date in eight months, he confides.

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