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Christmas Tales – A perfect listen – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s Christmas album “Christmas Tales”

A perfect listen for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas Tales, Alexander Rybak’s album released in November 2012. The album contains songs from the American Christmas tradition spiced up with Alexander’s arrangements and violin with a jazzy twist. Included are also two original songs by Alexander «Tell Me When» and «Presents».  Listen or buy from the links below.

Credits and authors (link to article)

Skjermbilde 2014-11-24 kl. 21.17.33

Skjermbilde 2014-11-24 kl. 20.50.56

Links to buy physical copies worldwide, click the logos

spotify-logo-primary-vertical-dark-background-rgbitunes-logoSkjermbilde 2014-11-24 kl. 21.28.58Skjermbilde 2014-11-24 kl. 21.32.20

Stream or download here.

Christmas Tales


Below are some links to articles from 2012 about Alexanders Christmas album and his Christmas traditions.

Christmas Tales Booklet, slideshow  Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen Design: Håkon Ims Illustrations: Frode Skaren


Into a Fantasy – Alexander Rybak – released 12.06.2014


Alexander’s new song “Into a Fantasy”, one of the soundtracks from the animation movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” from DreamWorks, can be can be downloaded from iTunes ,  Spotify , GooglePlay and Deezer in many countries.

The audio CD can be pre-ordered at several Amazon online shops and also at Platekompaniet.no (Norway). Below you find links to the Amazon online shops and Platekompaniet. The release date is the 16th of June, unless Amazon.de who has the release date of the 25th of July. The songs are available at Amazon digitally from the same dates.

      Full CD MP3                       “Into a Fantasy” MP3                       Audio CD

          Amazon.de                        Amazon.de (Germany)                         Amazon.de

       Amazone.co.uk           Amazone.co.uk (United Kingdom)             Amazon.co.uk

          Amazon.fr                              Amazon.fr (France)                            Amazon.fr

          Amazon.es                             Amazon.es (Spain)                           Amazon.es

          Amazon.it                                Amazon.it (Italy)                              Amazon.it

In Norway you can pre-order the Audio CD  now on  Platekompaniet.no , or buy the CD in one of their shops when it is released the 16th of June. Check this list to see if you have one of their shops nearby you : Platekompaniet


Into a Fantasy – preorder the music, story behind, preview closing credits.

Believe in your talent, and let it grow. If your dreams are to come true, you must first dare to dream.

– Alexander Rybak


Alexander Rybak’s new song “Into a Fantasy” will be one of the soundtracks in DreamWorks animation movie  “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. The song will be played during the end credits in several of the European versions of the movie.  

You can pre-order the music now!

You can already pre-order the CD with the soundtracks of the movie, and “Into a Fantasy ” is included in the versions you can order from Platekompaniet and the  following Amazon Internet stores:

Continue reading Into a Fantasy — preorder the music, story behind, preview closing credits.

Buy music from “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”!

Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes 2014” (Every Time We Meet) – a reality TV-show for artists.

7 artists meet and live together for 10 days at a farm. The concept is a cozy get-together, where the artists shall perform their own covers of the other artists’ songs. Each artist has a day that is designated to them. The artist chooses the activities during the day, and later the other artists perform this artist’s songs at the dinner table in the evening.
Alexander Rybak took part of the 3rd season of this popular Norwegian TV-show. The show is broadcast on TV2 and all the cover song are released in Mp3 format on iTunes, Spotify and TIDAL, and 3 selected songs from each episode are also released on a physical CD.

Alexander’s  covers and songs:
on iTunes only available in Norway)

Lucky One” – iTunes  Spotify TIDAL
Strange Little Bird” – iTunes Spotify  TIDAL
Smooth Escape” – iTunes  Spotify TIDAL
Kan eg gjørr någe med det?” – iTunes  Spotify TIDAL
Penger er ikke alt” (Money) – Itunes Spotify TIDAL
UT” – iTunes Spotify TIDAL

Alexander Rybak’s Day  6 songiTunes   Spotify TIDAL

Duets day:
“All I Wanna Do” – “Ka e du redd for?” – “Neste sommer” – iTunes  Spotify TIDAL

The final “Hver gang vi møtes” CD – contains  3 songs from each episode 

and can be played on Spotify or TIDAL   

or the physical CD can be ordered from: 

Sweden – CDon.se
enmark – CDon.dk

Finland – CDon.fn
Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Portugal, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands – CDon.eu
Norway  – Platekompaniet.no

NB! The CD is no longer available for ordering neither on CDon or Platekompaniet


Track list:
01 Everyone Needs A Friend – Sigvart Dagsland
02 Lucky One – Alexander Rybak
03 Lang desember natt (Long December Night) – Anneli Drecker
04 Rykte (Rumour) – Lars Lillo-Stenberg
05 Sparks – Elg
06 You Don´t Have To Change – Simone Eriksrud
07 13 Hester (13 Horses) – Sigvart Dagsland
08 5000 Letters – Anneli Drecker
09 Eventyr (Fairytale) – Lars Lillo-Stenberg
10 Real Name – Anneli Drecker
11 Tattooed On My Mind – Samsaya
12 Last Days And Nights Of Rock And Roll – Elg
13 De umulige – Simone Eriksrud
14 Se så lykkelige – Samsaya
15 Kan eg gjør någe med det? – Alexander Rybak
16 Penger (Money) – Alexander Rybak
17 Eple (Apple) – Lars Lillo-Stenberg
18 Forandring (Change) – Sigvart Dagsland
19 Tøff i pysjamas – Samsaya
20 Klokken er mye nå – Simone Eriksrud
21 Hjernen er alene – Elg
22 Ka e du redd for? – Sigvart Dagsland & Anneli Drecker, Alexander on violin
23 Nagen hud – Simone Eriksrud & Lars Lillo-Stenberg
24 Neste sommer – Lars Lillo, Alexander Rybak, Samsaya, Elg, Anneli Drecker, Simone Eriksrud & Sigvart Dagsland

Article: Alexander Rybak: “I want my own family”. Her&Nå, 04.12.12

Article in the paper issue of Her&Nå, published on 4.12.12

Photo: Stian Broch
Author: Philip reiler

THE CHILDRENS FAVOURITE: Alexander Rybak has a very special appeal on children.

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Annie Jowett.

Alexander – bachelor and fiddler – I want my own family

Alexander Rybak has an absolutely uncanny way of relating to children and capturing their attention. Now he dreams of his own family as well.

The thrill at Slattum School in Nittedal is to touch and feel. Alexander Rybak (26) is this year’s Christmas present for the violin-playing children in the 6th grade. And when the favourite appears, the cheering will not end.
The children throw themselves upon him, and with charm and musical wit Alexander takes the teacher role as a matter of course. The students spent the fall practising “Fairytale”, and Alexander gives his personal tips and advice to the children, who sit like lighted candles.
Continue reading Article: Alexander Rybak: “I want my own family”. Her&Nå, 04.12.12

CD with songs from “Stille Natt, Hellige Natt”- Christmas concerts. Nov.27th 2012

Info found at the Facebookpage of Stille Natt, Hellige Natt. 19.11.2012. Link to page here.

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Stille Natt, Hellige Natt 2012 – CD

An album with 12 songs from the Christmas concerts will be available for sale,  only at the Christmas concert-venues. The profits from the album-sale will be given to the work of the Strømme-foundation around mikrofinancing and education.

The songs on the album of this year are:
1. Stille natt, hellige natt (Marian)
2. Det lyser i stille grender (Tor)
3. Himmel på jord (Elisabeth)
4. The Christmas Song (Alexander)
5. Mary’s Boychild (Rune)
6. Himlen i min favn (Marian)
7. Ledet av en stjerne (Elisabeth)
8. Ikke en spurv til jorden (Rune)
9. His Eye is on the Sparrow (Marian)
10. Det hev ei rose sprunge (Elisabeth)
11. Mitt hjerte alltid vanker (Alexander)
12. O helga natt (Tor)

Information about “Christmas Tales” album October 2012

Information on Christmas Tales

Source and link to order the CD: CDON.com  Published 14.10.2012

Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revision by Katie Anderson

Christmas Tales Cover CD

Ever since midsummer there has been a Christmas mood in a studio in Gjerdrum. Alexander Rybak has been working on his Christmas album, and the result is a warm, organic and humorous album. Continue reading Information about “Christmas Tales” album October 2012

Where to get the Music! All releases of Alexander Rybak!

Album”Fairytales” 2009

 Album “No Boundaries” 2010

Album “Visa vid vindens ängar” 2011

Buy all Alexanders albums and  the DVD , “Fairytale-the movie” here. Worldwide delivery:

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Review of Alexander Rybak’s new album “Visa vid vindens ängar”


Alexander Rybak’s Swedish buffet

Source: Eurovisionary.com  Written by Kristján Sveinsson. Photo by Fredrik Arff. Published 27 July, 2011 – 18:41

Artist: Alexander Rybak
Album title: Visa Vid Vindens Ängar
Label: Universal Music
Release date: 24.06.2011
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) Continue reading Review of Alexander Rybak’s new album “Visa vid vindens ängar”

Visa Vid Vindens Ängar – Album by Alexander Rybak

The album “Visa vid vindens ängar” by Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson was released in 2011. The collaboration began when Mats contacted Alexander after having seen a video of him on YouTube where he performed his song “Visa vid vindens ängar”. And so he wanted to thank him for performing his songs and sent Alexander an email. Alexander was grateful for the praise, and later he contacted Mats and the collaboration was a fact.
The album is about enjoying the small things in life and it’s a perfect summer album. Alexander states in the sleeve that he needed a project that brought out the human in him. Below you can hear a taste of the songs.

To listen to parts of the songs press “>” button

To read the lyrics  of the songs click on “Lyrics”

Review of the album you can read HERE

You can find ALL the information about how to stream and buy the CD, MP3 HERE


Music and Lyrics – Mats Paulson
Alexander Rybak – Vocal, Violin, Strings
Knut Bjørnar Asphol – Guitar
Stian Carstensen – Accordion

Continue reading Visa Vid Vindens Ängar — Album by Alexander Rybak

“Swinging home for Christmas”. CD with 4 Christmas-songs and T-shirt

The Christmas-CD contains 4 songs from
the Christmas Tour of 2010:

1.Let it Snow

2.Tell me When

3. White Christmas

4. Coming home for Christmas

The CD costs 90 Nkr. And the T-shirt costs 220 Nkr. Both can be bought through the WEBSHOP on Alexanders Official homepage:


Alexander Rybak peforming “Let it snow” at NRK. 10.12.2010

“No Boundaries” – released on June 21, 2010

(researched by Ellen Nl, Venche Mellemstrand, Ingegerd Claesson, Kata Karppinen, Norma, Anglezina, Yanis)

Buy the album in MP3 format here: http://mp3.platekompaniet.no/site/web3/view.ftl?page=product&productId=4096370

and on iTunes of course!

Buy CD and get it WORLDWIDE from here:

http://www.bengans.se/Artist.aspx?artist=RYBAK+ALEXANDER&section=music (delivery from Sweden)

and here:

http://www.amazon.com/No-Boundaries-Alexander-Rybak/dp/B003MUU0VO/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1275598109&sr=8-15 (delivery from USA)

and here:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/No-Boundaries-Alexander-Rybak/dp/B003MUU0VO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1277106549&sr=8-1 (delivery from UK)

and this link  http://cdon.eu/music/rybak_alexander/no_boundaries-9419954 but ONLY if you live in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom