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Alexander Rybak announces the winners of the audition for his new Belarussian group

Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

Recently Alexander held auditions in  four cities of Belarus – Mogilev, Grodno,  Minsk and Brest,  where he looked for talented girls for his new Belorussian group. The group will participate with a song composed by Alexander in Belorussian national selection  for Eurovision Song Contest 2015.  You can read more about Alexander’s project here. And  today Alexander announced the winners of the auditions on his official Facebook-page with a sweet video-message which you can watch by clicking on this picture.


The video is in Russian, so if you don’t understand it, here is the translation:

AR: Dear friends, Alexander Rybak from Norway, Oslo, is with you. I thank you. I thank all of you who came to the casting for my project. Me and my team got to listen to a lot of interesting voices. And if you didn’t win, if you didn’t go through, it doesn’t mean that you’re not talented. I just have my own concept and I chose girls for my act. So, the winners of the casting are: Tatiana Stakhovskaya from Minsk, Anna Ray from Minsk, Victoria Nazarko from Grodno, Taisiya Serikova from Gomel’ and Marina Putnikova from Gorky. I congratulate all of you. And I hope that you will please not only Belarus, but also the whole of Europe. Good luck!

Alexander Rybak – auditions in Belarus for the national selection of ESC 2015

Alexander Rybak will take part in the national selection for ESC in Belarus as a composer with the song “My accent”. The song will be performed by a girl band, and Alexander has been in Belarus for some days to have auditions in 4 cities across the country: Mogilev, Minsk, Grodno and Brest. There has been a lot of interest both for the auditions and from the media, and Alexander has been on several morning TV-shows, and radio shows, and given many interviews. Our Russians translators are the case. 🙂

Here  is an English version of the interview in the TV-show “Morning. Studio of Good Mood” on channel CTV.

Alexander Rybak Belarus

Winner of 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Alexander Rybak preparing Belarusian representative for 2015 competition

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Alexander Rybak will prepare the participants for the Belarusian national selection for “Eurovision 2015”

Alexander invites talented girls to the casting for competing  in the national selection for “Eurovision 2015”!

AR: Dear countrymen, you know that I’m a big fan of Eurovision and I’m a big fan of Belarus, so I invite you all to the local auditions for my song for the national selection. Good luck. Yours Sasha Rybak.

Article was published on sb.by 11.10.2014.

Author: Juliana Leonovich. Photo: “SB”

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Bita Janz.

Alexander Rybak is in an active searching process. No, the winner of “Eurovision-2009” has no plans to look for his ladylove. This time, all thoughts of the 28-year-old musician are dedicated entirely to his new projects: the other day, he announced the all-Belarusian casting for a new girl band. Newfound Norwegian Meladze (a famous Ukrainian composer and producer) and his team will personally tour around cities and villages to find the most beautiful and strong-voiced Belarusian girls. In addition to Rybak’s patronage, these girls are promised one more substantial stake: this spring, the new girl band will go to Vienna to conquer the sixtieth anniversary of the “Eurovision Song Contest 2015”. 

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