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Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes”. Dagbladet, 31.08.13

Article from www.dagbladet.no, published on 31.08.2013

Author: Marthe Jakobsen 

Found and translated by Hilde M. English revision by Anni Jowett.


DURING THE RECORDING: Now the recording of the popular TV 2 program “Every time we meet” has started, and Alexander Rybak says he was surprised by all the impressions he got while being part of the series. Photo: Kristin Svorte 

– It made me a soft man

Alexander Rybak says the “Every time we meet” experience was very special.

(Dagbladet): It is four years since Alexander Rybak (27) became a superstar overnight after winning both the Norwegian and international Eurovision Song Contest final.

Now he is participating in the next season of the successful program “Every time we meet” in the company of Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Samsaya, Sigvart Dagsland, Simone Larsen, Øivind “Elg” Elgenes and Anneli Drecker.

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