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Alexander Rybak wrote a birthday song for his girlfriend.

Alexander Rybak was in a deeply romantic mood when he wrote “To Julie” for his girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm. 

Julie turns 23 years old today and was overwhelmed early this morning by her artist boyfriend. 

Source: VG.no Text: Stein Østbø. Photo: private
English translation Jorunn Ekre. Revision: Anni Jowett

– Getting a music piece by Alexander on my birthday was really fantastic. How lucky I am! When I saw the music video, I was so shocked that I became speechless and let the tears speak for themselves, Julie Gaarud Holm says smiling. 

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Happy birthday to the most handsome, brilliant, hot, sexy violinist walking on this earth. We wish you a happy year, and may your third wish (**** ******) come true happy valentines anniversary

During the last 12 months he has entertained us with great performances and given us wonderful new music we can enjoy. Just listen to this great PLAYLIST.


Greetings from Russian fans. Click on the picture to watch it 🙂



To celebrate, we’ve made this quiz about this versatile violinist. What have this guy done the last year? You’ll find the answers to that in his last year’s footsteps and interviews. Are you up for a challenge? Then let’s get started!


Alexander Rybak International Fansite’s Birthday Quiz

We´re celebrating our 5th anniversary!

On Valentine’s Day,  February 14th 2010,  the Alexander Rybak International Fansite was opened as a Valentine’s gift for Alexander and his fans.  “Fans for Fans” in support of our guy was our motto back then and it still is.

5 years later we´re still going strong with our mission to collect, record, translate and share news about our favorite violinist, singer and composer, the versatile Alexander Rybak .

So, what do you know about Alex? Take our Birthday Quiz and find out 🙂

Quiz made by Bita J. Anniversary picture made by Lulu Barcelo. Revision Katie Anderson

 And how did you do? Share your result on FB, Twitter or Tumblr and let us now:)

What do you think about the Quiz, and what do you think about the Fansite?                                                                                                                             We will be happy for feedback in comments.



Article: “Alexander Rybak met his 28 year anniversary with children”

Article was published on www.kp.by 13.05.2014.

Author: Ekaterina Romanova. Photographer: Pavel Martinchik

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Revision by Katie Anderson


The famous singer admitted that he hopes to conquer the Belarusian show business.

The name  Alexander Rybak has been quite familiar for Belarusians for a long time – first, the winner of “Eurovision-2009” has Belarusian roots. Secondly, the guy appears in our country in almost every season, willingly participates in projects (he judged the last season of the “Singing city” on STB), and now he acquired a Belarusian manager. Besides Rybak, Andrey Guzel has the singers Larisa Gribaleva and Sasha Nemo, and the shocking project “Ms. Bride” on his team.

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Alexander Rybak ran away to New York on his birthday!

The original article here 

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Katie Anderson

На свой День Рождения Александр Рыбак сбежал в Нью-Йорк!

Alexander Rybak celebrated his 27th birthday on May 13! While some artists were resting and basking in the sun during the May holidays, Alexander Rybak traveled throughout  half of Europe and the CIS, having concerts and delighting the eyes and ears of the audience. And he has flown to the city called “the big apple” right on the eve of his birthday. 
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Happy 27th Birthday, Alexander Rybak! :)

One more year has passed and we have followed Alexander’s path in his career during this time. Now it’s time to remember what all Alexander has accomplished. It’s impressive how much this guy is able to do in just 365 days:)

Here is a video containing all the memorable moments of Alexander’s 26th year of life! Many creative people participated in the creation of this video, all of the names are listed at the end of the movie;)

Enjoy watching it!

Greeting from Alexander to his fans around the world. May 14th 2010

Alexander is born may 13th 1986. On his 24th-birthday, may 2010, he made this video from his parents house at Nesodden and posted it on his facebook-wall. The video had some sound-problems, so this version is improved and uploaded by Yannis Papadopoulos. Russian subtitles by Zhanna Sergueeva. German subtitles by Sabine Fundel. Dutch subtitles by Marijke Arentsen. Romanian subtitles by Jenia Skripnik.


As a special birthday-present for Alexander had been made by his facebook-fans that year, there was also a special birthday-video produced, to congratulate Alexander on may 13th 2010.

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A Birthday-present for Kjell Arild. Dec.1st. 2011 Part 1

Dear reader! December 1st. is the birthday of Kjell Arild Tiltnes! He is a good friend and manager of Alexander Rybak, but also the person, responsible for the opening of Alexanders facebook-fanpage in may 2009 and for being the contact-person between Alexander and his fans, a job that has given him many friends among the fans. This year, we decided to give him a very special birthday-present: A book with memories from a discussion-thread, we opened on the fanpage: A fanclub-thread about Kjell Arild. Continue reading A Birthday-present for Kjell Arild. Dec.1st. 2011 Part 1

A Birthday-present for Kjell Arild. Dec.1st. 2011 Part 2

This is part 2. Part 1 is here

Continued from Part 1

Marianne Mata Hari Saietz

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1 Year Anniversary – Happy birthday, Facebookies.org!

It was Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, when our funny little world began its journey on the internet. This site was started by the Facebookies, friends of Alexander who met each other online, with the ambition to create the top Official International Fansite of Alexander, to gather every single piece of information related to him and to help people get acquainted with his incredible music, personality and talent.

Today, our funny little word is still here, always fresh with the latest news, translations, photos, fan art and videos. It counts almost 45.000 individual visitors from 131 countries, 565 posts and 2256 comments. And the most important, it keeps connecting people from all around the world through Alexander and music.

A warm “thank you” to

all of you

who kept this project alive throughout the year with your contributions, your comments and your love!

And of course, our thanks goes to Alexander, who brought us together and changed our lives!

Happy birthday, “Fans own poems and lyrics” thread!

Calliope, the Muse of Poetry

On 15  July 2009 a new thread was created on Planet Rybak, a newborn then. It was the thread called “Fans own poems and lyrics”, made by Marianne Saietz. During the last year this thread has inspired many Facebookies to express their feelings by creating hundreds of excellent poems! It has also given birth to four SONG BOOKS released by the Facebookies so far, and counting! It has been the earliest sign of the world-famous Facebookies creativity!

On 15 July 2010 we are celebrating its birthday. You are all invited to leave a rhyme, a limerick, a poem, anything 🙂

Link to the thread:


Video invitation

Sample poem, by Marianne:


And finally, the fans will sleep And no one will the facebook keep The latest topic now must wait The wild ideas can hesitate The cleaning-people sweeps the floor clean up the links and threads and more The lights go out and all is shade And even words stay up too late