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Children’s book author – Interview on Eurostory.nl 10.02.2016

Alexander Rybak : A children’s book author

Edward van de Vendel Eurostory Alexander Rybak


Published on Eurostory.nl February 10, 2016
Interviewer: Edward Van de Vendel, a Dutch author of children’s books, three of them published in Norway by Cappelen Damm.
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Alexander in Eurosong 2016, Belgium 03.01.2016

Alexander was invited to the first Eurosong 2016 show in Belgium to be an adviser to the 5 candidates that take part in Belgium’s national selection.

In addition he performed his famous Eurovision Medley, and Twitter was overloaded by positive responses about him both as an adviser and performer 🙂

Alexander Rybak Eurosong 2016 Belgium



Alexander Rybak – Promo tour in Belgium for “Into a Fantasy”

Alexander Rybak’s interviews and TV-show appearances from the promo tour in Belgium for his new music video “Into a Fantasy”, soundtrack for DreamWorks Animation’s movie “How to Train you Dragon 2”

Interview in the largest Belgian newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” about Alexander Rybak and ‘Into a Fantasy’.

Article provided and translated by Olivier VanHoutte. Revised by Anni Jowett.

Eurovison winner ALEXANDER RYBAK made the soundtrack.

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Alexander Rybak – Interview on Eurovision.be about “Into a Fantasy”

“I’m an old talent” – Alexander Rybak interviewed by Eurovision.be 29.06.2014.

Provided and translated by Olivier Vanhoutte and revised by Anni JowettLink to original interview here.

Alexander Rybak Interview in be.Eurovision

Alexander Rybak : “I’m an old talent”

Five years after his victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak tours again around Europe. This time to promote the movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2″, and his song on the soundtrack “Into a Fantasy”. The Eurovision victory was the beginning of everything. “Fairytale” is my business card, “says the 28-year-old singer.
“In countries where I am not so well known, people point at me and sing “Fairytale” without knowing my name. The song is more famous than I am, but I find that good.” The classically trained musician just wanted to escape from classical music when he won the Eurovision Song Contest. He looks back with satisfaction to his victory, but remains very calm underneath: “In this business you need to be happy with the chances you get and stay loyal to yourself.” Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Interview on Eurovision.be about “Into a Fantasy”

Alexander Rybak – Promotion tour for “Into a Fantasy” – Belgium


Alexander comes back to Belgium to promote his new single and music video “Into a Fantasy”. 

June 26th

Recording for “Mant Plaza” on Ment TV. The broadcast will be on July 6th. More info will be added

June 27th

12:00 Live interview at Radio GRK. Link to listen online

14:00 Live at “Studio TVL”,  TV Limburg. Re-broadcast on 16.15 Link to watch online

20:00 Meet & Greet with fans. Bocadero bar, Antwerpen (Belgium) Website of the bar

Dagbladet interviewed Alexander Rybak before his trip to Belgium

Text to photo:  To Belgium : Tonight Alexander Rybak will be onstage in Belgium in connection with Eurovision. He will be performing with children. Photo by  Nina Hansen

Article published in Dagbladet on 16.03.2014 Author: Merete Skogrand. Photos: Nina Hansen
Translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revising by Anni Jowett.

I always try to find a new incentive to play Fairytale.

Tonight Rybak will be onstage at Eurovision again.

Yesterday Lars Lillo-Stenberg did a new Version of Alexander Rybak’s song “Fairytale” in “Hver gang vi møtes” and the reviewer in Dagbladet gave 6 on the dice.

The song became an immediate hit and a door opener to the 27 year old when he won the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in 2009, and has given him an enormous success. Rybak has played the song numerous times since, but feels he will never get tired of the pop song with a violin sound.

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Video: Alexander on OutTV in Belgium. Interview and presentation of “Leave me Alone”. Nov.5th 2012

While he visited Belgium on 3-5th of November, Alexander was guest at OutTV, which is broadcasted in Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. He was interviewed and presented his new song “Leave me Alone”

The clip was broadcasted on www.outtv.be 5.11.2012. Recorded by Ulli Cologne.

Subtitles in English, German and Polish.

English translation by Marijke Arentsen. Revision by Katie Anderson. Polish translation by Joanna Anacka. German translation by Simone Schmidt.


More info about Alexander on the website of OutTV here

Facebook-page of OutTV here

Alexander Rybak with Paul de Leeuw in the TV-show “Manneke Paul”. Belgium. Nov. 5th 2012

Alexander Rybak was a guest in Paul de Leeuw’s  TV-show “Manneke Paul” in Belgium.

This was the third time Alexander was a guest in Paul de Leeuw’s TV-show on Dutch TV. The first time was in May 2009 right after Alexanders victory in ESC. Back then  Alexander did an improvisation of the song “Losing my mind” with Paul de Leeuw. In 2012,  3,5 years later, they performed the same song together 🙂

The TV-show was recorded 4.11.2012. Broadcast on VTM 5.11.2012. All rights belong to VTM

Performance of “Leave Me Alone”


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Article: Alexander Rybak is coming back to Flanders!

Article published on www.eurosong.be , 10.10.2012

Link to the original: http://www.eurosong.be/46784/alexander-rybak-komt-terug-naar-vlaanderen

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Marijke Arentsen. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak ( ESF) has completed a new single. The Norwegian winner of Eurovision will come to Flanders from Saturday 3rd to Monday 5th November to promote “Leave me alone”.
He will also be guest in “Manneke ( little man) Paul” on vtm. The recordings for the program will take place on Sunday 4th. November.

It is not the first time that Alexander will be a guest on Paul de Leeuw. After his Eurovision victory he was a guest of the host in the Netherlands.”. Rybak has good memories of his performance back then and he was immediately willing for an appointment on “Manneke Paul” at vtm.

Rybak will be in Flanders for three days. In the meanwhile he knows our region, because last summer he was guest here, together with Paula Seling ( ESF 09) to promote their duet. Now it’s all about Alexander’s new single “Leave me alone”, which will be released internationally on 12th October. He will introduce his new single on Paul de Leeuw and indeed on various written and digital media as well.

Pictures: Alexander Rybak & Paula Seling at Antwerpen Pride 2012

On August 12th 2012, Alexander and Paula performed at the closing party of the “Antwerpen Pride 2012” in Belgium.

They also attended a Meet & Greet with their fans afterwards. Here’s a photo gallery featuring the best pictures from that day.

A big thank you to Olivier Vanhoutte and Olli Se for the pics!

Alexander Rybak’s interview for TV Limburg 13.08.2012.

Article published on oikotimes.com 14.8.2012. Original article is no longer available. Romanian version you’ll find here

Text and photos  by Olivier Vanhoutte. Recordings by Hildebjørg Ha

Last weekend the 2009 Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak and the amazing Paula Seling, the number 3 at the 2010 ESC, visited Belgium on the occasion of the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Antwerp Pride.

During this concert also other main stars appeared such as 2Unlimited and Kate Ryan. However during the concert from the reactions of the public it became very clear that the biggest star of the event was Alexander Rybak whilst Paula Seling was the biggest surprise to the audience because of her great vocal abilities which were very impressive!

Limburg Antwerpen 2012 paula-seling-olivier-vanhoutte

After the concert both Paula Seling and Alexander Rybak gave a number of interviews to the national and international press present. On Monday both artists were a special guest at the very popular afternoon show ‘Studio TVL’ on Belgian channel TV-Limburg where they performed their duet ‘I’ll show you’ next to Alexander’s winning song from Eurovision. However it was revealed during the tv-show that both artists keep the door open for Eurovision 2013. Whilst Alexander said he is interested to return to the 2013 Eurovision as a composer (so not as a performer), Paula left the door open to return as an artist. She stated that many fans had asked for her return to Eurovision. Alexander stated in his pleasant way that you should never doubt or discuss the opinion of a Eurovision fan!

alexander-rybak-olivier-vanhoutte Limburg Antwerpen 2012

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Article+video: “Alexander Rybak & Paula Seling perform live”. Oikotimes Aug.12th 2012

Article published on www.oikotimes.com 13.8.2012

Text, photos and videos by Olivier Vanhoutte

Link to original article here

 Alexander Rybak and Paula Seling perform live

In developement                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The 2012 Antwerpen Pride concluded in Belgium and of course oikotimes was there thanks to our partner Olivier Vanhoutte. But it wasn’t only him: Paula Seling and Alexander Rybak performed.

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Alexander Rybak & Paula Seling duet is officially out

Article published on www.oikotimes.com 07.08.2012.

2009 Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak along with Paula Seling, third at the 2010 Eurovision, officially released their duet ‘I’ll show you’ that was already being promoted on Romanian television and radio. The known german label Capsounds has signed the song and will be promoting it throughout Europe. Capsounds is known as the label from Malta Eurovision singer Fabrizio Faniello, but also other Eurovision stars such as Lauris Reiniks (ESC 2003), Mista (Slovak Eurovision 2010) and Romina Mamo (Malta Eurovision) released their material on the label.

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