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“BBC – This World. Norways massacre” – a BBC documentary. 2012

This is a video,  found on YouTube. It is a download  of the BBC-documentary “Norways massacre”, which has  been shown on national television in, so far,  United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

It describes the terror-events  in Norway in the summer of 2011, starting with the bomb-attack  in Oslo and the gun-massacre on young people at the AUF-summer-camp at Utøya  22.7. 2011, through interviews of survivors, relatives, police-officers, politicans, psychologists, journalists, lawyers and others.  Most of the speech is in english.

At  around  54 minutes into the program, there are recordings from the Rose-March in Oslo – the public demonstration against the terror-events –  with pictures  of Alexander, playing Bergrosa at Oslo City Square.

 All rights belong to BBC

Found by Danka Cóllaková