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Alexander Rybak has a special relationship with Indre Østfold (Norway)

It is no coincidence that Askim became one of the first stopovers for Alexander Rybak on his anniversary tour.

Source: smaalenene.no, published 10.04.2019 Text: Karina Torberntsson
Found and provided by May E. Nipen. Translated by TessaLa, revcision by Anni Jowett. Featured picture: Alexander’s official anniversary tour photo (not used in the original article). 

More info about the anniversary tour HERE

The popular violinist has a special relationship with Indre Østfold.

– I have only had one concert before the “10 years of fairytales” concert at Askim culture house this Thursday. One of the reasons I come to Indre Østfold so early on the tour is that I feel confident about the audience. Both during the Soot-Play and seminars, I always get an incredibly good response. The people here are very calm, which is no wonder since they live in such beautiful surroundings. It’s a completely different pace here than in Oslo. The audience is more focused and alert, which I, as a classical musician, greatly appreciate. It seems that they are extra receptive when I fire up an energy-rich song on stage, says Alexander Rybak. Continue reading Alexander Rybak has a special relationship with Indre Østfold (Norway)