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Alexander Rybak guest in Nitimen on NRK1 16.05.2019

Exactly 10 years after winning Eurovision in Moscow 2009, Alexander visited the Norwegian radio-show “Nitimen” on NRK1 and presented his newest song release “I’m Still Here”. A song to his fans who has followed him since his victory in 2009.

In the interview he also talk about his plans for vacation, the many anniversaries and birthdays in his family in May and the musical “Trolle”.

The interview is recorded by May Elisabeth Nipen, translated by TessaLA, Revision by Jorunn Ekre and Anni Jowett. Source: NRK1

I appreciate life more now – article in Her og Nå 08.11.2016

Alexander Rybak 10 years after the breakthrough

Text to photo: 10 years ago: Dan Børge Akerø was the host in “Kjempesjansen”. Three years later Alexander won again – “Eurovision Song Contest” in 2009

Alexander Rybak  can celebrate the ten year anniversary of his breakthrough with Dan Børge Akerø’s “Kjempesjansen”. The artist does this with a big smile. Continue reading I appreciate life more now — article in Her og Nå 08.11.2016

Alexander Rybak International Fansite’s Birthday Quiz

We´re celebrating our 5th anniversary!

On Valentine’s Day,  February 14th 2010,  the Alexander Rybak International Fansite was opened as a Valentine’s gift for Alexander and his fans.  “Fans for Fans” in support of our guy was our motto back then and it still is.

5 years later we´re still going strong with our mission to collect, record, translate and share news about our favorite violinist, singer and composer, the versatile Alexander Rybak .

So, what do you know about Alex? Take our Birthday Quiz and find out 🙂

Quiz made by Bita J. Anniversary picture made by Lulu Barcelo. Revision Katie Anderson

 And how did you do? Share your result on FB, Twitter or Tumblr and let us now:)

What do you think about the Quiz, and what do you think about the Fansite?                                                                                                                             We will be happy for feedback in comments.



Alexander Rybak and Time to Show on VIP, TV3 Lithuania 25.01.15

Glimpse from the anniversary concert in Kaunas  and  interviews with Alexander and Vaidas Kunickis on the TV-show VIP on TV3 Lithuanian.

Pictures from the concert you will find on 15.min.lt/Zmones

Found and translated by Erika Erikutia, recorded by TessaLa.             English transcribtion and revision by Anni Jowett


Alexander performs at Time To Show’s anniversary concert in Kaunas, Lithuania

Alexander Rybak visits his dancer friends and will change his image in Lithuania

time to show anniversary

Source: balsas.lt  publihsed 16.01.15  Found by Sonya Luzina, translated by Erika Erikutia, revised by Anni Jowett

On Friday Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, is coming to Lithuania from faraway Qatar, where he gave an impressive performance. In the provisional capital the performer will have a concert and the Norwegian of Belarusian origin also has organised a secret visit in Vilnius, about which he refuses to tell.

On Saturday at the Veterinaries Academy in the Great Hall in Kaunas, Alexander will arrange a performance at the dance group “Time to Show”’s anniversary concert. Continue reading Alexander performs at Time To Show’s anniversary concert in Kaunas, Lithuania

Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day

… and Happy Birthday to Alexander Rybak International Fansite! 🙂

The fansite was opened on 14th February 2010 as a Valentine gift to Alexander and all his fans.

The magic is that this gift is still bringing new #SmallPleasures almost daily.

So if you don’t get any other presents today, like many of us, you at least can enjoy the fansite.

We hope you do:)

Sincerely yours,

Team Alexander Rybak International Fansite



We´re in loooove with our Fairytale, Alexander Rybak

Today, 7th February, exactly 5 years ago, the first public performance of Fairytale was shown on Norwegian TV. The occasion was the semi-final of the Norwegian ESC selection, Melodi Grand Prix.

We celebrate the 5 years with 7 different performances of Fairytale from around the world. They are not selected because they are the best, but because they are in different settings.

Since the Olympic Games in Sochi starts today, we wish everybody good luck with the games.


February 7th 2009, at the Melodi Grand Prix semifinal in Skien, Norway.

Alexander captured many hearts this night.

Continue reading We´re in loooove with our Fairytale, Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak performed at the 45th anniversary of Halden Municipal Culture School

Article published at www.ha-halden.no on 22.11.13
Author: Max Marius Brynildsen
Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Jorunn E.
English revising by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak shone onstage at Brygga Kultursal in Halden on Thursday night. He wanted to be a part of the 45th anniversary of Halden Municipal Culture School. When it began in 1968 the name was Halden Music School. In the background we catch a glimpse of the versatile performances in front of a very satisfied audience. Photo:Max Marius Brynildsen.The young girls gathered around Alexander Rybak

The young girls gathered around Alexander Rybak


Alexander Rybak’s performance was a positive climax to many people when the culture school celebrated its 45th anniversary on Thursday night. But before the young violinist entered the stage, the audience already had a blast after having heard some impressive performances from Halden municipal Kulturskole’s own students. 
Continue reading Alexander Rybak performed at the 45th anniversary of Halden Municipal Culture School

Article: Alexander Rybak performed for Turkish Police in Alanya

Article published on Aydinses.com on April 10, 2013

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Marina Ageeva. English revision by Katie Anderson.


Police officers of Alanya were welcomed with a concert by the famous violinist Rybak.

Norwegian violinist, Alexander Rybak, who won Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with his song “Fairytale”, played the violin at the ceremony held by Alanya’s Police Department to mark the 168th anniversary of Turkish Police.
Continue reading Article: Alexander Rybak performed for Turkish Police in Alanya

Alexander Rybak performed at 20-years jubilee of Ketil Moe Race for Life. 26.8.12

Link to the source: http://www.agderposten.no/nyheter/se-bildene-fra-det-siste-ketil-moe-lopet-1.7508568

Author: Karl Johan Emanuelsen

Article published 26.08.2012

Found by Marianne Saietz, translated by Tessa Lande.

 The last ten years the Civitan clubs at Sørlandet has been responsible for the event, and they’ve done a great job, but the average age of the members increases, so now it is sadly over.

– This is an event Lillesand municipality is proud of. It is sad that this is the last time. I hope someone comes up with a good idea to keep it going, Mayor Arne Thomassen said in his speech.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak performed at 20-years jubilee of Ketil Moe Race for Life. 26.8.12

Alexander Rybak at Anniversary concert of Gjerdrum School. 6.11.2011

Alexander performed at the 50-years anniversary-show of Gjerdrum School-chorpse (Norway). With Gjerdrum School-chorps, beginners and trained,  Bjørnar Asphol and others.  Many thanks to Tessa Lande for the pictures and videos from this concert!:)

If you want to watch the videos of the concert, you can find them here.

1 Year Anniversary – Happy birthday, Facebookies.org!

It was Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, when our funny little world began its journey on the internet. This site was started by the Facebookies, friends of Alexander who met each other online, with the ambition to create the top Official International Fansite of Alexander, to gather every single piece of information related to him and to help people get acquainted with his incredible music, personality and talent.

Today, our funny little word is still here, always fresh with the latest news, translations, photos, fan art and videos. It counts almost 45.000 individual visitors from 131 countries, 565 posts and 2256 comments. And the most important, it keeps connecting people from all around the world through Alexander and music.

A warm “thank you” to

all of you

who kept this project alive throughout the year with your contributions, your comments and your love!

And of course, our thanks goes to Alexander, who brought us together and changed our lives!