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A secretive Alexander says he is ready for a change

A summary of an interview in the local news paper in Nesodden – AMTA, published 26.7.20 and in addition some info found on several accounts on Instagram.

In a short interview with the local news paper Amta in Nesodden Alexander, who by now lives at Aker Brygge, reveals that he has some certain plans and that there may be some changes this autumn. What these changes are he won’t tell yet, but in first instance this means he will spend more time in Nesodden for a while.

” It is not certain that I will be living in Oslo from this autumn to put it that way, Alexander says.

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Alexander Rybak on “loffen” – interview in Amta 19.09.2008

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Alexander Rybak on “loffen”

Eleven days this summer Alexander Rybak from Nesodden went from door to door at Sunnmøre (in the north-west of Norway) with his fiddle on his shoulder.

Source: Paper issue of Amta (local paper in Nesodden), published 19.9.2008. Text: Trond Folckersahm. Photos: Trond Folckersahm and Alexander Rybak. The interview was done at the Opera House in Oslo.
Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

– A nerve-racking, exciting, challenging, eventful and fun experience, says Alexander, who has had a very active year.

He has, among other things, been on the stage in the role as the fiddler in “Spellemann på taket” (Fiddler on the Roof) at Oslo Nye Teater. There has also been time for the recording of a movie. Alexander has a musical role, as the gypsy Levi, in the big production  «Yohan», which will premier in Norwegian cinemas next year. Concerts have of course been on the schedule. But the “raisin in the sausage” may have been the ten days on “loffen” in Giske municipality in Sunnmøre with his fiddle on his back. A maybe some unusual “stunt” from a classically trained violinist.
Text to photo: Alexander has been on the theater stage, film studio and on “loffen” this year. Who knows, maybe the opera stage is next.

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Alexander Rybak – Hungry and single – Interview in Amta 10.10.2014

Alexander Rybak is working on his biggest project ever. A story about a troll who plays violin and hide in the forest.
– The freedom to do what I want, is both the best and the worst, says the still single artist.

Text to the main photo: Home-loving: – Nesodden means two things for me. Family and Thomas. They are two important factors in my identity. Mom and Dad reminds me of how ambitious I am, while Thomas reminds me how great guy I am, and how much fun I can have with a best friend.

A meeting with our man in the fame industry

Source: Amta.no /paper issue 10.10.14.  Author: Ann-Turid Ford. Photo: Ruben Skarsvåg

Translated by Tessa La. Revision by Anni Jowett.

ON THE DOOR BELL PANEL on Bryggetorget at Aker Brygge there is no “Alexander Rybak”. A Russian-sounding name is, so I try that one, but no one opens the door. Then comes the 28-year-old with long strides across the town square. Tall and dark and slender and handsome, with a brown McDonalds bag in his hand.

– I removed the nameplate because there were so many people ringing the bell, he explains.

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Article: Rybak is super-popular at Facebook – Amta.no April 3rd 2012.

Article published on www.amta.no 3.4.2012. Link to original article: http://www.amta.no/kultur/article5998783.ece

Found by Ellen NL. Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Alexander Rybak is one of the most popular in the country at Facebook.  A new list ranks the largest Facebook-pages in the country. At the top, Opera Browser reigns with more than one million followers. The metal-band Dimmu Borgir is number two with nearly 800.000 followers.

The digital advertising-company Nodes Agency,  has made an overview of all large norwegian Facebook-pages which shows, which ones are the largest and which ones have the highest increase on a daily and weekly basis.

“The list shows clearly, that more and more companies, organizations and celebrities use Facebook-pages as tool of communication” – tells Daniel Bæk from Nodes, who has published the lists.

Alexander Rybak is number 7 on the list with 402.121 followers.

The ten largest:

1. Opera Browser: Number of fans: 1.099.261

2. Dimmu Borgir: Number of fans: 790.293

3. Zedge: Number of fans: 620.361

4. OnePiece Jump In: Number of fans: 561.032

5. Immortal: Number of fans: 506.315

6. Röyksopp: Number of fans: 426.029

7.Alexander Rybak: Number of fans: 403.657

8. Jeg har ingen venner å miste: Number of fans: 342.286

9. The Voice Number of fans: 313.086

10. Madcon Number of fans: 307.396

Article About Christmas Concert at Amta Newspaper, 22.12.2003

English translation by Hildebjörg Ha, arrangement by Tessa La and Anni Jowett

Text and photo: Øyvind Futsæter. 

 Thomas Stanghelle and Steven Ackle

I would like to participate in this kind of event every day, the whole year, Stephen Ackles said to the audience, who filled the Mission Church at Alværn to beyond bursting point on Sunday afternoon.
Together with Thomas and Turid Stanghelle, Alexander, Natasja and Igor Rybak and the Church’s children choir, he created a pre-Christmas mood which probably is still in the bone marrow of the audience. Continue reading Article About Christmas Concert at Amta Newspaper, 22.12.2003