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A figure in Alexander’s Trolle book

Ingeborg Walther : Alva in the Trolle Musical

Ingeborg Walther played the role of Alva in Alexander’s musical “Trolle og den magiske fela” in 2019.

When I first met Alexander at the audition, he seemed very kind. And it turned out to be a correct first impression.  

Ingeborg Walther

Alexander said of Ingeborg in an interview -“Many applied to audition ( for the role of Alva), almost 300. But even if it had been 3000, Ingeborg would still have got the role.”
Please read on to hear more about this talented actress/singer and her answers to our questions about the role and working with Alexander. Many thanks for joining our “Fiddler’s Bunch”

NAME: Ingeborg Walther 
BIRTHDAY: 26.09.1999 

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Alexander Rybak and Ingeborg Walther – radio NRKSørlandet 26.11.19

Trolle and Alva visited NRK’s local radio station in Kristiansand today and talked about the musical “Trolle”. It is only two days to the premiere and for Alexander it is a bit scary and at the same time really looking forward to the day his most cherished project has its premiere. We wish him and his crew all the luck.

At the end of the interview Ingeborg and Alexander sings the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

The interview was published by radio NRKSørlandet and can be listened to HERE

The video is recorded by TessaLa and has English subtitles by TessaLa, revised by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak and Ingeborg Walther in “Allsang på grensen” 2019 and interview in “Se and Hør”

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In the Norwegian TV-show “Allsang på grensen Alexander Rybak performed his legendary “Fairytale”, and “Stjernen vår”, from his upcoming musical “Trolle”, in a duet with Ingeborg Walther. Ingeborg will play the role of “Alva” in the musical.

Featured picture: photo by Allsang på grensen/Viken Foto og Video

Alexander and Ingeborg also gave an interview to the Norwegian magazine “Se and Hør”. Scroll down to read it 🙂

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Alexander Rybak – book review of “Trolle” in Aftenposten

Alexander writes about an outsider with a fiddle

Material that sparkles with the joy of storytelling.

Underline to the photo:  Alexander has found material for a children’s book in  fiddle playing.

Source: aftenposten.no Published 16.09.2015
Author: Mette Hofsødegård  Photo: Poppe Cornelius Continue reading Alexander Rybak — book review of “Trolle” in Aftenposten

Alexander Rybak – This book is my child

Rybak: The violin is my mistress, and this book is my child.

Text to the header photo: BOOK DEBUTANT: Alexander Rybak likes that the tiny Trolle resembles himself.

 Source: VG.no  Published 12.06.2015. Author: Cathrine Gonsholt Ighanian. Photo: Jan Petter Lynau and Cappelen Damm. 
 Translated by TessaLa, revison by Katie Anderson.

 Alexander Rybak (29) believes that with his new project he is a big step closer to the dream of a family life.

 The 29-year-old has become calmer and better about choosing what he will say” yes” and “no” to. For the last three years Rybak has dedicated the necessary time between battles to design the project close to his heart. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — This book is my child

Alexander Rybak debuts as author

Alexander Rybak author debuts with an outcast troll and a magic fiddle.

– This is not far from the reality.”

Source: db.no , published 12.06.15 Author: Pål Nordseth Photo Benjamin A. Ward and Cappelen Damm. Translated by TessaLa, Revision by  Bita J.

“Trolle og den magiske fela,” Alexander Rybak’s author debut, will be released in September. It is a semi-autobiographical children’s book about a lonely and outcast troll with a musical instrument that has the ability to completely bewitch its audience, and this becomes a curse for the owner. Continue reading Alexander Rybak debuts as author