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Funny Little World – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“Funny Little World” – Alexander Rybak

From “Fairytales” album, released 2009.

Music and lyrics by Alexander Rybak

Suddenly I’m famous,
and people know my name.
I’ve got a thousand girls just waiting,
and therefore it’s a shame Continue reading Funny Little World — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

Roll with the Wind – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“Roll with the Wind” – Alexander Rybak

From “Fairytales” CD, released 2009

Music and lyrics by Mårten and Lisa Eriksson

I won’t blame the hurting on you
You left in the sweetest way
I won’t say that it’s you
Making me feel this way Continue reading Roll with the Wind — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

Fairytale – lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“FAIRYTALE “- Alexander Rybak

From the “Fairytales” album, released in 2009. 

Music and lyrics by Alexander Rybak

Years ago, when I was younger
I kinda liked a girl I knew
She was mine and we were sweethearts
That was then, but then it’s true Continue reading Fairytale — lyrics — Alexander Rybak

Stary Klion (Old maple) – Alexander Rybak

The song “Stary Klion” (Old Maple) performed by Alexander Rybak at the concert of Alexandra Nikolaevna Pakhmutova. Moscow, October 23, 2009.


Stary Klion

Lyrics: M. Matusovsky. Music: Alexandra N. Pakhmutova

Transliteration by Zhenya  Russian

Staryĭ klen, staryĭ klen,
Staryĭ klen stuchit v steklo,
Priglashaya nas s druzʹyami na progulku.
Otchego, otchego,
Otchego mne tak svetlo?
Ottogo, chto ty ideshʹ po peryeulku.

Continue reading Stary Klion (Old maple) — Alexander Rybak

VÅRSØG – If You Were Gone – Alexander Rybak

If You Were Gone – Vårsøg – Alexander Rybak

The song “If You Were Gone” is original the Norwegian song “Vårsøg” (Longing for Spring) by Henning Sommero. Here is the original lyrics in Norwegian and English

Lyrics: Hans Hyldbakk Music: Henning Sommerro

No skin det sol e høgste Svealiå

No bli det vår, det kjenne e so vel
De søng så trongt kring alle dalasiå Continue reading VÅRSØG — If You Were Gone — Alexander Rybak

Report on the birth of the BOOK and the concert in Oslo, Oct., 10th ’09

“The Operation 10/10
how Rybak’s Facebookies went to Olso”
a report by
Irena Bay

Part 1

Well guys, I think it’s time for me to report back to the grid… to be honest I don’t feel that I will be able to put into words what I have experienced this weekend with these indescribably wonderful people … I know my account will fail to convey what really happened … still – I am a FB spy on duty, night and day, and I would never let you down! 😀

My story begins way earlier than the most stories you have read here until now[1]. My story began in July this year when out of the blue I found myself organizing and directing a facebook project – how the hell did that happen again?? (And why I am working on the new one in my head like crazy again since yesterday??)

Continue reading Report on the birth of the BOOK and the concert in Oslo, Oct., 10th ’09

How to contact Alexander Rybak

 Alexander Rybak answering fanmail


Alexander Rybak Fanmail
Bakkegårdsveien 6
1450 Nesoddtangen

If you would like an autograph in return, you must include a ready stamped envelope to your country of residence and with your address upon it.  Alexander does his very best to reply all fans, however we must inform you that we cannot guarantee a response.

Important: Please send your letters via regular post and NOT
as certified/registered mail.

Source: alexanderrybak.com/contact

Alexander Rybak Live in St. Petersburg, November 29th, 2009 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak concert in St. Petersburg 29. 11.2009


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