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Beyond the sea – cover by Alexander Rybak – lyrics

Alexander Rybak performed “Beyond the Sea” in the musical competition “Kjempesjansen” (The great opportinity) which he won in 2007.


Music: Charles Trenet

Lyrics: Jack Lawrence

Sailing, sailing

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing Continue reading Beyond the sea — cover by Alexander Rybak — lyrics

Alexander on the road – Interview in “Orkester- forum” Nr.1, March 22th, 2010


Orkester-forum has made an exclusive interview appointment with Alexander Rybak. After some days with calls and mail back and forth, comes the message we have been hoping for from the promoter Simen Eidsvåg:
–  Alexander will call you this evening at 18 CET – okay?
Of course, it´s okay.

Continue reading Alexander on the road — Interview in “Orkester- forum” Nr.1, March 22th, 2010

” Funny little Prague ” – A report of the meeting in Prague (Feb. 2010) by the FaceBookie Marion K.

When I met Alexander in Berlin in December (2009) I really couldn’t imagine that I would meet him again so soon. We spoke to him about having a concert in Prague but I never thought that this would really happen but then the concert was announced a couple of weeks ago and for me it was sure that I had to be there NO MATTER WHAT! Continue reading ” Funny little Prague ” — A report of the meeting in Prague (Feb. 2010) by the FaceBookie Marion K.

The Spellemann award – Alexander Rybak nominated in 3 categories March 2010


Alexander Rybak said no to Oprah

Source: Dagbladet.no, published 6. march 2010. Text: Gjermund Jappee. Translation: TessaLa

Text to picture: Fiddler: Alexander Rybak is nominated in 3 Spellemann’s awards this Saturday. Photo: Håkon Eikesdal/Dagbladet

Alexander Rybak

After a hard time Alexander Rybak (23) now feels much better. The reason is the three Spellemann awards he can walk away with tonight.

Tonight’s Grammy ceremony can give Alexander Rybak the award for “Hit of the year” for “Fairytale”. As a confirmation of how great he was in the Music Norway last year, and how quickly he got there, he may well also win both the “Newcomer of the Year” an “The male artist of the year”.

To me, these nominations is the first compliment I have for my music since I won the ESC last year, Rybak told Dagbladet. Especially in recent weeks having the chance to win the three categories meant a lot to him.

The nominations have helped me through a very difficult time. Recently wrote the 23-year-old a dramatic post on his Facebook page, where he said that he had a nervous breakdown, and turned the hands into blood hitting the wall. Rybak don’t want to explain to Dagbladet what the difficulties was about.

There is no one who believes that I can feel lonely. That I, who experience so much excitements around the world, also can have it difficult. But I am much better now. And I am very happy to have family and good friends around me.

Dropped Oprah

While Rybak describes this feeling of loneliness as the biggest downturn since the MGP victory last year, the upturn is undoubtedly the feeling of having pleased many. Those who send me letters or come up to me with a drawing, may not think that it matters to me, but it is actually what matters the most.

In addition, he is left with a number of good memories from a year of hectic tours. In Finland they were completely crazy for him, he says. In Azerbaijan, they were even crazier.

The wish to please the fans have done that has clung to agreements, even if more exciting offers would come up. Something Rybak experienced last May. Oprah wanted me to her show , but it crashed with another job, so I declined. In retrospect, it turned out that it was the right choice. I would certainly only be in half a minute and say hello.

Believe in DonkeyBoy.

Although he appreciates the three nominations, Rybak do not see it as a failure if he does not win a Spellemann award tonight. He keeps DonkeyBoy as a favorite to win “Hit of the Year”. “Ambition” came from nowhere and has risen and risen in popularity. “Fairytale” started on top and has sunk and sunk, “he laughs.

Still he is not tired of the MGP-hit, which he thinks he has performed 800 times. 

– But I am tired of that everyone else say they are tired of it. But just wait. In some years the dust will be brushed off. This is a song that people will remember. 


Rybak: Donkeyboy wins

Interview in paper issue of VG March 5th 2010
translated by Laila U.

– I am looking forwards to play along with the other artists, says Rybak who is nominated to three Grammy-awards.

The Rookie of the year-class at tomorrows Grammy award ceremony is historically strong. Alexander Rybak believes Donkeyboy wins, but that Vilde Frang deserves it.

About his own chances a modest Rybak says that others will be more happy than he to become Rookie of the year in this strong team.

– For me personally it won’t change anything if I get the award. Those who think I’m a huge flirt, will still think so even afterwards if I was to win. And I have experienced enough this last year – to me it is just another fantastic bonus being nominated to a Grammy award, says Alexander Rybak while looking at VG’s pictures of the other nominees in the Rookie-class.

– I believe Donkeyboy wins. Who is going to win depends on what the jury emphasizes. In a jury of critics , anyone can win. If it is about actuality, Donkeyboy should win, but if it is a music competition Vilde deserves to win. She is the only real musician of us all there, says Rybak who knows Vilde Frang well from Barratt Due.

– I am a huge fan of Vilde, she has been working very hard for a long time. To me she achieved star status 7 years ago.
Kråkesølv and John Olav Nilsen, must Rybak admit that he don’t know very much about, but acknowledges that it is good that they sing in Norwegian.
– I was travelling insanely much last year and didn’t have time to go to concerts or listen to new music, but I have heard that in a newspaper John Olav Nilsen called me “a figure”. That is my only impression, he says.

Of his three nominations, Rybak himself thinks he has the best chance to win the award as “best male artist”, but says he got his confirmation on how good he is when he won ESC last year.

– I am lucky enough not to depend on having an award. All the other confirmations I have got since last May is more important – like the number of violin students at the music schools is doubled, that everybody wants to dance like Frikar and that I can be an example of a crossover-artist for those who come behind me,  that people don’t lock me in one boring musical box, he says.

Short  article: Everybody supports one another

This years nominees in the Rookie of the year.award all support eachother, despite the fact that they are not only fighting for the bronze harp, but for a scholarship from GRAMO on 200.000NOK.
When Kråkesølv released “Trådnøsting” last November, John Olav Nilsen quickly put out following message on Kråkesølv’s MySpace-site: “Oi boys, congratulations with a great album, love it.”
The guys from Bodø returned the greeting the next day: “Thank you! That’s good, then we agree!”
Alexander Rybak doesn’t hide his affection for Donkeyboy. – I can hear that it comes from the heart. And “Ambitions” have a very catchy chorus, says Rybak, and gets an answer from Donkeyboys Peter Michelsen: – Nice to hear. I think I speak for all the band when I say that TRybak is a favourite, at the same time as John Olav Nilsen is excting and has strong lyrics, says Michelsen.


Alexander Rybak received “SPELLEMANNPRISEN 2009” (Artist Of The Year) 06.03.2010


Alexander Rybak Spellemann 2009 6

We are bursting with pride for our fiddler and congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts for receiving the most prestigious award in the Norwegian music business! And we are happy that some of his facebookies could be there this day and report directly from Oslo and witness this FANTASTIC moment!



Alexander Rybak Spellemann 2009 4

Alexander took part in the impressive opening performance with among others the grand old man in Norwegian folk music Knut Buen. Watch this great performance in the video below.

Opening performance

Video by Venche M.

Winner’s speech

Video by Petronella AR


Czech newspaper about Prague concert February 25th 2010


Alexander Rybak Prague Concert 2010 header


Source: http://www.koule.cz/cs/clanky/Rybak-v-Praze-nadchnul-prilakal-spise-fanousky-z-Ruska-a-Norska-4049.shtml

(Translated and commentary by Jitka, English revision by AnniJo)

[What is nonsense is there were fans from all over Europe and a lot of Czechs too, considering the short time for promotion here. Actually not so many Russians because of lack of time to get a visa and not so many Norwegians, who have enough concerts in Norway, not so big need to travel to Prague…the main language was English, even from the stage…Why should Alex speak English, if there would be only Russians and Norwegians? No!! He was speaking English, because his audience was international! – ed. Jitka] Continue reading Czech newspaper about Prague concert February 25th 2010

Russian events 2010

Thanks to our dear press-agents Facebookies Lena Snetkova and Vika Kashtankina for the pictures!

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Alexander and Igor Rybak performing at Compatriot Award in Moscow 11.02.2010

Alexander was awarded with the Russian award “Compatriot 2009”

The awarding took place the 11th of February at the Final Gala Concert at Grand Hall of House of Trade Unions, Moscow.

Alexander performed at the Gala Concert, and together with his father Igor he played “Hungarian Suite”. Here is a video of the performance, and pictures from the show you’ll find below.

Pictures from the show:

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Missed the fiddler on the Russian radio “My Music My Life”? Listen here!

Interview on Radio 7 from Febr. 19th, 2010

Translation by Olina Novikova and Irina Kuvaldina

To listen radio-show click here

Hi! Alexander Rybak is with you on the Radio 7, this is the show “My music – my life”. I’ve heard a lot of music in my life. I remember my first melody which my mother bought me when I was young:)) It was “Ooops, I did it again” by Britney Spears. When I was a child I only listened to classical music so I was surprised a lot by the fact that my mother bought me pop-music. I didn’t expect that she would invite me to this world, because she always forced me to practice. So Britney Spears “Ooops, I did it again” is my very first pop-song. Let’s listen to it with me now. Continue reading Missed the fiddler on the Russian radio “My Music My Life”? Listen here!

Schedule Archive 2009 – Alexander Rybak


Researched and collected by Milena Wiatrak and Anastasia Douvertaki,MAY

  • 5th Russia– first rehearsal of performance and press conference at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Moscow (Russia)
  • 7th – appearance at Belorussian Party in Eurodom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Moscow (Russia)
  • 9th, – apearance at the show “Poputchiki” on the radio “Echo of Moscow”, Moscow (Russia)
  • 10th – appearance at the opening ceremony of Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Moscow (Russia)
  • 11th– appearance at Belorussian Party at Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and presentation of Ani Lorak’s album, Moscow (Russia)
  • 13th– dress rehearsal of the Semifinal at Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and his birthday celebration in Norwegian Embassy, Moscow (Russia)
  • 14th – participation to the Semifinal at Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Moscow (Russia)
  • 15th– dress rehearsal of the Final at Eurovision Song Contest
  • Continue reading Schedule Archive 2009 — Alexander Rybak

Kupalinka w/lyrics – A Belarusian folksong – Alexander Rybak

“Kupalinka” a Belorussian folk song 

Alexander Rybak has performed this song many times, and it was also the song he performed on his first visit to Belarus since he left in the age of 5.  The video of his performance you’ll find below the lyrics. And if you wonder what the song is about,  read the text below the video. 


Transliteration by Zhenya Russian

Kupalínka, kupalínka,
Tseomnaya nochka,
Tseomnaya nochka,
A dze zh tvaya dochka?

Continue reading Kupalinka w/lyrics — A Belarusian folksong — Alexander Rybak

Komarovo – Alexander Rybak


Lyrics: Mikhail Tanich Music: Igor Nikolaev
Transliteration by Zhenya Russia

Na nedelʹku do vtorova ya uedu v Komarovo
Poglyadet’ otvykshim glazom na baltiĭskuyu volnu.
I na more budu razom korablem i vodolazom,
Sam sebya naĭdu v puchine,
Yesli chasom zatonu.
Na nedelʹku do vtorova ya uedu v Komarovo,
Sam sebya naĭdu v puchine, yesli chasom zatonu.

Continue reading Komarovo — Alexander Rybak

I’m Yours – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak performing Jason Mraz famous song “I’m Yours”

I’m Yours

Lyrics and music by Jason Mraz

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
Now I’m trying to get back Continue reading I’m Yours — Alexander Rybak

500 Miles – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“500 Miles” – cover by Alexander Rybak

From “Fairytales”  album, released in 2009, but only as a bonus track on the downloadable version. 

Music and lyrics by The Proclaimers

When I wake up yeah I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you
When I go out yeah I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the man who goes along with you Continue reading 500 Miles — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

Kiss and Tell – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

Kiss and Tell – Alexander Rybak

From the “Fairytales”  album,  released in 2009

Music by Alexander Rybak and Kim Bergseth
Lyrics by Alexander Rybak and Piotr Andrej

And you always try to warn me
Of the pretty girls out there
Now I finally learned my lesson
And she got a story to share. Continue reading Kiss and Tell — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

Abandoned – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“Abandoned” – Alexander Rybak

From the “Fairytales” album, released in 2009.

Music by Alexander Rybak and Kirill Moltchanov
Lyrics by Alexander Rybak and Piotr Andrej

Sleepless in the night
I try to lose my faith in you
Saying to myself
You can’t be the right one for me

Continue reading Abandoned — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

If You Were Gone – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“If You Were Gone” – Alexander Rybak

From “Fairytales” album, released in 2009.

Music and original Norwegian lyrics by Hennig Sommero
English lyrics by Alexander Rybak

If you were gone the moon would lose it’s brightness
Without your smile the finch would sing no more
And once in a while some waves would sigh with sadness Continue reading If You Were Gone — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

13 Horses – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“13 Horses” – Alexander Rybak

From “Fairytales” album, released 2009

Music and lyrics by Alexander Rybak

13 horses, swimming in the sea.
waiting for someone to find them.
Their ship is gone, and now they’re all alone
with water everywhere around them
The men were saved, from the sinking ship,
right before it started to burn. Continue reading 13 Horses — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

Funny Little World – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“Funny Little World” – Alexander Rybak

From “Fairytales” album, released 2009.

Music and lyrics by Alexander Rybak

Suddenly I’m famous,
and people know my name.
I’ve got a thousand girls just waiting,
and therefore it’s a shame Continue reading Funny Little World — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

Roll with the Wind – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“Roll with the Wind” – Alexander Rybak

From “Fairytales” CD, released 2009

Music and lyrics by Mårten and Lisa Eriksson

I won’t blame the hurting on you
You left in the sweetest way
I won’t say that it’s you
Making me feel this way Continue reading Roll with the Wind — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak