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Alexander about his clothes

“Alexander Rybak: The main criteria when buying clothes are pleasant fabric and comfortable style”

Article from the Ukrainian Internet magazine Shopper.Ua., published 1. November 2010
Translated by Sonya Luzina)

Alexander Rybak shopper UA 2– Alexander, does your surname create your stage clothes style? Do you create the style of the smart country guy intentionally?

– I don’t dwell on my style. The main thing is that my clothes should be comfortable; it mustn’t constrain my movements on stage. Continue reading Alexander about his clothes

Alexander Rybak at the concert in Kiev, Ukraine, October 19th, 2010

Thanks for videos to  Maria Turchina, Irina Kuvaldina, Sophia Khodorovskaya, Julia Bezbakh, Susanne Berlin, Snezhanna Poluboyarinova and Tessa La

Europe‘s skies

Recording by Maria Turchina

Funny little world

Recording by Maria Turchina

Continue reading Alexander Rybak at the concert in Kiev, Ukraine, October 19th, 2010

Concert in Kiev, October 19th, 2010 – Alexander Rybak and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy

Alexander Rybak and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy had an amazing concert in Kiev 19th of October 2010.  A lot of fans of Alexander came travelling from many countries in Europe to attend this concert.

Enjoy the pictures from this great concert 🙂 

(from web-sites www.absurdu.net, www.delfi.ua, www.e-motion.tochka.net and our great photographers Lena Snetkova, Victoria Kashtankina, Snezhanna Poluboyarinova)

Interview in the Ukrainian magazine “Твои кумиры” (“Your idols”).

The Ukrainian vacation of Alexander Rybak

Found and translated to English by Sonya Luzina, revison by Anni Jowett

He’s the favorite of millions of girls across Europe and despite his big popularity, he adores strawberry cocktails, he sees the world through childish naive eyes, and he smiles so sincerely and openly that you will start to believe in fairy tales!

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, continues his victorious journey across Europe. Ukraine doesn’t remain behind. Despite his busy schedule. Sasha has visited the place here already, at least three times, and he even has spent a small vacation somewhere and in the Ukrainian capital. The artist in secret has informed “ТК” [The Ukrainian magazine] that he prepares a pleasant surprise for the Ukrainian fans this autumn. What? He insisted not to tell, therefore we will only give a hint: there is a big tour of Sasha ahead.

– Sasha, it’s not your first time in Ukraine, not the first time in Kiev…

– But I feel like this is the first time. How many times I been? Three? Last year in the autumn I had a tour across Ukraine, but the schedule was very busy: interview, filming, performances, and the weather didn’t favor – it was very cold. And in the summer I came to perform only for three hours. There was no time even to see Kiev. And now everybody smiles warmly, girls in skirts.

– Did you take a walk in the city this time?

– Yes. Such beautiful buildings and architecture here! Kiev strongly differs from Moscow. It’s beautiful there too, but, probably, even with an overabundance. Over here buildings and historical monuments are where it’s suitable, therefore you estimate their beauty much more.

– You were born in Belarus, you live in Norway, now you often have to tour in different countries of Europe. Do you have a favorite city, a favorite country?

– My favorite country – Norway. Because I know very well the culture of this country, this nation, it is my family. And from the CIS countries, Baltic is very interesting to me. I’m inquisitive, to me everything is interesting: culture, architecture, history monuments. Besides, there are special people, very honest. In Norway, for example, people always smile to you, but most likely because it is so accepted. And they come with all their heart to you, sincerely. And it is visibly an unaided sight. And still, next to Norway and Belarus, I would place Finland. I love this country very much.

Continue reading Interview in the Ukrainian magazine “Твои кумиры” (“Your idols”).

Alexander’s concerts in China were cancelled due to politics

Alexander was going to perform in China on 1, 2 and 5 November for the musical “Some Sunny Night” by Thomas Stanghelle, where he portrays Ketil Moe, a respected figure among Norwegian athletes, who gave a personal fight against cystic fibrosis. His parents would participate as well.

Unfortunately, the concerts were suddenly cancelled by the Chinese Department of Culture yesterday, in the context of the general anger of the Chinese government against Norway, after the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiabo, a dissident and political prisoner in China. No other Norwegian artists are known to face similar problems in China so far.

Alexander talked to NRK and TV2 about this issue. Links found by Marianne Saietz (who also pays the subscription to let us watch TV2!) and Vigdis Ar. Uploading by Yannis Papadopoulos. Many thanks for the translation to Tessa La!

More articles about the cancellation here:

Found by Hege Anita SteinvikVG Newspaper

Found by Sara Anja RuskeDagbladet Newspaper

Found by Vigdis ArSide2 website

Alexander Rybak and Nordic Chamber Orchestra at the concert in Sundsvall, Sweden, October 8th, 2010

Alexander Rybak in concert with the Nordic Chamber Orcehstra.

In addition to sing his own songs, Alexander took place in the orchestra and  joined them playing “Die Fledermaus” (The Bat) by Johann Strauss II.

(recording by Mary-Ann Hansson)


Alexander Rybak in the October issue of “Rusfri”- Norwegian Blue Cross magazine 2010

The fiddler Alexander Rybak asks:

What is the big point of alcohol consumption?

Source: Blakors.no Published: October 2010
Thanks to Tessa La and Laila Ulvseth for the great translation!

The Norwegian fiddler, Alexander Rybak says he enjoys the role model status he seems to have achieved among children and adolescents. He regularly looking for good questions when the topic of alcohol and drug use is on the agenda.

It is not easy to get an interview with the famous son of Nesodden, Alexander Rybak. But in the end we got an one-hour talk in Oslo, on a nice sushi restaurant right next to Rybak’s apartment at Aker Brygge. The weather was so summary that we could sit outside – and with that we got a slightly view both of the Oslo Fjord and his childhood home there in the distance. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in the October issue of “Rusfri”- Norwegian Blue Cross magazine 2010

Videos from Alexander’s visit to Malta, September 18th, 2010


Alexander visited Malta for a private gig at the Russian Embassy and got invited by the popular show “Clint on One”, simulcasted by radio and TV, thanks to contacts made by facebookie Milena Windmill!
Performance of “Europe Skies”, uploaded by SuperBerenika.
Interview to ESCToday at the Russian Boarding School, researched by Tessa La.
More videos from ESCToday to be found here: http://www.esctoday.com/news/read/16135
The interview to “Clint on One”, recoded and uploaded by Yannis P.
Interview to Maltastar, uploaded by Ronja Laupitaja.
Report from the 19:30 news program on channel One. Recorded by Simone Fey and uploaded by Yannis P.


Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen -Summer Show and Meet and Greet in Tønsberg July 2010

Videos from Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen’s summer show Spellemenn at Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg Norway in July 2010.

 From the concert:

“Klinga mina klockor” ( by Laila S)

Introduction+ “Det er vi ändå” ( by Kjersti )


Video: Alexander in polish TV-program “TVP-INFO”. September 7th, 2010

Polish cultural program, showing some of the music-video for ” Oah” and presenting Alexander in Poland.

Uploading, translation and English subtitles by Navin and Anna Gajda


Scroll forward to 5.20


Facebookies, reporting from Tønsberg. July 31st. 2010. PART 4

Vic Arreg,  Hilde Jordahl., Lubomira Lubka

A collection of the ‘” Tønsbookies” reports by Marianne Saietz.

On July 31st. 2010, Alexander Rybak was giving a concert,  with Elisabeth Andreassen and their mutual musicians, in the norwegian town Tønsberg – a bit south of Oslo. More than 70 fans of Alexander, who met eachother on his official facebook-fanpage, had decided to meet eachother in Tønsberg and go to the concert together on july 31st. They planned the travel and the meeting for a long time.  Early, they realized, that this was going to be the largest gathering of Rybaks Facebookies, ever! Continue reading Facebookies, reporting from Tønsberg. July 31st. 2010. PART 4

Alexanders visit in Poland, Sept.4th – 6th, 2010. Facebookies reporting.

Alexander’s arrival in the airport of Lodz

Report and photos by Anna Gajda, Poland
“Greeting Sasza in Lodz Airport¨
I did not have much time to prepare for this meeting as it was announced at 11.30 that he would arrive in Lodz at 13.20. So I had to hurry up, pack for Warsaw (as I was going to Meet & Greet), run to the shop to buy small gift for the Fiddler and then at the bus stop, which fortunatelly is close to my house. I had a bit more than an hour for all of those, but I managed 🙂 I was supported by other Polish fans and my boyfriend 🙂

Norwegian/Swedish summer party at Voksenåsen, Norway, 28.10.2010

Alexander Rybak and his violinists, Maria, Kathrine and Olga performed at the Norwegian/Swedish summer party at Voksenåsen Culture and Conference Hotel.

The event was arranged by Visit Sweden and the hotel as a celebration of the long time Norwegian/Swedish collaboration. The Hotel was given Norway as a national gift by Sweden 50 years ago, and they invited all to a free event with artists from both Sweden and Norway. 

It was an outdoor concert and unfortunately it was a heavy rain, but that didn’t stop Alexander for giving a performance. And thanks to Kjertsi T and Austen Potter who recorded Alexander’s performance, we can enjoy this concert too. 🙂 


Why Not Me?

Europe Skies

Roll With The Wind


Alexander performing “Fairytale” at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert 11.12.2009

Alexander Rybak performing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2009.

Alexander was one of the artists that performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2009, in Oslo Spektrum, Norway, in honor of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who got the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. The concert was hosted by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“Fairytale” was rearranged especially for this performance.

Alexander accidentally dropped his violin on the floor, and it got out of tune. This video shows the performance corrected by NRK, by using the sound from the last rehearsal before the concert.

List of visited countries – Alexander Rybak

No available translations found

Alexander Rybak – the globetrotter performer 

Since his winning of the ESC in Moscow – May 2009 –  Alexander Rybak has visited  44 countries in Europe, America and Asia, where he has performed at public or private events we know about. 

Latest country added: Slovakia  – April 2019

Argentina (April 2016)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Hungary (19.8.15)
Myanmar (9.11.2017)
Philippines (4.11.17)
Qatar (11.1.15)
Portugal (April 2018)
Slovakia (April 2019)
United Kingdom


Alexander Rybak perform the cover of the song “Skin”

Alexander Rybak’s version of the song “Skin”(Sarabeth), a song written by Doug Johnson and Joe Henry and originally performed by American country music group Rascal Flatts.

Alexander performed “Skin” in the summer show “Spellemenn” (Fiddlers) in Tønsberg 2010.  Enjoy this very touching performance, recorded by Julia Bezbakh in July 2010. Lyrics you’ll find below the video.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak perform the cover of the song “Skin”

Meet & Greet in Tønsberg in VG, 31.7.2010

(Translation to English and photos by Tessa La)

Stole a kiss from the hero!

Alexander Rybak hugged his Facebook fans for two hours yesterday. However, only Victoria A. stole a kiss from the hero. Victoria A. was one of about 100 women and a man from 20 countries, who via the Facebook site of Rybak fans had gathered in the city to watch the hero play last night.

Victoria had travelled the longest of them all, from Canada. And when Rybak entirely surprising invited all participants of “Rybak Facebook-tour” to a Meet & Greet at the Klubben Hotel before the concert, Victoria knew what she wanted. A kiss from the hero. With a fan to keep her head clear, she leaned forward and gave Alexander a kiss on the tip of his nose when it was her turn in the two hour-long hugging queue. Continue reading Meet & Greet in Tønsberg in VG, 31.7.2010

Alexander’s appearance at the Norwegian show “Sommertid”, TV2, July 23th, 2010


(English translation by Tessa La, Russian transalion and subs by Olina Novikova)


Interview and short violin performances

Alex performs a piece from Ole Bull, jazz and Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”


Live performance of “Europe’s Skies”

Alexander in FHM (For Him Magazine) August 2010

 Alexander Rybak

The fiddler reveals his darkest secrets…

Alexander Rybak FHM magaziine

(Found by Gesine Riech and translated by Hildebjørg Haugan and Tessa La.)

We tried to get an interview with you right after you won the Norwegian national ESC-final last year. Your manager said that they would probably try to make an appointment, but somehow we never got an interview. Did you hear anything about the interview?

No, and that is one reasons why I have changed manager. I was also scheduled to perform at a children’s festival. Suddenly it was gone from the calendar, and when I asked why, I was told that they would not have me after all. I called them to check, and was told that they wanted me, but that 200 000 NOK was too much for them. It’s okay that people are megalomaniac, but not that they are dishonest. I become directly evil when I do not get what I want…

Evil? Define evil, eh, please?

It is more proper to say I become like a spoiled little child. Prior to the ESC this year, NRK and my former management decided that I should fly down to the stage. I did not want to do that. When I got zero response to my complaints, I chose rather to go to VG [newspaper] and tell that they wanted me to fly. Thus, the news was released, so they had to drop the idea. But it sucks that I need to burn bridges to get what I want.

Continue reading Alexander in FHM (For Him Magazine) August 2010

100.000 members on Alexander’s page!

Aquarelle painting by Ingegerd Claesson

Since 22 July 2010, 13.52 CET, the official Facebook page of Alex has over 100.000 members!

Of course the actual popularity of Alex is much bigger, as the other pages about him on Facebook make a total of about half a million members. Still, this is a remarkable moment for all of us, who met each other on this page and became friends (hence the name “Facebookies”).

Alexander in Allsang på grensen (Norway), June 30th, 2010

Alexander Rybak performed two songs in the Norwegian sing along TV-show “Allsang på grensen” on TV2  🙂

Singing Jørgen Hattemaker with Kathrine Moholt, recorded by Gullskoify

Europe’s Skies, recorded by Josephina143

Jazz concert – Alexander Rybak – Valdres Sommersymfoni, Fagernes, Norway June 26th, 2010

Jazz concert – Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli

Alexander Rybak, Felix Peikli (clarinet), Gunnar Flagstad (piano), Sjur Bjærke (bass) and Øystein Aarnes Vik (drums) in a concert for Valdres Sommersymfoni’s project “Playing for a Future” in Fagernes, Norway the 26th of June 2010. Continue reading Jazz concert — Alexander Rybak — Valdres Sommersymfoni, Fagernes, Norway June 26th, 2010