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Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11

Found and translated by Tessa La. Photo on the paper acquired by Tessa La through phone and enhanced by Yannis P.

By: Morten Hegseth and Marcus Husby

Alexander leans to his mother’s comforting words, when the scandal headlines and life is as toughest. Now he has moved on after the tough “Shall we dance” –time in Sweden with sleeping pills, disease and infidelity stories in the weekly press. I don’t think about the time in Sweden anymore, it’s so long ago now.  I’m done with that period of my life, Rybak said.


Both the Swedish and Norwegian magazine unfolding Rybak’s alleged relationship with his Swedish “Shall we dance” partner Malin Johansson (24) at the final party to the dance competition. This happened while Rybak is in a relationship with his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad – which he proclaimed his love for at the “Spellemann” this year.

– I felt disgusted when the article was published. It was not good. It is not myself I think of first and foremost, but my closest family and friends. I always notify them before such “doomsday cases” are in print, but this was not ok. No one wants to see kissing pictures smeared out all over a front page, he said.

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Abandoned – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“Abandoned” – Alexander Rybak

From the “Fairytales” album, released in 2009.

Music by Alexander Rybak and Kirill Moltchanov
Lyrics by Alexander Rybak and Piotr Andrej

Sleepless in the night
I try to lose my faith in you
Saying to myself
You can’t be the right one for me

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