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Swinging Home for Christmas 2010 – Alexander Rybak’s Christmas Tour

“Swinging Home for Christmas”

10 year anniversary!

Alexander Rybak’s dream about having his own Christmas tour came true in 2010. With a big band of 11 clever musicians, his own stuff and crooner versions of American and Norwegian Christmas classics, he went on tour visiting 10 Norwegian cities and 16 concerts.

This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary and below you’ll find videos from the concert, the tour list with the name of the local guest artists, interviews where he promoted the tour and also what some of his tour buddies say about working with him 🙂 Just scroll down and enjoy 🙂

The leaflet handed out to the people who attended the concerts

From the text in the leaflet :
“There will be pop, swing, jazz, classical pearls and musical antics by an unpretentious bunch who love having fun on stage. So there will be humour and music, a lot of music!”

And as you can see from the videos below he definitely met those expectations 🙂

Alexander released an EP produced exclusively for the Christmas show “Swinging Home for Christmas”. The EP, signed by Alexander, was sold only at the concerts and on (No longer available)

The songs on the EP

Let It Snow (Styne/Cahn)
Tell Me When (Rybak)
Blue Christmas (Hayes/Johnsen)
I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Ram/Gannon/Kent)

The tour list – 11 places, 16 concerts

In each city Alexander invited a local guest artists to join him in a duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, except for the concert in Nøtterøy where he performed the song “All I Have to Do Is Dream” in a duet with Didrik Solli-Tangen. In addition to the duet, the guest artists also performed a solo number. Here you can watch Mareike Wang’s solo number “I Wish You a Merry Little Christmas” and Lisa Nybrott’s duet and solo number “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “I Wish You a Merry Little Christmas”. To the concert in Arendal he invited two guest artists 🙂

The musicians and their instruments in Alexander Rybak's Christmas big band
Violin and backing singers: Maria Strøm Slyngstad, Kathrine Hvinden Hals and Olga Kivaeva
Trumpet: Jens Petter Antonsen
Trombone: Arild Hillestad
Saxophones/flutes: Børge-Are Halvorsen
Keyboards: Hilmar Kristoffersen
Guitars: Odd Norvall Ramstad
Bass: Torfinn Thorsen
Drums: Trygve Tambs-Lykke
Vocal and violin: Alexander Rybak
Tour list: date, place and local artist
30.11. – Sandnes – Mareike Wang
01.12. – Sandnes – Mareike Wang
02.12. – Trondheim – Ingrid Haukland
03.12. – Trodheim – Ingrid Haukland
06.12. – Nøtterøy – Didrik Solli-Tangen
07.12. – Arendal – Kristina Oletta Bjorvatten Myhren and Ole Gustav Johnsen
12.12. – Ålesund – Liv-Jorunn Håker Ottesen
13.12. – Molde – Siri Hjelset
16.12. – Lillehammer – Juliane Pycroft-Fixter Husvik
17.12. – Hamar – Lisa Nybrott
18.12. – Kolbotn – Signe Sørli
19.12. – Kolbotn – Signe Sørli
20.12. – Chat Noir, Oslo – Annsofi
21.12. – Chat Noir, Oslo – Annsofi
22.12. – Drammen, 2 concerts the same day – Annsofi

As you can see from the tour list there were days without concerts, but did he relax those days? Definitely not. As usual back then he filled up his schedule. In addition to concerts in Iceland (4.-6.12), a ‘Meet & Greet‘ and performing at a memorial concert in Moscow (8.-10.12.), he gave several interviews and also appeared in a Norwegian TV-show, singing “The Christmas Song”. This was pre-recorded in May though 🙂

Click on the picture below to read what some of his travelling buddies say about working with him 🙂

The promotion of the Christmas tour was good and Alexander appeared in several TV-shows and interviews telling about the tour. Here are two of the interviews Alexander did before the tour started.

Click on the picture to watch Alexander on the morning TV-show “God morgen Norge” 26.11.2010. The video includes the songs “Romjulsdrøm” and “Let it Snow”.

Click on the picture to watch the interview with Alexander in MorgenNytt on NRK1 25.11.2010. The video also includes some glimpses from the rehearsal of the tour 🙂

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