24 thoughts on “Surprise!;) Amazing back-stage video from Ådne”

  1. G’day, fantastic backstage clip, its fun to see how they spend their spare time between shows and all those many hours of travel

  2. Oh god I can never stop laughing at this, a whole 5 minutes of constant laughter and smiling!! :’)

  3. Sorry, but the guys from the ballet obtuse. Why do you show this video? What does it matter? Kids have fun? My niece looks, can not take her eyes. : )))))?

  4. Извините,но я не поняла..а как русские субтитры смотреть?

  5. Det var nog bra när alex säger
    -It´s good we don´t have Ulf-Arne with us… Fa&%¤#… what a c&%*#… plane… I thinks it´s going ok then… ^^
    Elsker deg Alexander!

  6. That was hilarious. Thank you so much for the translation, Laila and Veronica. xXx

  7. Thank you for the translation! :))
    Very good video 😀
    They all are so funny and cool! 😀


    i can´t anymore it´s too funny for me 😀

    very nice video 😉

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