Alexander Rybak: “I don’t complain about anything!” – The press-conference in Vitebsk 12.07.2012.

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The project “Star Hour” at the 21st International Art Festival “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” has changed greatly. First of all journalists didn’t see a constant host Victor Tatarsky. This year Sergei Shustitsky and Alexei Ostudin will represent the stars by chain. By the way, as the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, a famous composer and TV host Sergei Shustitsky stated at the opening of the first meeting of the International Press-center, he is going to lead the program “Star Hour” being in the shadows, allowing the stars to communicate with journalists. Sergei does not like scandals, he is for a good will, moreover, the format of “Star Hour” will be strictly regulated because of TV recordings.

Meeting at the International Press-center with Alexander Rybak wasn’t planned, but it was a baptism of fire for the co-host Alexei Ostudin and a Norwegian with Belarusian soul Alexander Rybak has demonstrated a sincere desire to communicate with the press without fear of any questions. And they were tricky. For example:

– Sasha, do you want to become a father?

– No, I’m working hard not to become him!

– You have a mystical birthday – the 13th, and you were born in May. Doesn’t it disturb you for a living?

– I’ll tell you more, I was born on Friday! No, I don’t complain about anything, because I chose such a life. I don’t understand the meaning of the word “toil”. Don’t forget I have lived for many years in Norway and spoke mainly Norwegian. But if you mean the difficulties, great experience, then yes, it’s in my life.

– Can you say that after winning the “Eurovision” in 2009, the European show-business parted in front of you and took you? And didn’t you become a hostage of successfully sung song?

– Yes, I think that I was accepted. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to get acquainted with Philip Kirkorov, I am often invited to various concerts. But from America, I still refuse, although I was invited. For me the performance in the smallest hall of Norway is much more important than any huge show in another country. There are different career paths. I have my own. Because I am a man of another radio broadcast format. Frankly, I didn’t “format” for a long time! I am a violinist, I was born in a musical family, with classical music, and even now I don’t sign with anybody in show-business any contracts. During the time that passed since “Eurovision”, I wrote a lot of my own music, songs, and received higher education. Incidentally, “the master of the violin” is written in the column “education”. In Norway, I have a project; I work with small bands, make arrangements. I want to show that the violin is not a boring tool!

– Do you support a link with Belarus, Vitebsk?

– Yes, of course, my grandmother, niece live in Vitebsk – I’ll be on her birthday, she turns 6 years old.

– Where do you like to relax?

– I relax during my work. For example, I write in an airplane or train. 2-3 hours of rest is quite enough for me. And the most important, I rest when I see people’s smiles.

– Which plans do you have?

– I would like to try as an actor.

– Is there a woman you would like to see next to each other?

– No, I haven’t met such a woman. But I think that it should be close to me not only physically but also mentally. In general, such a woman I wouldn’t want to exchange!

– Do you have something in you life you regret?

– Oh, no. I think I am too young to regret about something. But, I think I’ll remember about something later.

– Sasha, you are a Belarusian, and diligence and patience are associated with Belarusian people. Do you have these qualities?

– Yeah, sure, I always try to do everything perfect. I can not stand optionality.

– Do you want to live in Belarus?

– I would like to have a cottage. In general, I wish that more people learned about this country and come here.

– How do you recover after a hard work, moving, perfomances?

– I just save up energy. But after the concert when I see that fans want to make photo with me, get an autograph, I never refuse. But at the same time I restrain in the sense of emotion, I’m always calm – and this is my secret. Oh, it seems not longer a secret!..

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