Songs Alexander Rybak has composed, released or featured in since 2009

When music is your life….

Songs Alexander has composed, released or featured in releases by other artists since 2009.

Since his tremendous victory in Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Alexander has composed and released a lot of songs and also contributed in other artists releases. It has been many years with great music, whether it is new songs, rearranged covers, mash ups, medleys or just featuring other artists adding his brilliant violin sound to their songs.

Releases before 2009

Alexander was an often used studio artist, and by that he has performed on many recordings. The family Rybak’s collaboration with the Stanghelle family and also Stephen Ackles, also led to participation on several CDs.

In 2005 Alexander released a promo CD.

The CD “Stemninger” (Moods) was released in limited edition. The CD contains 7 songs composed by himself and 4 covers. Read more about the CD and listen to a short part of each of these beautiful songs HERE.

List of songs from 2009 until today

Below you’ll find an overview of these songs, listed in 6 categories. The lists are based on releases on streaming services, physical CDs, uploads on Alexander’s YT channel and his own compositions that we know of since 2009. If you see we have forgotten some or you disagree with the lists, please comment below 🙂

Some info about the lists:

  • Each category is organized by release date. The date is written after the title in brackets.
  • If the song is not in English, you’ll see No (Norwegian), Sp (Spanish) Ru (Russian) Se (Swedish) Be (Belorussian), and the English title written in brackets.
  • HGVM = the Norwegian music TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” (Everytime We Meet)
  • OTO = One to One, the Russian Music TV-show where Alexander become second. We have only listed the songs Alexander has on his own YT-channel
  • SNHN – The Christmas Tour Stille Natta Hellige Natt. Each year they release a new CD with songs from the concert. The CD is only for sale at the concerts.

To Jump directly to each song list, click on your choice in the content list below

  1. Songs composed by Alexander Rybak
  2. Songs composed by others for Alexander Rybak
  3. ESC/MGP Medleys and Mash Ups
  4. Classical pieces composed by others
  5. Covers
  6. Featuring/collaborations with other artists
A playlist with songs from the list below, made by May E. Nipen

1. Songs composed by Alexander Rybak

If the songs are made in collaboration with others, this is mentioned after the title.

  1. MAGIC (2020)
  2. My Whole World (2020)
  3. Give Me Rain (2020)
  4. I’m Still Here (2019) a re-release with Alexander on vocals
  5. That’s How You Write a Song  (2018)
  6. Let the Music Guide You (2018)
  7. Til Julie (2017)
  8. Looking My Way (2017) –  Music/lyrics: Alexander Rybak & Philip Cecil
  9. Return (2017) 
  10. MOM (2017) 
  11. I Came to Love You (2017)
  12. Foolin (2016) and (2006)
  13. Gråtass ordner opp (No)(2016) (Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day) music for a TV-game. Alexander ans Svein Gundersen.
  14. Lyublyu tebya kak ran’she (Ru) (2016) (I Love You as Before) Lyrics: Alexander Rybak, Jaroslav Rakitin
  15. Lapochka (Be)(2015)(Sweetheart) – Vocals: MILKI Lyrics: Alexander Rybak, Jaroslav Raktitin
  16. Kotik (Ru) (2015 ) (Kitten) Lyrics; Alexander Rybak and I. Rakitin
  17. Venner (No) (2015 Trolle) (Friends) – vocals: Alexander and Pernille Hogstad
  18. Du bare du (No) (2015 Trolle) (You, Only You) –  Vocals: Pernille Hogstad
  19. Være på vakt (No) (2015 Trolle) (Be Aware) Vocals: Anders Baasmo Christensen, Pernille Hogstad
  20. Trollbinde deg (No) (2015)(Trolle) (Enchant You)
  21. Den magiske fela (No) (2015)(Trolle) (The Magic fiddle)
  22. Danse for trærne (No) (2015)(Trolle) (Dancing for the Trees)
  23. Blant fjell (No) (2015)( Trolle)(Among Mountains
  24. Alvas vals (No) (2015)(Trolle) (Alva’s Waltz) – Instrumental
  25. Kom deg vekk (No) (2015)(Trolle) (Go Away) Vocals: Anders Baasmo Christansen, Pernille Hogstad, Alexander Rybak
  26. Vakrere enn hun jeg hadde sist (No) (2015)(Trolle) (More Beautiful Than My Last One) (2015)(Trolle) Vocals: Stig Werner Moe
  27. Jeg vil være for meg selv (No) )2015)(Trolle) (I want to Be By myself) – Vocals: Pernille Hogstad
  28. Kom til meg (No) (2015)(Trolle)(Come to Me) Vocals: Stig Werner Moe
  29. 13 Hester (2015) 13 Horses released in Norwegian. Vocals and lyrics by Sigvart Dagsland. Music: Alexander Rybak
  30. Into A Fantasy (2014)
  31. I dine hender (2014) (In Your Hands) – Vocals: Emil Solli-Tangen 
  32. Accent (2014)  Vocals: MILKI (national ESC Belarus)
  33. 5 to 7 Years (2014)
  34. Still Here (2014)  – vocals: Franklin Calleja (ESC Malta )
  35. Berg og Dalbane (No) (2013)(Roller Coaster Ride)instrumental
  36. I’m with You (2013) – Vocals: Annsofi (MGP Norway)
  37. Leave Me Alone (2012) Lyrics: Alexander Rybak. Music: Alexander Rybak and David Eriksen
  38. Dostala (Ru) (2012) Russian version of Leave Me Alone. Russian lyrics: Alexander Rybak, Irina Tsapenko and Yulia Bezbakh
  39. Presents (2012)  – duett with Didrik Solli-Tangen. Lyrics and music by Alexander Rybak
  40. Tell Me When (2012)
  41. Niebaschil Jeŭropy (2012) Belorussian version of Europe’s Skies. Lyrics: Gleb Lobodenko
  42. Dagdrøm (No) (2012) (Day Dream) – Instrumental
  43. I’ll Show You (2012) – Duet with Paula Selling
  44. Strela Amura (Ru)(2012) (Cupid’s Arrow) Russian version of Oah. Russian lyrics: Anna Tereshchenko
  45. Din Första Kyss (Se) (2011) (Your First Kiss) Music: Alexander Rybak. Lyrics: Mats Paulson
  46. Resan til dig (Se) (2011) (The Journey to You) Music: Alexander Rybak. Lyrics: Mats Paulson
  47. En katt på min kudde (Se) (2011) (A Cat on My Pillow) Music: Alexander Rybak. Lyrics: Mats Paulson
  48. Jag föddes ur havet (Se) (2011) (I’m Born Out of The Sea) Music: Alexander Rybak. Lyrics: Mats Paulson
  49. Fela igjen (No) (2011) (Got The Fiddle in Return) Lyrics : 
  50. Atlantis (No) (2011) – Norwegian “Russe-song” Vocals: The russe girls.
  51. Pax De Deux (2011) – violin duet with Kathrine Hvinden Hals
  52. You (2010) Performed by Didrik Solli-Tangen
  53. Tell Me When (2010)
  54. First Kiss (2010) – Lyrics: Alexander Rybak/Thomas Wærnes
  55. Oah (2010) – Music: Alexander Rybak, Markus Eriksen, Sebastian Dankel, Åsmund Berge Jenen
  56. Dare I say (2010) 
  57. Lish’ Na Mig (2010) Russian version of Dare I Say. Lyrics: Elena Volzhskaya
  58. Nebesa Yevropy (2010) Europe’s Skies in Russian. Lyrics:
  59. Europe’s Skies (2010) – Lyrics Alexander Rybak/Thomas Værnes
  60. Suomi (2010) – Lyrics: Alexander Rybak/Thomas Værnes
  61. Barndance (2010)
  62. Why Not Me (2010)
  63. Kathrin (2010) Russian version of “Why Not Me”. Lyrics: Alexander Rybak and Diana Golde
  64. Nostalgi (2010) from the movie “Yohan – Barnevandrer”
  65. Skazka (2009) – Russian version of Fairytale. Lyrics by: Tatiana Levina
  66. Fairytale (Fr)(2009) French version of Fairytale. Lyrics: Thierry Samois
  67. Fairytale (2009) 
  68. Dolphin (2009)
  69. Kiss & Tell (2009) – Music: Alexander Rybak, Kim Bergseth Lyrics: Alexander Rybak, Piotr Andrej
  70. Funny Little World (2009)
  71. 13 Horses (2009) 
Songs composed by others for Alexander. Playlist made by Venche M.

2. Songs composed by others for Alexander

  1. Stjernen vår (Our Star) (2015) (Trolle) music by Igor Rybak. Lyrics Alexander Rybak. Vocals: Pernille Hogstad, Alexander Rybak
  2. What I Long For (2014)- Lyrics: Elisabet Mjanger. Music: Elisabet Mjanger, Alexander Rybak
  3. Ya Ne Veryu V Chudesa (2009) (I Don’t Believe in Miracles) Theme soundtrack in the Russian movie Black Lightning (Chernaya Molniya), premiered 28.12.2009
  4. Roll with the Wind (2009 ) Music and lyrics: Mårten and Lisa Eriksson
Opening act Norwegian MGP final 2019
Incl. Nocturne, La det Swinge, Fairytale and That’s How You Write a Song

3. ESC/MGP – Medleys and Mash Ups

  1. MGP 2019 Opening Medley
  2. Mash Up 1 MGP 2019
  3. Mash Up 2 MGP 2019
  4. MGP 2018 Violin Jam
  5. Eurovision 2018 Violin Jam 1
  6. Eurovision 2018 Violin Jam 2
  7. MGP-Medley Danish MGP 2012
  8. MGP-Medley Norwegian MGP 2012
Ronde de Lutins – Bazzini

4. Classical pieces composed by others

  1. “Entracte” for 2 violins (2019)- by Aleksandr Glazunov – Duet: Alexander Rybak & Ingrid Berg Mehus
  2. Clair de Lune (2015) by Claude Debussy
  3. Sæterjentenes søndag (2015) (Soot-Spelet) by Ole Bull
  4. Ronde des Lutins  (2013) by Bazzini
  5.  Mitt Hjerte alltid vanker (2012) (My Heart Always Wandering) – Christmas hymn – by Hans Adolph Brorson
  6. Song From a Secret Garden (2009)- by Rolf Løvland
  7. Vocalise – (2009) by Sergei Rachmaninoff
“Kan jeg gjøre no med det?”
(Can I Do Something About It?)
From the Norwegian TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014


  1. 33 Años (2020) by Julio Iglesias – Spanish
  2. Christmas Medley (No)(2019) (SNHN) The artists in SNHN 2018 singing the songs: Jeg er så glad hver julekveld (I’m So happy Every Christmas Eve), Glade Jul (Silent Night), Et barn er født i Betlehem – (A Child Is Born in Bethlehem)
  3. Romjulsdrøm (No)(2018) (Christmas Dream) Music: Thoralf Borg  Lyrics: Alf Prøysen
  4. Jealous (2018) by Dick Finch / Jack Little / Tommie Malie
  5. Fattig Bonddräng (Se)(2018)(Poor Farmer Boy) with Kalle Moraeus. Lyrics: Astrid Lindgren. Music: Georg Riedel
  6. Just the Way You Look Tonight (2018) –  by Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields
  7. FIFA (2018)  a gamer tribute based on the song Fever 
  8. Fever (2018) – Music: Eddie Cooley & Otis Blackwell
  9. Amar Pelos Dois (2017) TRIBUTE  COVER – Music by Salvador and Luisa Sobral.  English lyrics : Alexander Rybak
  10. Just a Closer Walk with Thee (2017) a traditional American Gospel song
  11. Adieu (2016) by Jahn Teigen
  12. Jamala Violin Cover (2017) Violin version of the song “1944” by Jamala
  13. Abrazame (Sp)(2016) (Hold Me) by Julio Iglesias and Rafael Ferro
  14. Rise Like a Phoenix (2015) (OTO) Music and lyrics: Charlie Mason, Joey Patulka, Alexander Zuckowski og Julian Maas 
  15. Trolololo (Ru) (2015) (OTO) by Arkady Ostrovsky – orgininal artist Eduard Khil
  16. Lady in Red (2015) (OTO) by Chris de Burg
  17. I Will Survive (2015) (OTO) by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris. Original artist Gloria Gaynor.
  18. I Believe (2015) (OTO) by Dima Bilan, Jim Beanz and Timbaland – original artist Dima Bilan
  19. Akh, Samara-gorodok (Ru)(2015(OTO) (Ah, Samara Town) original artist Lyudmilla Ryumina
  20. Smooth Escape (2014) (HGVM) original artist D’Sound
  21. Strange Little Bird (2014)(HGVM) original artist Anneli Drecker
  22. Lucky One (2014) (HGVM) original artist Elg
  23. All I Wanna Do (2014) (HGVM) Duet with Simone Eriksrud. Original artist D’Sound
  24. Kan jeg gjøre noe med det? (2014)(HGVM) original artist Sigvart Dagsland
  25. UT (2014) (HGVM) original artist De Lillos
  26. Penger (Money) (2014) (HGVM) original artist Samsaya
  27. Neste sommer (2014)(HGVM) – all artists – final song – original artist De Lillos.
  28. Baby It’s Cold Outside (2012)  Duet with Annsofi – by F. Loesser
  29. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (2012) J. Marks
  30. Silver Bells (2012) J. Livingston / R. Evans
  31. The Christmas Song (2012) M.Tomre/R. Wells
  32. Silent Night (2012) J. Freeman young/ F. Xaver Gruber /J. Mohr
  33. Winter Wonderland (2012) F. Bernard/ R.B. Smith
  34. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2012) H. Martin/ R. Blane
  35. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (2012) J.F. Coots / H. Gillespie
  36. Røvervisa (2012) A tribute to Torbjørn Egner. Vocals: Tooji, Didrik Solli-Tangen, Alexander Rybak
  37. Dyrene i Afrika (2012) A tribute to Torbjørn Egner 
  38. Ya Sprosil U Yasenya (2011) (I Asked the Ash Tree) Music: Mikael Tariverdiev Lyrics: W. Kirshon, Alexander’s performance at the composer’s 80 Years anniversary was released on a celebration CD.
  39. Träden i Villa Borghese (Se) (2011) (The Trees in Villa Borghese) Music and lyrics: Mats Paulson
  40. Visa vid vindens ängar (Se) (2011) (Song at the Winds Meadows) Music and lyrics: Mats Paulson.
  41. Den lyssnande blomman (Se) (2011) (The Listening Flower) Music and lyrics: Mats Paulson
  42. Maria (2011) Music and lyrics: Mats Paulson
  43. I ditt sommarhus (Se) (2011)(In Your Summer House) Music and lyrics: Mats Paulson
  44. Til en villmarkspoet (Se) (2011)(To a Wilderness Poet) Music and lyrics: Mats Paulson
  45. Let It Snow (2010) S. Cahn /J. Styne
  46. Blue Christmas (2010) Hayes/ Johnsen
  47. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (2010) K. Gannon/ W. Kent / B. Ram
  48. Kak ti Krasiva Segodnya (RU)(2010) original Russian version of 5000 Letters
  49. 5000 Letters (2010) – Music: Konstantin. Meladze Lyrics Alexander Rybak /Thomas Værnes
  50. Disney Girls (2010) – Music/lyrics by Bruce Johnston
  51. I’m in Love (2010) – Music/lyrics by Umberto Carli
  52. Ya Ylyublen (2010) Russian version of I’m in Love . Lyrics: Diana Golde
  53. Kogda Uydesh (2009) Russian version of If You Were Gone. Lyrics: Alexander Rybak, Larisa Razin’kova, Elena Zherebtsova, H.Hyldbakk
  54. Abandoned (2009) – Music: Alexander Rybak and Kirill Moltchanov Lyrics by AR and Piotr Andrej
  55. If You Were Gone (2009) – music by Henning Sommero. Lyrics by Alexander Rybak
  56. 500 Miles (2009) – by Charles Reid and Craig Reid – Keith Hopwood
  57. Castle Made of Snow (2009) –Music: Alexander Zatsepin. English lyrics: Alexander Rybak
  58.  Baby It’s Cold outside (2009) Duet with the Swedish artist Lotta Engberg

6. Featuring/collaboration with other artists

  1. Honanza (No) (2020) feat Jan Thomas (violin and whistling)
  2. Over the Sea (2020) in collaboration with Jowst and Magnus Bokn. Performed by Magnus Bokn (MGP)
  3. Feliz Navidad (Sp/En) (2019) (SNHN) (Merry Christmas) feat Tor Endresen
  4. O Helga Natt (No)(2019) (SNHN) (O Holy Night) feat Tor Endresen.
  5. Nordnorsk Julesang (2019)(SNHN) feat Maria Haukaas Mittet
  6. Lys i mot mørketida (2019) (SNHN) feat Maria Haukaas Mittet
  7. Mary’s Boychild (2019) (SNHN) Feat Rune Larsen
  8. Sommernatt ved fjorden( 2018) – feat Helene Bøksle
  9. Mu Bákti (Sami) (2018)(My Rock) feat Christian Ingebrigtsen
  10. Anastasia – Once Upon a December  (2018) – feat Minniva – Music by David Newman & Stephen Flaherty. Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
  11. Bade To (Iranian) (2018) (After You) feat Arad Aria   Music: Arad Aria & Mehrdad Ahmadi Lyrics: Negar Noshadi
  12. A King Is Born (2017) feat Superbarna
  13. I Want My Tears Back (2017) – feat Minniva 
  14. Det vakreste som fins (2017) (The Most Beautiful There Is) feat Thomas Gregersen
  15. Märk hur vår skugga (2017) (Mark How Our Shadow) feat Evelina Olsèn
  16. The Devil in Red (2016) feat Mariann Aas Hansen and Zelimir
  17. Miracles (2016) feat Gaute Ormåsen
  18. Banana (No)(2016) feat Superbarna
  19. Ha det gøy (No)(2016) (Having Fun) feat Superbarna
  20. Typisk Norsk (2015) (Typical Norwegian)feat Petter Katastrofe
  21. Heimaferd (No)(2015) (Going Home – in this play it means your last journey) from the theater play Soot-Spelet
  22. Skål!(No) (2015)(Cheers!) from the theater play Soot-Spelet
  23. Temme Havet (No)(2015) (Tame the Ocean) from the theater play Soot-Spelet
  24. Hvil ut (No)(2015) (Rest – in this play it means rest in piece) –from the theater play Soot-Spelet
  25. Kisses (2015) feat Stephen Ackles
  26. Når båten seiler inn(No) (2015) (When the boat sails In) – several Norwegian artists for Charity
  27. Live It (2014) with artists from many countries – hymn to World Championship Handball in Qatar 2015
  28. Vi vil leke (No)(2014) (We Want to Play) feat Superbarna.
  29. Hjertebank (No)(2014)(Heartbeat) feat Superbarna
  30. Jentelus og guttelus (No)(2014 )(Girl Lice and Boy Lice) feat Superbarna.
  31. Fun in the Sun (2014) feat Superbarna. English version of Na Na Na.
  32. Gorka Hrabost – (Serbian)(2014) feat Marija Serifovoic
  33. Ka e du redd for (2014) (HGVM) (What Are You Afraid Of) feat Sigvart Dagsland og Anneli Drecker
  34. Vise til byen Hiroshima (2013) (Song to the City Hiroshima) feat Rune Larsen
  35. Danse mot vår (No)(2012) (Dancing Towards Spring) feat Elisabeth Andreassen
  36. Na Na Na (No)(2011) feat Superbarna
  37. Superstjerne (No)(2011) a CD by Superbarna. Alexander on violin
  38. Thank You (2010) feat Bobbysocks
  39. Vända mid Vinden (Se) (2010) (Turn Around with the Wind) feat Timoteij – Swedish version of Roll With The Wind. Alexander plays the violin part.
  40. Can’t Be Taken Away (2009) – feat Inger Lise Stuelien

11 thoughts on “Songs Alexander Rybak has composed, released or featured in since 2009”

  1. This song is 2× in the cover list, and it is not from 2010, but 2012, on the Christmas Tales album
    43. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (2010) K. Gannon/ W. Kent / B. Ram
    46. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (2010) K. Gannon/ W. Kent / B. Ram

    You wanted to write this one, I guess (which is missing in the list):
    Coming Home for Christmas (2010) from the “Swinging Home for Christmas” album

    1. “I’ll be home for Christmas” is one of the 4 songs on the EP that was released in 2010 and sold at Alexander’s Christmas tour in 2010.

      1. Okay, I had “Coming Home for Christmas”, and thought it was 2 different songs, but that title is obviously wrong.
        I might have taken it from here:
        So you should correct that post too…

        And the right tracklist contains BLUE CHRISTMAS, not White Christmas.

        And then… just check the Christmas Tales album anywhere and you’ll see that “I’ll be hom for Christmas” was released on that CD too, also here.

        So you need to write there 2012 too.

        1. The post you give a link to is an old one made back in 2011. It definitely needs some corrections. This will be fixed. And we don’t need a copy of the CD, several of us have this CD ourselves.
          “Blue Christmas” is on the songlist, just like the 4 other songs from the EP. And yes, “I’ll Be Home for Chrismas” is also on CT, but we only list the first release year unless there is a re-arrangement/new version, like with “Foolin”. If Alexander should ever release a “Best of” CD with the same old recordings, we won’t define it as a new release. F.eks. “Fairytale” is a part of many collection CDs through the years, but the release date is still 2009.

  2. Ah, got it, it’s the classical piaces released on others’ albums (or whatever)..
    But then the title should maybe like this:
    4. Classical pieces composed by others and released on others’ album

    And what does mean “released”? Where? single, album, YT, online streaming services..?
    If album, then it is only Trolle that is metioned, the other abums not…
    And all the medleys and mas-ups ar actually covers.

    1. What the list is based on is mentioned in the post. “The lists are based on releases on streaming services, physical CDs, uploads on Alexander’s YT channel and his own compositions that we know of since 2009.”

  3. Nice job!

    Some corrections:
    Shazka -> Skazka
    Ya Ne Veryu V Chudes -> Ya Ne Veryu v Chudesa
    Felize Navida 2 × -> Felíz Navidad
    Ronde des Lutin --> Ronde des Lutins
    Annelie Drecker 2× -> Anneli Drecker
    Dima Bila -> Dima Bilan
    Reinder -> Reindeer
    Til en villmarkspoet --> Till en vildmarkspoet
    Santa Claus Is Coming Tonight -- Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

    Seeing the songs in the category
    “4. Classical pieces composed by others” …
    These all are included in the Classical Music list, so wonder
    what this category is for actually, or you could have added all classical songs composed by others here..

    And btw. the song
    “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
    also belongs to the Movie music list
    You’ll find the longer version than in Alexander’s post in Ingeborg’s IGTV

    Я влюблен! -- Ya vljubljen -Russian version of “I’m in love” -- album Nebesa Evropi 2010
    Катрин (“Katrin” Russian version of Why Not Me) -- album Nebesa Evropi 2010

    Nice to see you gathered all the collaboration songs as I suggested back then…
    Some missing though, like

    Single “Trolltjern”/”Troll pond” by Jørn Atle Støa – 2011

    Album “Reptilian” by “Keep of Kalessin”,
    song “The Divine Land” -- 2011

    Album “Guilty Pleasures” by Didrik Solli-Tangen,
    song “Torna a surriento” -- 2010

    And some more that you’ll find here:

    1. Thank you for noticing the typos. They will be fixed soon. About the category “Classical pieces composed by others, this shows the songs Alexander has released himself, and is therefor different from the “classical list” you are referring to. The missing songs: Alexander did not take part in Keep of Kalessin’s CD recording. He only performed with them in MGP. We know KOK uploaded the performance to their YT-channel, but so far we havn’t considered to add this song to this overview. About “Torna a Surriente”, there is no release of this song with Alexander as far we know. About missing songs. We have got some more feedback on that from others,too. We will check through them now and the songs who are relevant will be added. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      1. Okay, I added “Torna i sorriento” for some reason wrongly, but it is “You” on that album of Didrik S-T, at least according to this site:
        + it says here too that it was written by Alexander:

        Keep of Kalessin:
        wonder what that means:
        Guest – Alexander Rybak”

        And what about
        “Når båten seiler inn”?
        and here:

    2. Ref. the question you sent us, anyone can share links to the stuff on the Fansite.

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