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Alexander and Keep of Kalessin – Melodi Grand Prix 15.1.2010

Alexander performing the song “Divine Land” with the heavy metal band from Trondheim “Keep of Kalessin”, during the Norwegian Eurovision semifinal. He sang some vocals and it was the first time we saw him playing electrical violin!

Video from the Youtube channel of the band Keep of Kalessin, discovered by Sonya Luzina

Alexander’s appearance at Ukrainian TV-show X-factor, January 1st, 2011

(uploaded and translated into Russian by Sveta Plyasun, English translation including lyrics of a new song “Strela Amura” (Arrow of Cupid”) and subs by Zhanna Sergueeva)

Part 1. Fairytale with Alexander Krivoshapko and talking to the hostess

Part 2. Nebesa Evropy

Part 3. Strela Amura (Arrow of Cupid) and funny talking to the hostess


Alexander Rybak sings “The Christmas Song” on NRK, Dec.17th. 2010

The Norwegian TV-show, ” Beat for Beat” made a  Christmas-special  for the program of December 17th. Besides the usual competition on musical knowledge between 2 teams, there were guest-artists bringing ” Christmas-presents”. Alexander’s present was the song ” The Christmas Song ” aka “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” by Mel Tormé and Bob Wells.

The program was recorded in May, 2010.


Video: Alexander in polish TV-program “TVP-INFO”. September 7th, 2010

Polish cultural program, showing some of the music-video for ” Oah” and presenting Alexander in Poland.

Uploading, translation and English subtitles by Navin and Anna Gajda


Scroll forward to 5.20


Alexander performing “Fairytale” at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert 11.12.2009

Alexander Rybak performing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2009.

Alexander was one of the artists that performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2009, in Oslo Spektrum, Norway, in honor of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who got the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. The concert was hosted by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“Fairytale” was rearranged especially for this performance.

Alexander accidentally dropped his violin on the floor, and it got out of tune. This video shows the performance corrected by NRK, by using the sound from the last rehearsal before the concert.

Alexander’s appearance at the Norwegian show “Sommertid”, TV2, July 23th, 2010


(English translation by Tessa La, Russian transalion and subs by Olina Novikova)


Interview and short violin performances

Alex performs a piece from Ole Bull, jazz and Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”


Live performance of “Europe’s Skies”

Alexander in Allsang på grensen (Norway), June 30th, 2010

Alexander Rybak performed two songs in the Norwegian sing along TV-show “Allsang på grensen” on TV2  🙂

Singing Jørgen Hattemaker with Kathrine Moholt, recorded by Gullskoify

Europe’s Skies, recorded by Josephina143

Congratulations, Alex!

Alexander won one MUZ-TV award in Moscow tonight! Best Breakthrough 2009! Congratulations from all your Facebookies!

Video of Alexander receiving the prize, recorded and uploaded by Rybachka1.
Article from NRK (Norwegian TV), researched by Sara Anja Ruske and translated astonishingly fast by Marianne Saietz.
Alexander Rybak won the award for “breakthrough of the year” at the distribution of the high-prestigeous russian music-awards in Moscow tonight.
by Morten Ruud – 11.6.2010
He got the award for last years European Song Contest-winner «Fairytale».

Alexander Rybak and Lena Meyer-Landrut in German TV show “TV Total”, May 25th, 2010

Alexander Rybak featured Lena in her song “Satelite” in the German TV-show “TV Total”

The TV-show was broadcast from Norway during the Eurovision Song Contest week in Oslo. Alexander had hurt his fingers who turned out to be broken and he ended up performing with a plaster.



Alexander and the fiddlerettes in Dutch TV-show “X – Paul de Leeuw”, May 23th, 2010

Alexander Rybak guest at Paul de Leeuw show

Alexander performed his new song “Europe Skies” together with the violinists Maria, Kathrine and Oah. 

The popular Dutch TV-show  “X – Paul de Leeuw” was recorded on May 22nd and aired on Sunday 23rd of May at VARA TV-channel.

Thanks for really good quality recording for our dearest FaceBookie Petronella!:)

Alexander Rybak in the TV-show “Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen” 29.04.2010

“Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen” (Thursday night from Nydalen” is a Norwegian parody/comedy show, where they make parodies of celebrities and happenings. One of the hosts, Henrik Todesen, has several times made a parody of Alexander, and Alexander now take his revenge 🙂 You can watch on of the parodies HERE

[English translation by Tessa La,Russian translation & subs by Olina Novikova]

Part 1

Part 2

Alexander playing and singing at the end in the memory of Ludvigsen (Gustav Lorentzen) who recently died, a dear and well known musician in Norway, who played music for children of all ages. . The very last part is a song called “Dum og deilig” (Stupid and lovely), a funny and well known children song by Ludvigsen.

Beyond the sea – cover by Alexander Rybak – lyrics

Alexander Rybak performed “Beyond the Sea” in the musical competition “Kjempesjansen” (The great opportinity) which he won in 2007.


Music: Charles Trenet

Lyrics: Jack Lawrence

Sailing, sailing

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing Continue reading Beyond the sea — cover by Alexander Rybak — lyrics

Alexander Rybak and Tuva Syvertsen presenting an award at the Norwegian Grammys (March 6th 2010)

(translation by Tessa La)

Yes, Alexander Rybak, the circle has now ended. The boy with the fiddle has become a pop star again.

Well, yes, Tuva, in this country the boy with a fiddle has always been a pop star, and that goes for the girl with the fiddle, too. (Tuva is playing the fiddle)

Yes, Alexander Rybak, you always know how to say it.

Being a folk music fiddler is associated with a lot of old fun, from romance to fights.

Let us hope that it won’t end up with a fight, when we get to know who will runs away with the most coveted trophy, which the Folkmusic award actually is.

Alexander Rybak, you are completely right – ladies, ladies, ladies and gentlemen, the nominees are:

Alexander Rybak received “SPELLEMANNPRISEN 2009” (Artist Of The Year) 06.03.2010


Alexander Rybak Spellemann 2009 6

We are bursting with pride for our fiddler and congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts for receiving the most prestigious award in the Norwegian music business! And we are happy that some of his facebookies could be there this day and report directly from Oslo and witness this FANTASTIC moment!



Alexander Rybak Spellemann 2009 4

Alexander took part in the impressive opening performance with among others the grand old man in Norwegian folk music Knut Buen. Watch this great performance in the video below.

Opening performance

Video by Venche M.

Winner’s speech

Video by Petronella AR