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Alexander Rybak and Ingeborg Walther – radio NRKSørlandet 26.11.19

Trolle and Alva visited NRK’s local radio station in Kristiansand today and talked about the musical “Trolle”. It is only two days to the premiere and for Alexander it is a bit scary and at the same time really looking forward to the day his most cherished project has its premiere. We wish him and his crew all the luck.

At the end of the interview Ingeborg and Alexander sings the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

The interview was published by radio NRKSørlandet and can be listened to HERE

The video is recorded by TessaLa and has English subtitles by TessaLa, revised by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak played with the students from the Culture School

It was crowded when Alexander Rybak played with the students from the Culture School in Kilden Friday, November 16.

Original article published in November 17. Text and photo: Tomas Fordelsen. English translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

A short glimpse from the concert, posted on FB by the Culture School.

At the annual Culture School Concert on Friday, Alexander Rybak himself showed up with his violin. According to the Culture School, it was Rybak himself who took the initiative to play together with the students at Knuden (The Knot), the culture school in Kristiansand.

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Alexander Rybak on his musical “Trolle” in GMN 25.10.2019

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Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian breakfast TV-show “God morgen Norge” (Good morning Norway) where he talked about his most cherished project, the musical “Trolle”.

The video, recorded and uploaded by May. E. Nipen, has English subs. Translation by TesssaLa, revision by Anni Jowett. Link to the original episode on TV2 SUMO

Screenshots from the TV-show

Trolle – from book to stage – Alexander Rybak

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When Alexander Rybak toured with “Fairytale”, he began writing the story about Trolle. Ten years later he is ready to create magic on the musical stage. When Kilden opens its doors to the premier in November, it will be a sensual and visual party with spectacular costumes and big scenography.

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