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“Zimnyaya skazka” (Winter Fairytale. Russian edition of “Fairytales”) CD + DVD

“Winter Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak


“Winter Fairytale” is a re-release of Alexander’s debut album “Fairytales”. It was issued on November 2009, when his debut album has already became  three times “platinum” in Russia. Includes Russian version of several songs, as well as previously unreleased tracks. It was available only in Russia for quite long time, but now it’s available to buy worldwide!:)


  1. Roll With The Wind
  2. Сказка (Russian version of “Fairytale”)
  3. Dolphin
  4. Kiss And Tell
  5. Funny Little World
  6. Когда уйдешь (Russian version of “If you were gone”)
  7. 13 Horses
  8. Song From The Secret Garden
  9. Vocalise
  10. 500 miles
  11. Fairytale (Bonus)
  12. If You Were Gone (Bonus)


1. Fairytale

2. Roll With The Wind

3. Funny Little World

4. Kupalinka

Links to buy online (Unfortunately no longer available)


In Russia and Worldwide:


The DVD´s of movies with Alexander and how to get them!

Postings with info about the DVD´s can be found on the Fansite under these links:

1. Fairytale – The Movie

2. Some Sunny Night – Live in Lillesand

3. Yohan, The Child Wanderer

4. How to train your Dragon

5. The Moomin-troll: The Comet Chase

The Moomin-troll: The Comet-chase. Feb 16th 2011

Alexander is the voice of the Moomin-troll!

Description ( from the website of DVD-huset ):

Join the sweet Moomins and their friends, in this exciting stereoscopic 3D-movie, Moomin – the Comet Chase. One day, the Moomin-troll discovers, that something strange has happened in the Moomin-valley. Grey dust covers everything: The sky and the river, the trees, the hill and even the Moomin-house. The Moomin-troll runs to ask the bright Sniff, if he knows, what is going on. Sniff declares, that these things, normally happen, just before the earth meets a cruel destiny, that comes from above.  Continue reading The Moomin-troll: The Comet-chase. Feb 16th 2011

DVD: Alexander Rybak – ” Fairytale the Movie”.

Europe is Alexander’s new home. This is the movie about this journey. A document of this years Fairytale.

The boy with the violin became a national hero in Norway, a musical phenomenon, a teen-idol. The 23 year old from Belarus, won countless hearts during those 3 minutes on the 16th of May 2009. The next 6 months he went out to meet these hearts. Come with Alexander to Giske, when he’s back at the place where he wrote Fairytale; to Finland where he meets thousands of screaming fans, and to the start of his European tour in Ukraine.

Tracklisting Fairytale – The Movie:

Documentary – Concert from Opeara House in Oslo – Music videos – Deleted Scenes – Bonus material Continue reading DVD: Alexander Rybak — ” Fairytale the Movie”.