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Samsaya from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2

“Music is an architect with the power to build bridges. It meets you at the dance floor but it still makes you think and connects your heart.”

Influenced by everyone from Mary J. Blige and TLC to OutKast and famed Indian singer Asha Bhosle, Samsaya, whose name means “doubt” in Hindi, has “always questioned everything,” writing reactionary, iconoclastic lyrics as a child. “At 12, I heard Dinah Washington’s ‘I’m Mad About the Boy’ and hearing that trumpet-type voice, something happened to me,” recalls the singer. “Religious lyrics and traditional music didn’t touch me. This moved me.” Eschewing her parents’ pleas to play classical Indian music in favor of more beat-driven tracks, Samsaya released Shedding Skin, her debut album, in 2004, and has released a steady stream of singles since.


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Sigvart Dagsland from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2

Vocalist and composer from Stavanger, living in Bergen. Sigvart Dagsland is known for his good singing voice, his social commitment, his good songs and serious lyrics in dialect. Less well known is his distinctive sense of humour. This composition has led to Sigvart Dagsland releasing albums of very different character, ranging from solemn hymns to unbridled humour, but everything is done with a convincing seriousness. He has released 18 solo albums, and holds 30-50 concerts across the country each year. Awarded “Prøysenprisen” in 2009. Nominated for a “Spellemann” (grammy) three times in the pop category and received it once. Also nominated for Hit Awards. Each new Dagsland album sells on average to gold. His began as a boy soprano with a candle in his hand in the Stavanger Cathedral Choir when he was 12, formed the band “Tro og Liv ” in 1982, joined the revue group “Løgnaslaget” for some years. Has been a backing singer for several artists and has participated in the Norwegian ESC as both backing singer and artist.

His 20th anniversary as a recording artist was celebrated in autumn 2005 and spring 2006 with three anniversary concerts in Stavanger, Oslo and Bergen. The concert lasted three hours, and they were all sold out, and they offered a wide range of guest soloists who have been involved in any musical context throughout his career. More about his career  on his homepage.

NAME: Sigvart Dagsland

BIRTHDAY: 18.10.63


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Simone from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2

Simone Larsen was born in Freiburg, Germany and raised in Volda from the age of nine. She started singing in bands when she was 13, and has a background in jazz, soul and pop. After high school she moved to Oslo, where she sang with The Dingleberries before she met Jonny and Kim. The trio began playing together the summer of 1993. The idea was to create melodic pop with jazz and funk inspired rhythms. Elements from groovy funk, acid jazz and modern dance music mixed with the trio’s penchant for the melodic, and from this arose a unique sound – a “sound”. They chose to name their band The Sound. The drummer, Ofstad, suggested a more eye catching spelling  – D’Sound. (ref.: Rockipedia )

NAME:  Simone Eriksrud

BIRTHDAY:  21st of August


3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE MYSELF:  Playful, friendly, talkative…

WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY POCKETS RIGHT NOW:  My two-year-olds pacifier…

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Øivind “Elg” Elgenes from “Hver gang vi møtes” on TV2 2014

ELG (Øivind Elgenes) is a lyricist, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, from Kristiansund, Norway, best known as the lead singer of “Dance With A Stranger”. He is equipped with an exceptionally powerful singing voice which he uses with passionate intensity. The voice has proven to be ideal for those styles of music he likes best, the landscape of country, gospel, soul, blues and folk rock. (ref.: )

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