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Event: Alexander Rybak teams up with Dag Otto Lauritzen in the Norwegian TV-show “Huskestue” on TV2

Alexander Rybak teaming up with Dag Otto in “Huskestue” on TV2.

Kristian Ødegård and his partner Dag Otto Lauritzen are back with the 5. season of “Huskestue” with new medium-difficult questions, quirky punishment methods and a lot of fun.

March 31, Alexander Rybak teams up  with Dag Otto and get tested his knowledge when it comes to answering the host Kristian Ødegård’s questions about the Nordic countries and music. And do they manage to beat the other team, which consists of Elisabeth Andreassen and Robert Gustavsson? The program was recorded on January 22, 2019.

Broadcast on TV2 (pay-TV) on 31 March at 20:00 to 21:00 CET.

TV2’s archive in SUMO (subscription needed)

Event: The musical “Trolle” is the Christmas play in Kristiansand, Norway, 2019

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The musical “Trolle ” by Alexander Rybak premieres Thursday 28th November 2019 in Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall.

Book tickets HERE.

Ticket sale started:

28. November (premiere), only a few tickets left
29. November 
30. November – SOLD OUT
4. – 7. December 
11. – 15. December
18. – 21. Descmber

Read more about Trolle HERE

About the musical

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Alexander Rybak – schedule 2019

Follow Alexander’s musical journey in 2019. Here you’ll find his upcoming events and links to videos, articles, interviews etc related to the events. The list is based on information on his official website, Alexander’s information or organizers information and advertising. 

Alexander’s official event calendar you’ll find HERE

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EVENT: Håp i ei gryte 2018 – Alexander Rybak and the other artists from Stille Natt Hellige Natt

Alexander Rybak and the other artists and musicians from “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” will perform in the Norwegian Christmas TV-show “Håp i ei gryte” on TV2.

Håp i ei gryte (Hope in a pot)  is a Norwegian TV-show broadcast in the Advent season  on TV2,and is a production in collaboration with the Salvation Army. The concept of the show is that well-known Norwegian artists sing and talk about what the Advent season means to them.

The show is broadcast in 4 parts.  Alexander will appear in two shows, which will be broadcast as follow:

10th and 12th December from 20.00 to 21.00 on TV2 (pay-tv)

The other shows  will be broadcast the 17th. og 19th. December. 

You can be in the audience

Send an email to

Tell your name, number of tickets you need, your emailadr. and phone number, and which one of the recordings you want tickets to.  

The shows are recorded the : 19., 20., og 21. November.
Alexander and the other artists from SNHN takes part in the recording the 21st November.

Place: Salvation Army, Grünerløkka, Oslo 3. korps, Nordregate 25 B, Oslo, Norway

Time: Meet up time 18.00.  Expected to be done around 20.30. 

Alexander has taken part in many Christmas concerts and Christmas shows, and here is a playlist on YouTube with many of his performances. Enjoy 🙂  

Event: “Syng med oss” – concert with Song og Spelkorlaget, Alexander Rybak and Lisa Børud 26.1.2019

“Syng med oss 2019” – concert with Song og Spelkorlaget, Alexander Rybak and Lisa Børud

The forever young boys in Song og Spelkorlaget av 8. mars & Søn (Song and play choir of 8th of March & Sons) are ready for their 31st concert of “Syng med oss” (Sing-along with us).

NB! Ticket sale starts Saturday 17th November at 10:00 at the sales office, online at 12:00. Continue reading Event: “Syng med oss” — concert with Song og Spelkorlaget, Alexander Rybak and Lisa Børud 26.1.2019

Event: Alexander Rybak in the season premiere of NRK’s TV-show “Muitte Mu”, Saturday 10th of November 2018

Alexander Rybak is the first artist in this season of NRKs TV-show “Muitte MU” – “Remember Me”.

Six established artists will have 3 days to learn to joik. Together with a mentor they will compose a joik for a person close to them.   Continue reading Event: Alexander Rybak in the season premiere of NRK’s TV-show “Muitte Mu”, Saturday 10th of November 2018

Event: The Sound of Movies – concert/musical 13. October 2018


The show will go on, but without Alexander.

Place: Buen Cultur House in Mandal, Norway
Date: 13th October 2018
Time: 19.30 to 22.00 incl. a break
Tickets: NOK 395,- Book HERE

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EVENT: KORK’s “Ønskekonserten 2018” with Alexander Rybak and other artists

Alexander Rybak  performes with KORK at their summerfest “Ønskekonserten 2018”

Alexander Rybak, Helene Bøksle and Didrik Solli-Tangen will all perform with KORK at KORK’s annual  musical summer party at  Ingierstrand Bad and Restaurant. The people’s own music wishes is on the playlist and Øyvor Bakke is the host.

KORK is the Norwegian broadcaster NRK’s orchestra

20. June  – recording of the concert at Ingierstrand Bad og Restaurant (Norway), and if you  want to be in the audience, send an email to . Read more HERE

29. June kl 19.55 till 21.05 – broadcast of the concert on NRK1. The concert can be watched later from NRK’s  ARCHIVE

EVENT: Alexander Rybak in “Allsang på grensen” 2018

Alexander Rybak performs in Norwegian summer TV-show “Allsang på grensen” this year too 🙂 

Alexander will meet some familiar people among the artists. “Elg” from “Hver gang vi møtes” and Tor Endresen from the Christmas tour. Tor Endresen will perform together with his daughter. 

Artists in the show:
Alexander Rybak
Dance With a Stranger (Elg is the front singer in this band)
Finn Kalvik
Tor Endresen og Anne-Sophie Endresen

Recording of the show:
Date and time: 
Wednesday 18. of July at 18.00 CET. 
: Fredriksten Festning, Halden, Norway:

Broadcast of the show will be 19. of July on Norwegian TV2 (pay-TV) 

Alexander has taken part in “Allsang på grensen” several times. Click on the “year” to see his performances.

2009   2010  2011   2013  2014   2016 2017

EVENT: Alexander Rybak in the Show “50 years with summer show at Klubben”

Alexander Rybak is one of the artists is the show “50 years with summer shows at Quality Hotel Klubben” in Tønsberg, Norway.

ANNIVERSARY SHOW 29th. June 2018

Taran and StarWorks present a star-filled anniversary show at the Quality Club in Tønsberg in Norway this summer. We celebrate the 50th anniversary by bringing together some of Norway’s most popular artists, who also have in common that they have earlier entertained in the summer shows at the Club.

There is only one show the 29th June at 20.00 CET

Tickets on

You can book also book an “anniversay package” including hotel and ticket and dinner by callin,g  (0047) 33 35 97 00 or send an email to:

​On stage you will see among others: Toralv Maurstad, Wenche Myhre, Øivind Blunck, Elisabeth Andreassen, Alexander Rybak, Sturla Berg-Johansen, Tor Erik Gunstrøm, Hilde Lyrån, Didrik Solli-Tangen, Jon Eikemo, Christine Koht, Reidun Sæther, Alexx Alexxander, the crew from Summernights and more. Director is Tom Sterri.

EVENT: “40 years on the Red Carpet” – Musical show

Alexander Rybak will be on of the artists when the Norwegian magazin “Se&Hør” celebrate their 40 anniversary the 23th of September.

Ticket sale starts 12. May at 08.00 CET on

Ticket prices in NOK:
Level 1, VIP: 1295,- (+ fee)
Level 2: 795,- (+ fee)
Level 3: 595,- (+ fee)


Welcome to a star-studded party night with folk-loving artists in Oslo Spektrum! Continue reading EVENT: “40 years on the Red Carpet” — Musical show

Updated – Follow Alexander Rybak in Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Two exciting weeks for Norway, Alexander Rybak and his fans.

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has already started in Lisbon and will end with the Grand Final the 12th of May. is ESC’s official website. Follow them also on:


On Eurovision.TV’s social media you will find everything you need to follow the happenings in Lisbon. They post a Daily Digest and upload a recap of the day on YouTube. There are plenty of ESC websites worth following, and we have listed some of them further down in this post. Continue reading Updated — Follow Alexander Rybak in Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Event: Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian talk-show “Senkveld” 4. May 2018

Alexander Rybak is a guest in “Senkveld” Friday 4. of May.

Alexander Rybak, Solveig Kloppen, Fredrik Skavland and Jon Nesbø are the guests in this second last show of “Senkveld”, broadcast on Friday 4th of May at kl 22.15 CET on TV2 , a Norwegian pay-TV.

If you subscribe on TV2 SUMO you may be able to watch it from the archive later HER

Since Alexander and the MGP-team are travelling to Lisbon 30rd of April, this show is most likely recorded before he leaves, or maybe TV2 taks the trip to Lisbon. Who knows 🙂 

Alexander has several times been a guest in “Senkveld”, and if you want to take a look back, just click on the links below 🙂 

Alexander in “Senkveld” februar 2009 (unfortunately the last part is cut off, but here is a video of some of it “Alexander & Bettan” 

Alexander in “Senkveld” December 2009 

Alexander in “Senkveld” i 2010

Alexander in “Senkveld – Sochi” 2013

Alexander in “Senkveld” 2014

Alexander in “Senkveld” 2015


Event: Hello Europe! – Norwegian documentary about Alexander Rybak

A Norwegian documentary about Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak is one of the biggest stars in the Eurovision Song Contests, and the thrill is huge when he now returns to the worlds biggest music competition.  We take a look back at his impressive career and follow him on his way to Eurovision in Lisbon.

NRK has made a 50-minute documentary  about Alexander to be broadcast before the semi-final 10th of May. In this we will become better acquainted with the artist, songwriter and  person Rybak. There will also be glimpse from the many preparations, and the two weeks in Lisbon.

Broadcast Thursday 10th May at 20.10 – 21.00 CET on NRK1, Norway.

The show will be available to watch from abroad at least from the archive. 

Link to watch online for those who can watch HERE 

Link to the archive HERE

Event: Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian TV-show “Svetskaya Zhizn” 21.04.2108

Alexander in the Ukrainian TV-show “Svetskaya Zhizn” (Social life) 

Last week a TV-team from Ukraine visited Alexander in his apartment in Oslo and also his  mother home at Nesodden and made an interview .  Saturday 21. April at 23.10 (local time) the interview will be broadcast on “”.

 Link to watch online

The TV-show starts at 23.10 (local time) 22.10 CET (central Europe time)

Teaser from the TV-show:


Event: The play “Soot-Spelet 2018” – Alexander Rybak plays the role of Ole Bull

Alexander Rybak plays the role of Ole Bull in the  play “Soot-Spelet 2018”.

Premier 22nd. of June 2018 at 19.00

  • 10 shows between 22nd of June and till 1st of July (no show the  25.6.)
  • Place: Ørje Sluser i Ørje, Norway. Some hours drive south-east of Oslo, close to the Swedish border.
  • Tickets:
  • Website Soot-Spelet and  Facebook

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Canceled – Event: Alexander Rybak with concert at the Summer Festival in Budapest, Hungary, 9.6.2018

Alexander’s performance has been canceled due to his recent surgery. Read more HERE

  The Festival will take place as planned.

Alexander will be guest performer of the gala concert at the Summer Festival in Budapest, the 9th June 2018 (Saturday) 7 p.m.

This is a birthday concert and opening event organised on the 80th anniversary of  Margaret Island’s Open-Air Theatre 
“Barefoot in the Park”
on the Margaret Island’s Grand Meadow

The evening program also includes an attempt to break the world record for the most people dancing the waltz at the same time, and setting aglow the summer lights
Featuring: The Hungarian State Opera House Orchestra

The program is free.
Event description in English and in Hungarian.
The concert’s event-page on Facebook 

And HERE you can join a fan group created for fans attending the concert

Venue: the Grand Meadow


Event: Alexander Rybak guest in the talkshow “Skavlan 16.03.2018

Alexander Rybak in the talkshow “Skavlan”

This Friday Alexander will be guest in the popular  Norwegian/Swedish TV-show “Skavlan”. The show is broadcast both in Norway and Sweden the same day. 

Guests of the evening will be Alexander Rybak, Benjamin Ingrosso, Sweden’s ESC-finalist, billionaire and cartoon lover Johan H. Andresen, Mia Skäringer from “Solsiden” and the artists Father John Misty. Continue reading Event: Alexander Rybak guest in the talkshow “Skavlan 16.03.2018

Event: Alexander Rybak on TV and radio the week before the final of MGP 2018

Alexander Rybak will appear on both radio NRK P1 and NRK1 TV the week before the  final of Melodi Grand Prix 2018.

Stig Karlsen promises great promotion on and in social media during the last week before the final.

Both the radio show and TV show are available from abroad.

During the week the artists will be guests in “Nitimen” , which is broadcast on NRK P1 between 09:00 and 11:00 Monday to Saturday. Who will be there when is not announced yet. Link to listen live.  Link to the archive.

In addition, the live evening show “Norge Nå” (Norway now) moves into Oslo Spektrum  and have MGP as the topic for the whole week.  First show will be aired Monday at 20.15 and last to 20:55. Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday  the show will last for 30 mins. and starts at 20:25. There will be interesting guests and stuff related to the big final. In addition, says Karlsen, all the artists will be guests and be allowed to present themselves. There is no info which artist will be when yet, but you can watch the show live from this link  or from the archive.


Event: “Soon MGP” on radio NRK P1 – Alexander Rybak and Nicoline 10.02.2018 at 12.03 CET.

The MGP artists Alexander Rybak and Nicolina Berg Kaasin in “Snart MGP” (Soon MGP) on Norwegian radio NRK P1.

Ten artists are ready to participate in Norway’s biggest music competition. Who wins Melodi Grand Prix 2018, and will have the honour representing Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal?  Kåre Magnus Bergh present the artists and their entry.

The radio programme is available from abroad and starts at 12.03 CET and you can listen to it HERE or later from the archive HERE. 



Event: Final of Melodi Grand Prix 10th of March 2018

Alexander Rybak in the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2018

Saturday the 10th of March the final of the Norwegian selection for ESC will take place in the Oslo Spektrum arena , and Alexander is one of the 10  artists who will compete. 

Alexander’s entry, “That’s How You Write a Song“,  is a cheerful funky pop song with groove and references to the 70ies discofunk, maybe a song that will surprise many. Continue reading Event: Final of Melodi Grand Prix 10th of March 2018

Event: Choir seminar and a closing concert in Mo i Rana, Norway 2.- 4. February 2018

Alexander Rybak and Prima Music School – Future talents meet

The weekend 2. to 4. of February Prima Music School arrange a choir seminar and Alexander Rybak will take part as an instructor.

Featured image: Alexander and Violette Sørensen (Prima Music School) at one of his earlier seminars. 

Sunday 4. of February there will be a closing concerts. Alexander will bring his pianist, and he will have both his own concert part and perform with the choir. 

The concert is held in Gruben church at 15.00 and last for about 1,5 hour. Tickets can be bought at the entrance.
Tickets 200,-/50,-.


Event info on Alexander’s Facebook page

The organizer’s event info, you will find here:

Alexander is guest in Polish morning TV-show. Sept.5th, 2010. 8.30-11.00 CET


The Polish TV-channel TVN has confirmed, that Alexander Rybak will be guest in their show, ” Good morning TVN ” on Sunday, Sept.5th. 8.30-11.00 CET.
Alexander’s Polish fans are looking forward to his visit in Poland.

Link to Polish fanclub:

Link to Polish facebook-fanpage: facebook group “Polish Rybak’s Mafia”

Research and Polish translation by Milena Windmill.
Alexander Rybak w polskiej telewizji. W niedziele w godzinach 8.30-11.00 (czasu środkowoeuropejskiego)
Polska stacja telewizyjna TVN potwierdziła gościnny udział Aleksandra Rabaka w programie “Dzień Dobry TVN”, w niedzielę 5. września, w godzinach pomiedzy 8.30 a 11.00. Polscy fanowie Aleksandra cieszą sie na jego pobyt w Polsce i oczekują go niecierpliwie.

Polish Fanclub:

facebook group “Polish Rybak’s Mafia”

Informacje i tłumaczenie, Milena Wiatrak.


Event: Troll Night with Alexander Rybak and his new crew – Lillehammer, July 3rd, 2010!

Alexander  Rybak with concert in Hunderfossen Familiepark (Lillehammer, Norway) on 3rd July, 2010.

The event called “Troll night” will take place at Norvegian Family Park  of attractions. Alexanser will perform his new songs with his new crew:)

For tickets click  here:

upcoming Outdoor concert in Oslo, Rådhusplassen, May 17th, 2010

(researched by Tessa La)

Oslo is planning a two week festival named “The sound of Oslo” in connection with the “Eurovision Song Contest 2010”. Alexander is among the artists who set the first party at Rådhusplassen on 17th May.

More info about that event you can find HERE – the info is no longer available.