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Jazz concert with Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli – 1.7.20

A long awaited jazz concert with Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli.

A short report from the concert by someone who was present. Playlist and videos from the concert you’ll find below 🙂

Ever since I saw videos from the jazz concert these two brilliant musicians had in 2010, I have waited for a chance to see them live together. And suddenly the festival @Karpedammenscene, supported by Aftenposten, announced the concert, which due to the time of the day they called Jazz Brunch 🙂 And this time I couldn’t let the chance pass by, even if I had to drive for 18 hours in 1,5 day. And it was definitely worth it 🙂

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A Fan Review of Alexander Rybak’s Musical “Trolle og den magiske fela


By Jane, London , UK

I was fortunate to be able to attend both the opening and closing nights of “Trolle” in Kristiansand. This meant that, when I first saw it, I didn’t know what to expect, but when I saw it again I was able to focus more on detail.
I knew the music and had an idea of the plot – but how would it translate into a full performance (and one in a language that I only have the very basics of)? Before I went I tried to find translations of as many of the songs as I could, which helped, but couldn’t find key songs either in English or Norwegian. I was going to have to hope for the best. Would there be much spoken dialogue? If not, it was going to be quite a short evening as the album runs just over 45 minutes.

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Alexander Rybak in “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle” -Audience Reactions and Reviews

Alexander’s Musical “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle” opened on November 28 and ran until December 28 , 2019 at the Kilden Theatre and Cultural Hall in Kristiansand, Norway.

The show drew ticket sales from far and wide attracting an international audience to the theatre. Around 10,000 tickets were sold to at least 16 different countries, including Norway, Germany, the UK, Poland, USA, Ireland, Russia, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Hungary and Norfolk Island!

“It is quite fun that Trolle and Alexander appeals to people outside of Norway. The first ticket for this year’s Christmas show was sold to a lady from Ireland. This was already in January this year. People from Slovakia and Denmark bought tickets right afterwards, so Rybak’s fans have been out early”

Janneke Aulie,
Sales and marketing manager at Kilden Theater and Concert Hall.

“Trolle og den magiske fela” is a fairy tale about daring to be different and accepting what is different from others. Alexander Rybak had an ensemble of talented actors on stage with him who, together and with spectacular scenography and captivating music, enchanted their audience from start to finish.

My dear fans. ❤️ Thank you SO MUCH for giving me support from all the world. I’m so happy that you have united from so many different countries to come see my fairy tale. I have worked for so many years on this, and it means everything to me that you are enjoying yourselves. And as a bonus, you get to see the wonderful Stig Werner as my nemesis “Hulderkongen”😎
I hope you’re having a wonderful December ❤️ #trolle

-Alexander Rybak on Rybakofficial Instagram 17/12/2019

Read on for some of the national and international reactions from fans who have attended the show.

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Fan report from Alexander Rybak’s Concert in Poland: 07/09/2019

In September 2019, Alexander returned to Poland to perform at a free outdoor concert in one of Warsaw’s parks to celebrate the end of the summer holidays.
Alexander’s fans in Polish Rybak’s Mafia were there and delightedly tell us about their celebrations…

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Fan Report: Alexander Rybak at the Stille Natt Hellige Natt concert at Fagerborg

A very special Christmas gift…

As 2018’s “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” tour came to it’s final concert in Fagerborg Church, Petra Maczewski from Varel in the northwest of Germany was present at her very first experience of seeing Alexander perform live. Here’s her story…

It’s almost already one week now since I’ve returned from Oslo and still it all seems like a dream. It had all been planned for so long, I had already booked the flights in June and on the same day bought tickets for “Stille Natt, Hellige Natt”. It would be the first time I would see Alexander Rybak live and when my husband said he could imagine spending Christmas in Oslo and going to the concert, I was beyond excited! Continue reading Fan Report: Alexander Rybak at the Stille Natt Hellige Natt concert at Fagerborg

Fan report – Alexander Rybak in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

On the go in my Eurovision shoes … a fan’s journey to Lisbon. 

Anni Jowett  (United Kingdom) reporting.

I’ve been a fan of the Eurovision song contest for as long as I can remember, and I always hoped I would actually get to go to experience the contest in the host city someday. So when Alexander Rybak was selected to represent Norway for a second time in March 2018 I had no doubt that this year would be THE year to pack my bags and head for Eurovision in May.

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Alexander Rybak Performs at Victoriadagen: A fan report

A Royal Fairytale performance: Borgholm, Sweden 14/7/2018


Borgholm is a beautiful small Swedish city on the island of Öland in the Baltic Sea.
It’s a nice place to visit. With the houses and the nature, you really feel like  you are in an Astrid Lindgren movie. It is one of the most popular summer resorts in Sweden. The Swedish Royal Family’s official summer Palace can be found just a couple of kilometres outside the city centre.

This year we travelled to Sweden for our summer holidays, and were able to visit Borgholm on 14th July to attend the Victoriadagen. Victoriadagen is an annual event on the island and is a tribute to the Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday. This year’s celebration was extra special for me because Alexander Rybak was one of the seven artists invited to take part in the 2018 concert.

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Alexander Rybak fan reports from Oslo and the Melodi Grand Prix 2018

Fans fly over Europe skies to support Alexander Rybak’s return to Melodi Grand Prix in 2018: Stories from Oslo

No mistaking this silhouette on the big “reveal” day.

Nine years after his victory at the Eurovision Song contest in Moscow, it was revealed in January that Alexander would return to the Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) stage to compete for the chance to represent Norway again in the Eurovision song contest. This caused a wave of excitement amongst his fans, and some started making their plans immediately to travel to Oslo for the 10th March to be there to show their belief in his talent and support him at the live show.
Fans came not only from many parts of Norway, but many other countries including Germany, UK, Hungary, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic and Estonia. And some of those fans have shared their adventures with us.
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Fans Report: MGP presentation of Alexander Rybak as one of the 2018 Artists

The 2018 Norwegian MGP finalists are revealed! Fans Report from the Press conference

Oslo 15.1.2018

The 10 acts competing in Norway’s national final for Eurovision, Melodi Grand Prix 2018 , were announced on 15th January during a special press conference held by the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK. Press, celebrity guests and members of the public were invited along to be present in the TV studio during the live broadcast which revealed this year’s participants. Stine and Trine are two Norwegian MGP fans were present at the event and give us the inside scoop from the studio… 

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Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Concerts Fan Reports From Czech Republic

“On the Go in our Tourist Shoes” in the Czech Republic


Fan Reports from the Alexander Rybak & Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Concerts in Ostrava and Plzen 

Attending Alexander Rybak’s concerts always gives his fans the opportunity not only to enjoy his music, but to travel and to explore different places together. This was certainly the case last autumn when Alexander returned to the Czech Republic and he went on a mini tour with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra.
Find out more about the concerts HERE

The concerts took place in Ostrava on the 4th October and in Plzen (Pilsen) on the 5th October 2017.
Two of our “Roving Reporters” shared of their adventures in the Czech Republic with us. Read on for the fan reports of Jorunn (Norway) and Bożena (Poland).   Continue reading Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Concerts Fan Reports From Czech Republic

A fan report from Alexander Rybak’s concert in Alfaz del Pi, pain 28.10.2017

I went to Alfàs del Pi (Alicante) to attend the Cultural Festival “Spanish-Norwegian Days”.

A fan report from Nats 나츠

Featured picture taken by “Din Reportasje”

Alexander Rybak was going to give a concert. At 20:10h he went on stage. Here are some videos of the recital. I hope you all enjoy this video. Continue reading A fan report from Alexander Rybak’s concert in Alfaz del Pi, pain 28.10.2017

ROTTERDAM Fan Reports 22 September 2017

Fans’ report from Alexander Rybak’s concert on the Keerweer Parade – Rotterdam 22nd September 2017


Alexander Rybak on stage at the Keerweer Pararde Photo: Niels


The parade is organised by the Café Keerweer in Rotterdam and is held over 3 days. The event is a part of the annual Rotterdam pride. And this time, Alexander opened the parade on Friday evening.

A group of Alexander’s fans travelled and met up in Rotterdam to enjoy the show, a little sightseeing and each others company. Here are two of their stories…



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Fan reports from the Meet and Greet, Athens, Greece 19.08.2017

Fan Reports from Alexander Rybak’s Meet and Greet in Athens, Greece 19.08.2017

This summer Alexander took a few days vacation in Greece, during his visit he made time to meet up with some of his Greek fans. 

“I am sick and coughing all the time. So if you’re crazy enough to meet me tomorrow, bring some vitamin C with you, so you don’t get sick as well.” – Alexander Rybak

rybakofficial Instagram “Ooookay who’s that lucky guy in the middle? #SickButHappy #Athens #Greece #Hellas”

Athina and Marthina attended the Meet and Greet, and were among the first to excitedly post their photos on Instagram. They are very happy to share their experiences of meeting up with Alexander, keep reading to hear their stories.

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Fan reports from the Meet and Greet, Warsaw, Poland 16.08.2017

Alexander Rybak invited his fans to a Meet & Greet in Warsaw, Poland. 

Some happy fans who got the chance to meet him want to share with us their great moments from this meeting with Alexander. Enjoy reading these nice reports 🙂 

“I’m ready for hugs. Wednesday, after a hard days studio work, I’ll be hanging around hotel Indigo, Warsaw (Smolna 40) ca.19.00 NO MORE MORE PRESENTS PLEASE, I just want to see some new and old Polish mafia members.”-Alexander Rybak

After a busy day of working with music producers SOF productions, Alexander had some free time to meet his Polish fans.  Despite feeling a little sick he was determined not to let his fans down and took along lots of vitamins and medicines to boost his fans immunity after meeting him.  However I don’t think we can ever be immune to his charm. As you can read below for yourselves in this collection of warm reports from fans who were present… (and an extra report from one who was not).
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Meet and Greet in Istanbul, Turkey 13.08.2017

Fan reports from Alexander Rybak’s Meet & Greet in Istanbul, Turkey. 

“I’ve decided to meet y’all and say hello and give you a hug” – Alexander Rybak

On 10th August 2017, Alexander delighted his European fans by the sudden announcement he would be arranging three meet and greets in the next week since he was having business meetings and studio sessions in Europe.

The first one was in Turkey on 13th August where he made the bold promise:

“I will be hugging each and every one who comes tomorrow to the beautiful roof of Mr.Cas Hotel on Istiklal Street, Istanbul at 8pm”. – Alexander Rybak

The event was well attended and judging by the reactions and photos posted on Instagram I think he actually managed to keep that promise.

Now we’d like to share with you some of those stories and photos from a few of the fans who were present…

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Dream meeting of Eurovision Legends: A Fan report 

A fan report: Dream meeting of Eurovision legends: Alexander Rybak & Johnny Logan.

Don’t close your heart to how you feel…
And don’t be afraid the dream’s not real…

Alexander Rybak and Johnny Logan took part in the season final of “Allsang på Grensen”, recorded 9. August 2017 at Fredriksten Festning, Halden, Norway. 

Anni  from the U.K, explains why she was very excited to be there …
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Alexander Rybak’s “Entertainer” premiere: fan review

During the Summer of 2016 Alexander Rybak celebrated his 10th anniversary as an artist with a musical show ” Entertainer” in Bølgen, Larvik.
Here is a fan review written by Anni Jowett  straight after she attended the Premiere show. She enjoyed the entertainment so much she returned back to Norway two weeks later to watch the last two shows. Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s “Entertainer” premiere: fan review

Tusen Takk – Fan Verslag van Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak trad op bij het Cystic Fibrosis benefietconcert “Tusen Takk” in Boxmeer, Nederland op 30 oktober 2016.

Verslag van Anni Jowett / foto’s en Nederlandse vertaling door Remonda C. English verison

FR Boxmeer Remonda C 2
Tusen Takk Alexander Rybak . Foto: Remonda C.

Een aantal jaar geleden, toen ik jonger was, viel ik min of meer onder de musicale betovering van een jonge muzikant uit Noorwegen. Jaren later is hij een beetje ouder…en ik ook. Maar ik was niet de enige, er waren er meer die onder dezelfde betovering waren gevallen en de meeste zijn nog steeds gevangen op de dag van vandaag.
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Tusen Takk – Fan report by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak performed at the Cystic Fibrosis charity event “Tusen Takk” in Boxmeer, The Netherlands 30th of October 2016.

Fan report by Anni Jowett / Photos by Remonda C.
(For Dutch version click here)



FR Boxmeer Remonda C 2
Tusen Takk Alexander Rybak . Photo: Remonda C.

A few years ago when I was younger , I kind of fell under the musical spell of young musician from Norway, years later he’s a bit older… and so am I. But I was not alone, there are many who fell under the same spell, and most still remain captive to this day. Continue reading Tusen Takk — Fan report by Anni Jowett

Fan reports from meeting Alexander in Warsaw, Poland, 14.04.2016

Fans meeting Alexander Rybak in Warsaw, Poland.

Anna Katus and Ania Bednarek have been so kind and shared with us their happy meeting with Alexander. Enjoy their reports and the nice video made by Ania Bednarek. Continue reading Fan reports from meeting Alexander in Warsaw, Poland, 14.04.2016

Anni Jowett’s Christmas concert report from Bergen 2015

Basic RGB

Oh, the weather outside was frightful,
but the company was so delightful.
And since we had some place to go
Let it go! Let it go, Let it go.

When we finally say goodnight,
How I’ll hate going out in the storm!
But, as he really hugged me tight,
All the way home I felt warm!

Now the tour bus is loudly revving,
me and dear Marian are still good-by-ing.
But, as long I love Stille Natt
I will go! I will go! I will go!

Oh, rain didn’t show signs of stopping,
So we caught some crabs for cooking
The lights are turned way down low,
Candles glow! Koselig Tid! Candles glow! Continue reading Anni Jowett’s Christmas concert report from Bergen 2015

Meeting Alexander in Karlshamn – a Fan Fairytale

Karlshamn all the way and back again,  a musical trip 15.07 – 17.07/2015 by Ebba Raab and Annika Petersson

All photos are taken by Ebba and Annika

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I found out about the concert in Karlshamn in february/march by a friend who’s in the orchestra. I was still living in Newcastle by then and I did not know if I’d be able to go. But what a temptation it was! A while later I unfortunately had to move back home again but it meant that I could see the concert. Karlshamn is a place full of memories, my first concert took place there and a few months later I was there again. Continue reading Meeting Alexander in Karlshamn — a Fan Fairytale

Alexander’s fans tell their stories about meeting him at the show “One to One” :)

Thanks to Alexander’s participation in the show “One to One”, many of his Russian fans have the opportunity to not only see this amazing show live, but also to meet Alexander! Some of the girls wrote very nice and touching stories about meeting him! Thank you all! 🙂 

Continue reading Alexander’s fans tell their stories about meeting him at the show “One to One” 🙂

Meeting Alexander Rybak at the ESC Gala Night 2014 in Luxembourg – Report by Josie Munck

This was actually my first time in Luxembourg, and I have to say I really enjoyed it!

One of the reasons was, of course Alexander. He performed 3 songs at the Eurovision Gala Night, “Roll with The Wind, “Into a Fantasy” and last but not least “Fairytale”.

Recorded by Ulli C


The atmosphere was absolutely gorgeous. Everybody was in a happy mood, especially when Alexander performed. After the whole show we got the chance to meet him, even though it was very short, as he was a bit tired.

Meet&Greet Luxembourg

Photo source: Ulli C

But hey, at least we could say hello, and it was fun as always when you meet the fiddler. So all in all it was a super great evening.

Josie MunckJosie Munck

Alexander Rybak – ESC Gala night 2014, Luxembourg 25.10.14 – Report by Jessica Hilbert

Yesterday night’s Eurovision Gala Night in Luxembourg

I was asked to tell a little more about the evening so let me first tell you about the event itself.

ESC Gala Night 2014

Picture source: Luxemburger Wort

The Eurovision Gala Night is an annual event hosted by OGAE Luxembourg to bring the spirit of Eurovision back to Luxembourg since the country last participated in the song contest in 1993. It also promotes the idea that Luxembourg should participate again sometime in the future and the earned profit goes to charity. In fact, it is our own little Eurovision Song Contest: There are contestants representing different nations who perform former ESC songs. They are then later on judged by international jury members. Of course, the audience and the public can also vote and the scoring system is the same as for the ESC. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — ESC Gala night 2014, Luxembourg 25.10.14 — Report by Jessica Hilbert

Alexander Rybak in Nashville, Tennessee. October 1, 2014 – Report by Katie A

Hello, USA!

Yes, we had Alex here on American soil, and it was everything we expected it to be (and then some).


  Another fan and I had gotten in touch with each other before the concert to make arrangements. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in Nashville, Tennessee. October 1, 2014 — Report by Katie A

20 hours in Ål with Alexander Rybak – A video report by Hilde M.

So once again many had travelled to see Alexander Rybak perform. About 20 Facebookies from around the world. And the occasion was to see Alexander reunited with Frikar for a last performance of Fairytale together at the Folk music Festival in Ål, Norway. The home of Ulf-Arne Johannnesen, from Frikar and he was also the manager of the festival. Continue reading 20 hours in Ål with Alexander Rybak — A video report by Hilde M.

Fan report by Ebba Raab – Alexander Rybak – Concert with children in Göteborg 06.04.204


All the pictures are taken by Ebba Raab

This comes really late but here is my report of the concert in Göteborg. We arrived to Gothemburg about 1 hour late. Never count on SJ to be on time… I decided it was no idea to go to the hotel and instead I hurried to the info to get a map over the town, It was my time in Gothemburg not spent at the station. The girl at the info heard I was from Stockholm and asked what I was doing in Gothemburg. I told her about the concert, she had no clue who Alexander was, but told me to enjoy it. I got to the place I thought was the concert hall but wondered if I was right.

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Fam report and review from Alexander Rybak’s Concert in Canada 23.2.13

Original: Blog written June 5th, 2013
Text: Karla Pouya
Photos: Aviva Klein

The Fiddler from Norway: Alexander Rybak comes to Toronto !

   First off, before I go any further and begin my endless crazy fan girl mode, I will be breaking up this review into two parts, the first being the actual review of the concert, from the time i got there up until the meet and greet. The second part will be of a more personal nature, like, inspiration, motivation and….most importantly..FAN GIRLING! 🙂 ****Just a friendly warning**** You are warned, that from this point on there will be excessive fangirling, reader discretion is highly advised! Enjoy ! 🙂

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Fan report about her trip to Norway by Emily Boycott July 6th – 8th 2012

Report by a British Facebookie about her journey to Norway for the Tønsberg Summer show with Alexander Rybak , July 7th 2012

Text and photos: Emily Boycott 

Thursday 5th July

Mum and dad drove me to Birmingham late at night, I was so excited, I actually exploded (At least, that’s what dad blamed the nosebleed on!) Lillian picked me up from there, and I said goodbye to my parents before we embarked on an all night long trip to John Lennon airport where to my amusement there was actually a yellow Submarine… We had a cup of tea and a doze before meeting Anni and Dave at about 5am. Currently lacking sleep and over excited – funny combination!


I can see Norway!!!

 Friday 6th July

We got to Torp at about half Nine, I decided that Norway looks like someone put a country in a blender with all the islands and what not, but so pretty and awesome!  After a short train vs. taxi dispute, we chose the latter.

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The Farm-Fairytale. A Facebookies report. July 29th 2011

Report written by Marianne Mata Hari Saietz and The Facebookies. Photos: The Facebookies.

A video-clip from “Skogheim flytter inn” where Alexander talks about the Facebookies and the Farm-meeting. Broadcasted on Tv2  Norway- 28.02.12

 The Farm-Fairytale

This is a report about a fairytale, that happened long ago in July 2011. No reports have been published about the Farm-meeting until now but in the TV-program “Skogheim moves in” (28.2.2012), Alexander told about his meeting with 80 Facebookies from 30 countries at a private farm after the Giske-concert. Since this piece of information could make people curious or confused, we decided to write a short report and tell some more facts about it.

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Over the bridge – Denmark – Sweden and back. Concert in Karlshamn Feb.25th 2012

A Danish facebookie’ report

Concert in Karlshamn 25.2.2012 with Alexander Rybak, Mats Paulson, Barfotskvartetten and other artists.  By Marianne Mata Hari Saietz.

The first photo shows the wonderful bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö. It is 16 km long and was built in 2000. Before that, we only had ferries!

I left my town at noon and arrived in Karlshamn around 15.30 after a long drive with one coffee-break. Karlshamn is a pretty little town by the coast and It was easy to find the Stadsteater, a big building next to a public school in a quiet street. I parked my car in the street and went to the theater to look for the Smurf. All entrance-doors were locked and the place seemed empty, but as I went around the building, I heard music from inside. It was “Fairytale” and I could hear Smurf singing. Continue reading Over the bridge — Denmark — Sweden and back. Concert in Karlshamn Feb.25th 2012

THE SMURF WAS IN MY COUNTRY. Denmark, Jan.11th 2012

A Facebookies report from january 11th 2012 – Denmark

Written by Marianne Saietz


“What would you say, if we invited him in tomorrow”?

I stared at the comment from “Aftenshowet” under my posting on their facebook-page. I felt like if somone just opened a bottle of champagne inside my head. It was Tuesday January 10th and there had been some hints about Alexander coming to my country but all I had learned, so far,  was: Continue reading THE SMURF WAS IN MY COUNTRY. Denmark, Jan.11th 2012

Concert at Bø Church Jan.10th 2012

Report from Bø


Written by Laila Ulvseth on Wednesday, 11 January 2012 at 21:51

Two days ago, I got a message. We who had been at Bø church for the Vinterbilder concert, and not seen Alexander, got a chance now. It was an offer too tempting to refuse! So I had a chat with Hildebjørg who offered me a bed for the night, and went.

We came to the church 30 minutes before the concert and sat in the car because it was cold. Two minutes later, a car drove up beside us, and I nudged Hildebjørg. Isn’t that….?

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Fan report by Sabine Fundel meeting Alexander Rybak in Iceland 2010

Fan report by Sabine Fundel from her trip to Iceland to see Alexander Rybak perform in the Icelandic national ESC final and hopefully meet him.

Fan report by Sabine Fundel, Germany.

This is the story of my meeting with the fiddler:  I’ve been in Reykjavik from the 2nd to the 6th of Dec. The first concert was at the 4th of Dec. and I figured out,  that Alexander arrived 2 hours before the first show that started at 4 p. m. Continue reading Fan report by Sabine Fundel meeting Alexander Rybak in Iceland 2010

Fairies flying over Kiev


Именно такой комментарий дала этой фотографии Natali Ok. Оно и не удивительно: девочки здесь как счастливые феи. Феи из сказки. А сказка была у каждого своя.

см. фотографию

“Birds are flying over Europe skies Tell me please why can’t I?”. Эти слова новой популярной песни Рыбака крутились на языке у каждой фейсбукиз (да и не фейсбукиз), приехавшей недавно в Киев. Действительно, а почему бы не полетать? От счастья: вечером концерт Саши Рыбака и Виталия Козловского, впереди полно старых и новых встреч и впечатлений, впечатлений, впечатлений

“Now I’m home, but I cannot stay I dream of you every day” со словами любимой песни наверное были согласны большинство фейсбукиз, когда собирались в Киев. Особенно те, кто ехали впервые. Ведь каждый поклонник артиста всегда мечтает с ним встретиться, не так ли? Кто из нас не мечтал повстречать своего кумира, даже пообщаться с ним. Казалось бы это всего лишь мечты и скорее всего несбыточные? А вот и нет! С Сашей Рыбаком мечты воплощаются в реальность. Но обо всем по порядку.

Улыбающиеся лица, заинтригованные, полные ожидания взгляды, дружные компании, старые встречи и новые приятные знакомства, веселые разговоры и вопросы: “когда, где, куда?”. Все это, конечно же, ни о ком другом, а именно о фейсбукиз – истинных фанатах и почитателях творчества талантливого скрипача, певца, музыканта и просто замечательного человека Александра Рыбака.

Уже отшумел большой совместный концерт Александра Рыбака и Виталия Козловского, который прошел в Киеве 19 октября. Но не отшумели и никогда не отшумят воспоминания их поклонников. Ведь сколько поклонников, столько и воспоминаний, столько разных ситуаций и историй, связанных со встречами с Рыбаком. У каждого своя ситуация, свои сбывшиеся (или не совсем) мечты, свои надежды на следующий раз, может и не один. Это как фотографировать один и тот же пейзаж в различных ракурсах или рисовать один мотив по разному.

В дни, предшествующие концерту стояла чудесная погода. Хоть уже давно осень, но солнце еще баловало нас своими теплыми лучами, а погода радовала чем-то неуловимым теплым и уютным, что чувствовалось в воздухе. Фейсбукиз собирались постепенно: кто-то приехал в Киев за несколько дней до концерта, кто-то за день, ну а большинство прибыло именно 19 числа. Любовь к творчеству Саши Рыбака объединяет людей с самых разных уголков Европы. Фейсбукиз интернациональная компашка и никогда не ограничивается одной страной. Например, в этот раз мы с огромной радостью встретились с норвежцами Свейном, Рангхильд и Тессой, Сьюзанн из Германии, с гостями из Турции Алев и Озаном, а также со многими москвичами: Янисом, Антоном, Ирой Кувалдиной, Снежанной, Викой Каштанкиной, Леной Снетковой, Машей Трифоновой, Кристиной Овчаренко, Катей. А уж сколько украинцев было! Не сосчитать. И все из самых разных и противоположных уголков страны. И все-все, кто назван выше, приехали не просто послушать Сашу Рыбака на концерте, но и повстречать его лично, подарить ему подарки. А это, надо сказать, удалось на славу потому, что Александр всегда охотно и с радостью общается со своими почитателями, принимает их подарки, говорит каждому хорошие пожелания, приятные слова и просто разговаривает о жизни.
Так случилось и в этот раз. Поскольку кто-то из большой и дружной компании фейсбукисов уезжал раньше, а кто то позже, то встреч состоялось аж несколько! И на каждую Саша с пониманием согласился.
Первая встреча была случайной, но очень приятной, по словам ее очевидцев. Она состоялась 18 октября в отеле. Фейсбукиз пришли в отель за иностранными друзьями, которые там поселились. Компания весело общалась, когда туда как раз в то время прибыл Саша с девочками скрипачками своей команды. Ребятам стало немного неудобно, но ситуация приняла хороший поворот. Вот как рассказывает об этом событии Юля Безбах: “Саша разрешил нашу “ситуацию” сам просто подошел и заглянул через спинку диванов а мы тут! В общем, пошло-поехало, приветы, улыбки, расспросы… Он сказал, что устал с дороги, но общался с нами с удовольствием.”
После концерта 19 октября певец раздавал автографы на улице, где его терпеливо ждала толпа. Кому-то из поклонников повезло и автограф взять и сфоткатся, но не всем: кто то не успел. Но даже они не остались обиженными. Вот что вспоминает Инна: “Нас было много и я осталась без автографа и фотки и была, честно говоря, немного расстроена. Мы все двенадцать человек из хостела кучкой шли к метро. И тут напротив нас останавливается какая-то машина, открываются окна и оттуда нам машет Саша! Возле двери с нашей стороны была Катрина. Они нам помахали. Сашка что-то говорил на русском, я точно не помню, кажется сказал спасибо и пожелал доброй ночи. После этого у нас настроение было превосходное у всех!”. В вот Лере Платоновой удалось попасть в гримерку! Вот что вспоминает художница: “Когда дверь открылась я увидела Сашу. В белоснежной рубашке, с белоснежной улыбкой, он со всеми фотографировался, разговаривал и выглядел очень довольным. И совсем не уставшим! Как будто и не было двух часов прыгания по сцене со скрипкой! Людей в комнате было много и я не разглядела девочек-скрипачек. А так хотелось посмотреть на них вблизи они такие изящные и милые!”

20 октября также состоялись три встречи, о которых все побывавшие вспоминают с довольными улыбками. Например Ket Tenovis вспоминает о встрече которая произошла в начале седьмого: “Явно он куда-от спешил, но все же успел сфотографироваться с теми девчонками, которые уезжали. А с остальными договорился встретится в 24.00”. Инна также говорит: “Фоткала почти всех я. У кого то фотка не вышла, так он спокойно подождал с улыбкой пока я сфоткала еще раз”.
А для тех, кто не успел на предыдущие встречи Саша сам назначил встречу на 24.00. Кet Tenovis рассказала, что певец сам перезвонил поклонницам и назначил место и время! Это особенно приятное их воспоминание. Также Ket добавляет: “все проходило очень мило: Саша отвечал на вопросы, пытался напеть песню, читая ноты на сумочке Марьяниной мамы…..”

К открытому и искреннему человеку всегда тянутся люди, даже преодолевая для этого немалые расстояния, ведь они знают, что их кумир хоть и, безусловно, очень занятой человек, но всегда ждет их. Саша всегда очень рад видеть уже знакомые ему лица, многих фейсбукисов он уже знает, со многими общался и виделся не раз. Но также певец еще более рад знакомится с новыми людьми, которые возможно уже давно его почитатели и наконец с ним встретились. Он даже готов встречаться со своими поклонницами несколько раз на дню, ведь кто-то уже уехал, а кто то еще не успел на встречу. И все это потому, что он понимающий, не равнодушный к другим людям человек.

События 19-20 октября навсегда останутся в сердцах побывавших в те дни в столице людей. Огромная благодарность всей большой компании фейсбукиз: за работу, терпение и выдержку. А также большое спасибо менеджеру Саши в Украине Яне Прядко за всю проведенную работу, связанную с чудесным концертом, а также за теплые встречи с нашим кумиром!
Юля Безбах также вспоминает: “Для меня и многих украинских поклонников все, что связано с концертом началось задолго до самого дня концерта. Скажу только, что работа была проведена огромная, мы активно занимались раскруткой концерта, от анализа и сбора информации до банального бегания по улицам Киева с листовками в руках”.

Вся большая компания фейсбукиз настолько рада была повстречать друг друга, что те, кто не были знакомы раньше благодаря концерту и встречам очень сблизились и подружились. Старая дружба только окрепла, а новые знакомые начали регулярно переписываться в личке друг с другом и находить много-много общего. Многие признаются, что вернулись из путешествия в сказку+ Вот что вспоминает Sofija Khodorovskaya: “Мы с девочками только недавно гоняли по Киеву расклеивая и раздавая афиши, а вчера я уже загрузила видео на ютуб и остается только смотреть и вспоминать ети чудесные дни! Несмотря на то, что времени было мало, да еще и будни, мы смогли познакомится и хорошо провести время вместе!”

Нельзя не вспомнить о подарках, подаренных Саше очень многими поклонниками. Отдельного внимания стоят работы художницы Леры Платоновой и Кати Загребы. Лера нарисовала чудесный пейзаж маслом, а Катя полгода мастерила бисером Сашин портрет! Обе работы достойны Сашиной похвалы и мы уверены, что они понравились ему. Другие поклонники также дарили много подарков, помнится, Серафима подарила очень красивых расписных матрешек (этот момент есть на видео). К сожалению я не знаю про всех, но уверена: каждый дарил от души и чистого сердца, а значит все без исключения презенты Саше понравятся. Ну, а наш общий подарок, от всех фейсбукиз это майка с надписью “I love Kyiv”, на которой каждый написал свое имя и оставил пожелание. Александр действительно любит Киев и еще не раз нас всех объединит.