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Warm wishes in a pillow

Moscow concert on 28 December, 2009 was chosen to be a great meeting of Russian-speaking FaceBookies. And we had been dreaming of presenting an unusual and memorable gift to Alex. Marina Ageeva had come up with a brilliant idea (like everything that comes to her mind) to make a pillow stuffed with soft hearts, hand-made by the fans of Alex. Lily aka Hands Off had sewed an extraordinary beautiful pillow. And 18 girls and one boy in different CIS countries had spent sleepless nights in creating, sewing, knitting and embroidering small touching hearts, which later crossed hundreds and thousands of miles to get to Moscow. As a result we’ve created a pillow filled with our love. Could you imagine what dreams Alex has when his head touches the pillow? 😉 Continue reading Warm wishes in a pillow

Clay violin

Do you think that this violin was made by tiny elves living somewhere in a fairy forest? You are almost right. This charming little thing was created by a six-year-old Lisa Popkova and her mother Natalia. And certainly this clay violin could not but impress Alex.



After having seen a gig in Kiev on September 22, 2009 in Alexander’s schedule 16 people who had met on Facebook, decided to meet in real life and enjoy their time together. But we are never empty-handed:) Continue reading Postcards