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Can you Guess the Lyrics? Rybak style”

Can you Guess the Lyrics? Rybak style!

How well do you know the words to Alexander Rybak’s Music? It’s time to put your mind to the test. See if you can finish these lyrics!



Alexander’s greeting to all women on Woman’s Day, posted on his Facebook, and video of the beautiful tribute song played on the show “One to One” today. Enjoy!


I say girls, not ladies. Because no matter what age you are, no matter if you’re a mother or grandmother, you still seem to always have fun. And that’s why you will always remain girls to me. 😉

 Today is an important day, and yet we celebrate it so differently in different countries:

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Alexander Rybak International Fansite’s Birthday Quiz

We´re celebrating our 5th anniversary!

On Valentine’s Day,  February 14th 2010,  the Alexander Rybak International Fansite was opened as a Valentine’s gift for Alexander and his fans.  “Fans for Fans” in support of our guy was our motto back then and it still is.

5 years later we´re still going strong with our mission to collect, record, translate and share news about our favorite violinist, singer and composer, the versatile Alexander Rybak .

So, what do you know about Alex? Take our Birthday Quiz and find out 🙂

Quiz made by Bita J. Anniversary picture made by Lulu Barcelo. Revision Katie Anderson

 And how did you do? Share your result on FB, Twitter or Tumblr and let us now:)

What do you think about the Quiz, and what do you think about the Fansite?                                                                                                                             We will be happy for feedback in comments.



The Sound of 2014 – Alexander Rybak as Composer and Performer

2014 will soon be over and we are summing up the new music released through the year where Alexander has taken part as composer, lyrics writer or performer. And we counted 24 new ones from 2014, not bad. Some songs are released worldwide, some only in Norway and some only as official videos on youtube so far. This is just a listing of the songs, click the links for more info on each song.

the sound of 2014
New song written and performed by Alexander

“Into a Fantasy” – Alexander Rybak link to more

New song written by Elisabet Mjanger performed by Alexander

“What I long for” – Alexander Rybak link to more

New song where Alexander takes part in a global collaboration

“Live It” Qatar Handball 2015 Official Anthem link to more

New compositions for other artists

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Mickey Mouse


1. If you could play music to (or with) one of your favorite fictional characters, who would you chose and why? Emily B, England.

Mickey Mouse. Because everything he does, touches to gold



2. Hei Alex, do you know Dimmu Borgir? What do you think about their metal music? Jørn, Norway.

Love them! Lots of different moods. Actually I’m trying to get in touch with the vocalist. I have an idea. Dimmu Borgir  is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band from Oslo, Norway, formed in 1993.


The answers to “Do you have any questions for Alexander Rybak?”

Dear readers, finally you can enjoy the Questions and Answers:)

Finally, after a summer or a winter depending on which hemisphere you reside, we proudly can present the answers to some of the questions you sent us in April. We were so happy with your participation, 160+ people from 36 countries posted more than 240 questions, on our English site here:  and our Russian site here.Thank you so much, both for your questions and your patience.

Map showing countries where we got questins from

A map that shows the countries where we got questions from.

It was no April joke from us, and it was first meant to be published in connection with the release of “Into a Fantasy”, but because of, among other things, a busy schedule it was postponed until now.

And here we present the selection of questions and answers. A big thank you to Alexander for those really great answers. Click on the questionary picture to get to the Q&A page.


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Alexander Rybak – Looking back – Suddenly I´m famous….

Tonight it’s 5 years since Alexander Rybak won the Norwegian ESC selection, MGP with his Fairytale.To celebrate we asked for a little interview. So here it is, fresh from New York, where Alexander has a concert to conclude the seminar he has held for young talented children there this week.


Suddenly I´m famous…. a look back. 



Looking back at the last 5 years, have they turned out the way you hoped for, and what would you do differently if you won ESC today, based on the experience you have had?

AR: I may have trusted my instincts more, instead of doing everything as I was told to, by the book. But fortunately I understood this pretty fast, and now I am the master of my own life.

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5 years ago Alexander Rybak won the golden ticket to paricipate in the ESC

Today it’s been exactly 5 years since our favourite fiddler won Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian selection for ESC.

We celebrate the day with a look back on the night it happened.

Tonight our favourite Fiddler celebrates with a spectacular concert that is concluding a seminar in New York together with the children of the Trinity School.

Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day

… and Happy Birthday to Alexander Rybak International Fansite! 🙂

The fansite was opened on 14th February 2010 as a Valentine gift to Alexander and all his fans.

The magic is that this gift is still bringing new #SmallPleasures almost daily.

So if you don’t get any other presents today, like many of us, you at least can enjoy the fansite.

We hope you do:)

Sincerely yours,

Team Alexander Rybak International Fansite



We´re in loooove with our Fairytale, Alexander Rybak

Today, 7th February, exactly 5 years ago, the first public performance of Fairytale was shown on Norwegian TV. The occasion was the semi-final of the Norwegian ESC selection, Melodi Grand Prix.

We celebrate the 5 years with 7 different performances of Fairytale from around the world. They are not selected because they are the best, but because they are in different settings.

Since the Olympic Games in Sochi starts today, we wish everybody good luck with the games.


February 7th 2009, at the Melodi Grand Prix semifinal in Skien, Norway.

Alexander captured many hearts this night.

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5 to 7 Favourite TV-performances by our favourite fiddler, Alexander Rybak

So over the weekend we asked the fans “Do you have any favourite TV-performances from our Fiddler?” And we got many replies, 25 different performances of other songs than Fairytale were suggested. We present a little selection here and will come back with another posting with the performances of Fairytale.

Here are the videos in chronological order with info about each occasion and comments from the fans:

May 23rd, 2009 – appearance at the show of Paul de Leeuw “Mooi! Weer De Leeuw” (Great! De Leeuw again), Almere (Netherlands)

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Happy 3 year’s anniversary of winning MGP, Alexander!

Dear friends! Exactly 3 years ago Alexander won Norwegian MGP final with “Fairytale” and everything turned upside down in his and ours lives!:)) The majority of his fans all over the world got to know him a bit later, when he won International Eurovision Contest in Moscow, but many Norwegians should remember that day, 21st February 2009;)) Happy anniversary, Alexander!:)))

So, we’d like to celebrate this date and to present you, guys, the video from the Final of Norwegian MGP 2009, the whole story, from his first appearance, through all the exiting voting and to the winning performance:) Enjoy!

Recording and video editing by Venche M. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation by Zhanna S. Subs by Julia B.


drawing by Angelina Udalova

Dear friends,

Today we are having 2 year anniversary of the Official Fansite of Alexander Rybak! 14 February 2010 it was opened to the world, and we have been working hard to update you all with the fresh and interesting information about Alexander! Continue reading Happy Birthday FACEBOOKIES.ORG!

1 Year Anniversary – Happy birthday,!

It was Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, when our funny little world began its journey on the internet. This site was started by the Facebookies, friends of Alexander who met each other online, with the ambition to create the top Official International Fansite of Alexander, to gather every single piece of information related to him and to help people get acquainted with his incredible music, personality and talent.

Today, our funny little word is still here, always fresh with the latest news, translations, photos, fan art and videos. It counts almost 45.000 individual visitors from 131 countries, 565 posts and 2256 comments. And the most important, it keeps connecting people from all around the world through Alexander and music.

A warm “thank you” to

all of you

who kept this project alive throughout the year with your contributions, your comments and your love!

And of course, our thanks goes to Alexander, who brought us together and changed our lives!

The 4th issue of Rybak Planet News is arrived;))))

Hello our dear Rybak Planet News’s readers!


Our newspaper-boys are already out in the streets of the Rybak Planet, delivering the very fresh 4th issue!! If you are interested in reading it, please send an e-mail with your name and your e-mail address to:


and it will be send to you right away!


We hope you will enjoy reading it, as much as we had making it for ALL of you!!


Best Regards


The Editor Renia Thenou

And to make you more curious, as always please see the page from fresh issue;))

Check the RPN’s video too:

Alexander’s Europe’s Skies , Yalta 2010

A new amazing video by Mirridin Din, with material from three Facebookies, Julia, Ira and Lilya, who were at Alexander’s music video shooting in Yalta, Ukraine!

100.000 members on Alexander’s page!

Aquarelle painting by Ingegerd Claesson

Since 22 July 2010, 13.52 CET, the official Facebook page of Alex has over 100.000 members!

Of course the actual popularity of Alex is much bigger, as the other pages about him on Facebook make a total of about half a million members. Still, this is a remarkable moment for all of us, who met each other on this page and became friends (hence the name “Facebookies”).

The old carousel

Composed by Irina Ischenko

[audio:старая-карусель1.mp3|titles=старая карусель]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the NB-Thread!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, we are celebrating today! The very first anniversary of our beloved thread on Alex’s Official Facebook page!

It was started on 30th June 2009 and it became the place, which has united so much Facebookies together! It is the place where our  first “missions” were born…..It is the place where we all met, communicate a lot and became a real friends:) So, it is officially announced a big PARTY today!:)) Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the NB-Thread!!!!!!!!!

Fairy Rain by Irina Ischenko

Composed by Irina Ischenko

Our Map

View Where und When and We? in a larger map – made by Milena W

blue smiley = Facebookies were there

figures = that’s us!

smiley = past event of Alex

red exclamation mark = fans from these countries wrote on the Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak (from 80 countries by now)

If you would like to mark your country or youself here, please write to the FaceBookie Milena 🙂